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  2. The Incarnation Of Boredom

    How a boy I barely knew gave me hope again.

    Ah, that makes more sense lol.
  3. gisiebob

    Ace & Prom?

    I didn't go to prom, whatever that is, but I did go to a highschool dance with a golem my sisters made from spare clothes, coat hangers and a plastic skull
  4. What I prefer is a fictional relationship with my celebrity crush, nothing else can satisfy my needs better
  5. Meylnaerdbier

    Good morning/afternoon/evening!

    Greetings fellow humans, I'm Meylnaerdbier, Leo, or honestly whatever you want to call me. I'm 16 and in 11th grade in high school, so I'm starting to look at college. I hope to get to know some of you guys so we can share our experiences! I figured out that I'm asexual in early January of this year. It felt somewhat liberating to finally find what I am. I assumed I was straight for most of my life until I realized that I don't really look at dudes or girls differently, so I guessed that meant that I was bi. But as I talked to one of my friends who had found out she was asexual a few months before me I realized that I resonated with a lot of what she was saying. After doing some research, I finally felt like I'd found where I fit with asexuality. It made so much sense. I'm really glad I was able to figure it out! Since then I've come out to few of my friends and one of my two brothers. I feel really happy that they've been accepting of my sexual identity. I have yet to come out to my parents but I'm not sure whether or not they'd trust me or fully get it. I've decided that I'm going to try coming out once I'm 18. Thank you for taking your time to read through this! I hope you have a lovely day. (this cake is for you)
  6. Anthracite_Impreza

    Trans Moments?

    I'd be a car.
  7. Lady Constellation

    How not to answer a newbie

    Before you can truly be ace, you have to date every single person on the planet to make sure you're not missing anyone. Only after you have dated the 7 billion people in the planet and not made a connection of any kind with any of them can you identify as ace. What do each of the colors in the ace flag stand for?
  8. Masati Vornar

    Word association game

    Fresh Prince
  9. kiaroskuro


    No, but you can have my noisy neighbours, they are driving me up the wall. I'd gladly swap my anger for your peace of mind.
  10. ryn2


    “For you to go find someone else to bother.”
  11. ryn2

    How a boy I barely knew gave me hope again.

    I’m glad the two of you were able to comfort and help one another! We never know when a stranger will be in the right place at the right time for us, or vice versa, and it’s extra-good when the positive impact goes both ways. (CPEP - comprehensive psychiatric emergency program... meant to be a more effective alternative to the outdate “psych ED” model, for both pediatric and adult patients)
  12. Rynn

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I didn't even think of that!
  13. I'm fairly certain this is just called a 'shame kink', that it doesn't have a 'one word' term for it because it doesn't need one. Not all terms have a one word version. It can be shortened as "I'm into shaming", but 'shaming' can be used in non sexual ways as well, adding 'kink' clarifies.
  14. Loofah B. Shampoo

    What do you prefer instead of sexual relationship?

    I'm not a romantic person, so this may not be quite an accurate replacement. That being said, I think that there's a lot of examples of platonic crushes and what not that replace sexual interest. And as for those that are in a nonsexual relationship, they seem to show themselves largely with cuddles, handholding, talking about their day, all those sort of love-y things. It's all about being best friends with the person. And there's a lot of jokes and comments on the idea of how, instead of sex, asexuals default to other 'favourite' things. Cake, dinosaurs, dragons, and macaroni are the stereotypical ones, as far as I'm aware. I imagine for romantics, it's all those same sorts of things, but sharing it with others.
  15. Sunflowerfield

    Asexual Yes/No/Maybe List

    You might find the Relationship Anarchy Smorgasbord helpful as it's based on a similar concept. It's about picking and choosing what elements you want in your relationships rather than being defined by a pre-set mold.
  16. Celyn

    Trans Moments?

