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  2. Ayra Star

    Change one letter (5 letters edition)

  3. Anthracite_Impreza

    Post a song that stuck in your head

  4. HonoraryJedi

    Where should a washing machine go?

    Depends on space, I suppose. If you have a the space in your house for the washing machine to have its own room (parents house have it in the basement, and we hang the clothes to dry there as well), it makes sense to have a separate room. If that isn't practical based on the layout, then I feel bathroom makes the most sense.
  5. nerdperson777

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    He totally sounds like me, in terms of description, haha. It's my parents for not believing me when I was 12 and I said that I didn't want kids. They freak out now even though I said that exact same thing. Mom wants to continue my grandmother's genes, as the only grandchild, while my dad just wants grandchildren. I was probably being cruel to my dad by telling him that handling my cousin's children are the closest thing to him having grandchildren.
  6. Arodash

    Asexual Men Musings

    Anyone who says that all men will do anything for sex basically invalidate men who are asexual and thats not cool. Not to mention how offensivly sexist of a statement that is. News flash world, sexism can go both ways
  7. Celyn

    Change one letter (5 letters edition)

  8. Celyn

    Change one letter

    (This thread just keeps trying to get me to say "fart", doesn't it?) CART
  9. Today
  10. ButterflyKisses


    Good morning folks! How are we all doing on this cold Monday morning? I am feeling a tad better after a very depressing weekend with nothing but baby talk and being confronted about my lack of interest in the family but, hey, what's new? All that matters is that I made it through the weekend relatively unscathed and still sane so that's something of a positive to hold on to.


    One great thing that did happen this weekend was cuddling with my niece, Zoe 😄. She is such an amazing little girl who always knows how to make her auntie smile. I had a few moments alone with her before her brother arrived from his haircut on Saturday so we cuddled and played on the grass while we waited for him. She is such a little cuddle bug and the complete opposite of her brother who is a tad more distant and detached but I know they both love me to the moon and back just as I love them to the moon and back also 😄.


    Furthermore, I would be lying if I said I am back to my old goofy self because the truth is, I'm severely depressed and while I am employing strategies and making use of techniques to prevent myself from falling even further into the dark pit of despair, I am dealing with horrible thoughts of suicide which I know is only temporary but they are bad enough to disrupt my daily activities which is why I have decided to speak to my psychologist about upping my dosage of meds or trying ECT - whether this will help is debatable but I don't have the heart to do that to my niece and nephew... they depend on me too much.


    Moreover, Savannah agrees with me that I need to get away from my family and out of my comfort zone in order to discover who I am and move on from this unhealthy attachment I have with my sister - it's become somewhat of an obsession to figure out what went wrong and the harder I try, the more confused and crazy I become so I'm working very hard to keep myself motivated with my studies so that I can get this degree and get the hell out of dodge!


    And finally, Savannah might be returning to England soon because she can't find work here - surprise, surprise, and I don't blame her either. I feel she should do whatever she needs to do to be happy and I told her as much - besides, I'll be joining her soon. 


    Well, that's all I have to share - time for me to drag myself through the shower and get started on my assignments. Check in again soon xx

  11. Moon Spirit ☽

    Combine your username with the username above you

  12. witchlin

    Any asexuals like me, over 60?

    Well don't count your chickens yet, my home help told me that in the nursing home she use to work in there was so much sex going on that no one could keep track of it. People were getting caught all the time trying to sneak into other peoples beds at night. It wasn't uncommon to see more than one person tip toeing down the hall late at night. Now that kind of frightened me though I didn't say so at the time. I'm not sure how common that is but I am sure I don't think I want to go to a nursing home any time soon.
  13. Arodash

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    I would also never be home for said children I work crazy hours. People fail to understand the importance of parents being around.
  14. witchlin

    Any asexuals like me, over 60?

    I am 60 plus a month or so, so I am in my 61st so I think I can be here. I have also been married 4 times though I referred to myself as asexual back in my early 20's. Most people took it as a joke though deep inside I knew its definition in the dictionary I had seems to fit who I was inside. I spent most of my life trying to conform and also thought my dark secret was that I was broken or born without something everyone else seemed to have. I faked things, I pretended things, I even made up things trying to be part of a world I thought I was suppose to be like. I even wondered if everyone was possibly making things up. I took lots of vitamins and tried hard to be healthy but I was still the same person. It took until I turned 50 to finally admit to myself that being asexual, or non-sexual as I tend to refer to myself is not a flaw and if people want to think I'm joking they can go ahead and think what they want. I came to terms with it. A funny thing happened at the same time, I stopped feeling lonely too. I mean lonely as in that wish I could find the right relationship and I need to be dating in order to find that person and settling for just about anyone so long as the rest of the world thought I was fitting in. Does that make sense? I have to say reading many peoples thingies on here sure makes me realize there is nothing abnormal about me. I was on an aspie forum when I happen to mention asexuality and was very surprised at how many aspies are also struggling with some kind of sexual identity crisis, that was only about 4 months ago. Since I have done some research and was shocked out of my skin practically that there are lots of others like me or someone what like me. It is very validating and gives me a sense of security as far as that part of me to know this. Sallimae, I'm not sure if it has been that way for you, I suppose it is a bit like a journey and different for all of us. But are we not all on the same road? I think I am different then some but maybe not all, I don't really get the coming out thing but I guess regardless of being on the same road we are all living different lives so it must be very important in order to move on for people. Perhaps older people don't feel the same as often? I'm not sure. I'm curious though. Hope you can find lots of virtual friends here Sallimae76. These days it seems to be what passes for a friendship.
  15. FindingTheta

    Sarcastic argument thread

    Do you know what we need? A reboot of the Star Wars Holiday Special. It won't be as great as the last one though, you can't really capture that sort of misery enthusiasm with the new cast like you could with the originals.
  16. Arodash

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Ikr, yes world I totally need to have children
  17. naakka

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    I prefer animals over children too. People just often see pets as "training for having children", so sometimes I feel there's no way to opt out the child option lol. I mean, if you want to have pets, it obviously means you have a strong nurturing instinct, which obviously means you're gonna need to have children to satisfy it...
  18. Arodash

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    I keep having to remind my mother that I more than likely wont have children. I'll stick to animals.
  19. naakka

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    I think parents see what they want to see. A lot of parents "live via their children" so they'll see what they just daydream about. Until I literally brought up I've never even once had a desire for having a baby my mum firmly believed I'm gonna have them one day, even if I've never said one word about wanting children (never even playd with dolls or anythings as a kid, it's just never been my thing). My mum also believed for years I had a crush on my male class mate simply because of I liked to talk with him as he was as ambitious at school as I was. What irritated me the most was the fact she hinted his parents about that. Lukcily he's married and living abroad now so she can't have that belief anymore. It's kind of having fanfic with your kid included, which have always felt pretty invasive for me (I get insulted even behalf of celebrities and artist when people write fanfics including them lol).
  20. Sally

    Can aromantics fall in love?

    I don't think so -- at least not on AVEN.
  21. kelico

    New Declass Team Member Needed: Nominations

    It's no problem, @Lee ✧. It's just awesome that you thought about it. Glad to see you again!! Definitely take care of your awesome IRL first and foremost. : )
  22. nutterwithasolderingiron

    Sarcastic argument thread

    nah, i think the disney star wars movies are soo much better. i love being reminded of all the things i loved about the classic movies in a half assed manner while adding just enough new things that i can buy in toy form.
  23. kelico


    ^ Kate explained well. So did Star Lion, although I don't agree with the selfish part. In my QPR, I am just as much trying to please my QPP as myself. We both care about each other a ton. It just happens the love is platonic, not romantic.
  24. Some guy

    Ben Shapiro

    Well, surely you can find something, somewhere in history. Some isolated culture that was discovered, maybe by anthropologists, or maybe an ancient enclave of a civilization that was documented by foreign conquerors. Because everything that's a social construct is vastly different between different cultures. Tongues from the Far East bear little or no resemblance to the Indo-European languages, for example, because they have none of the same roots; they developed entirely separately. Even the grammatical structures of the different languages are so different that Eastern languages contain words that simply have no analogue in English, and concepts expressed in one language often cannot be expressed in another. Ethical systems vary drastically as well and are often completely incompatible with one another. Upon entering the Americas, the Conquistadors were shocked to see the mass death and human sacrifice that was a normal part of Mayan culture - people eagerly lining up to be tortured and killed to honor the gods. It was a primary reason they decided the indigenous people needed to be Christianized. And yet, despite all these differences between societies, the concept of male and female genders is oddly consistent throughout all of them. Sure, the exact roles assigned to each gender vary considerably between cultures, but the basic gender dichotomy is constant and invariable. Now, I'm gonna apply Occam's razor here and say that gender is not a social construct, and is in fact inherent to human psychology, because it would take some serious mental gymnastics to come up with a societal explanation for such a consistency between all these different cultures, many of whom had no contact with each other for thousands of years. The ball is in your court now to point to a counterexample.
  25. kenny.

    Can aromantics fall in love?

    so i identify as aromantic based upon the fact that i don't feel love for people in a romantic way. it's pretty much the definition attached to being aromantic, but if you realize that the aro label doesn't fit you anymore then maybe you aren't aro. this is, of course, if you mean "falling in love" as the romantic type of love. then, no. aromantics cannot fall in love.
  26. nutterwithasolderingiron

    Anyone else use drugs/diet to lower their sex drive?

    in my case, my medication really fucks with my sex drive. my sex drive off the meds is pretty low. however on the meds, it's like a sine wave. aka, it's high, neutral or repulsed. but i'm really uncomfortable with sex so half the time, i try not to pay it any mind.
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