    I read a book called dragonfox. But I'd be a fox dragon.
  17. Telecaster68

    British political discussion thread

    I'm genuinely not sure what interests he would be defending by dodging that question. It's not even like mine's a controversial response - it's completely factual and transparent. EU rules simply insist members abide by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which include not using capital punishment and allowing freedom of expression.
  18. Toa Lhikan

    Star Wars Trailer

    The trailer is good but the trailer for the new season of The Clone Wars was more exiting to me. At least the trailer got me interested in Episode IX. I like TFA and TLJ as individual movies, but I think they don't fit well to the rest of the Star Wars saga. The trailer left the following impressions and opinions on me: No R2 D2: I hope that R2 gets still a little bit of time on screen. It is sad that R2 was so neglected in the sequels. I still fantasize about an old concept by George Lucas, that R2 and C3PO will tell the Skywalker Saga to the Whills in the end, but don't think that this is going to happen. The settings of the planets: All in all, very uninspired in my opinion. A desert (I think it's Jeddha from RO), a forest (Endor because of the death star wreck?) and the blue one. There is nothing wrong with realistic locations but the sequels sometimesfeel like some fan films in that regard. Palpatine: This is really exciting and I hope it was not already too late to bring him in the last part of the sequels. In retrospective the entire thing with Snoke feels a waste of time now. I think that Rey and Kylo will fight together against Palpatine. Because the Skywalker saga will end, I see only two possible outcomes for Kylo: redemption or death. But if Palpatine returns it will kind of devalue the end of Episode VI and it will devalue the fulfillment of Anakins destiny as the Chosen One. So I hope that Anakin will also return in Episode IX in some way. Rise of the Skywalker: Who is the Skywalker? It might be Luke or Anakin rising from the underworld of the force. It could also be Rey if she was a Skywalker. It is also possible that "Skywalker" becomes a title for Rey without being biologically related to them. I think it is Kylo who rises from the dark side to the light again.
  19. Wikkit

    Game of Thrones! [spoilers, probably]

    @Stralen If they're going to remove his personality it might be best if he did cop it, preferably while firing off a witty quip that *isn't* about balls or cocks... The difference between the Tyrion who gave the 'I have been on trial for being a dwarf my whole life' and the Tyrion who sort of whined a bit about the Lannisters coming to Winterfell is (if you'll excuse the pun) stark, and I really hope the same thing doesn't happen in the books. Or that he redeems himself hugely within the next few weeks. Either is cool XD @Rhaenys #1 I am LOVING your name and I'm so jealous that you get to have the experience of reading F&B for the first time. You're almost certainly going to love it. It's a bit of a heft and detail-heavy at times, but all the Targ history is great. Sooooooo I have to confess that I'm not a Dany fan - there's a hint of 'white saviour' about her sometimes - but I'm not going to say she's 100% bad because she's obviously not. What I did note, though, was that the flaws starting to show through in her now have been there and hinted at so far. They're just a bit more obvious because she's not in an environment that is geared entirely towards her being the heroine. We can see what she does from the northerners' viewpoint and suddenly it starts to look a little less YAY GO DANY and a bit more 'okay but your dragons are literally eating all of the northerners' flocks and WINTER IS HERE'. In my opinion, anyway. Emilia's performance is absolutely top-notch though, she sells Dany and her actions and motivations PERFECTLY. Totally with you on the Jon thing though. Just...*brooooooooooooooooooood*. @Moonman Sansa's turning out to be pretty good at mediating? Sort of? Plus I imagine she'd have a badass outfit. @kumiko_itoe Aha! Thank you! @Firefly8 SAMWELL. Who always returns his library books on time. Apart from when he needs them to save the world or whatever Anybody else miss Ghost?
  20. Coddiwomple

    TransWhatevers of AVEN

    Congrats!! I'm proud of you @Light02 I'm really sorry that happened, that sounds awful Nobody deserves to be treated like that.
  21. RoseGoesToYale


    Phone in January 2018: Haha! I'm not going to give you anymore email notifications, no matter how many settings, no matter how much you reset this thing.


    Phone this morning: You've got mail!

    1. firewallflower


      Sounds like a phone!

    2. argar




      This sounds like codependent relationship? Lol

  22. So... I was thinking, and have you guys (Romantics) have something you think replace your sexual relationship interest? Something who make you excited or whatever, i am just curious about this
  23. And this is why I believe the remain campaign lost the referendum the very moment when David Cameron was asked in BBC Question Time whether he would veto Turkey entering the EU and he sidestepped the question. You've given a perfectly valid answer to it, whereas David Cameron didn't have the guts and/or insight to give his domestic interests priority over diplomacy.
  24. SmallBean

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Jorts are BTS
  25. SmallBean

    Teen Corner

    For me my style kind of varies from day to day. Sometimes I just wear a t-shirt and leggings and can't stand wearing anything more "fancy" I guess? But other times I really love wearing dresses and skirts so idk
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