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  2. That’s also what the Apostle Paul said. I wonder if Muhammad read any of his letters.
  3. koifishshoes

    Feeling Broken

    I never felt "broken." That was the term my ex used to refer to me, as well as "wired backward." I did some medical exploration in case there actually was something wrong, but I am not broken and never was. (I do tend to encourage people to get medically checked out if they don't already get regular exams, just so they have something to work from. In my case, I was very glad I did so because I found out I had a septate hymen, which was easily fixed.)
  4. DuranDuranfan

    a-spec flag concept

    I personally am fine with the flag that was already designed and debuted. But maybe it’s because while I’m hetero-romantic and sex positive, the grey stripe suits me fine because that’s where my sexuality(or lack thereof) falls in. I’m Grey-A.
  5. Faylinn


    Kinda stressed about college....I hear random warning stories about how I shouldn’t live out because what if people force me to prove I’m sexual? It freaks me out more than it probably should. I want to live out as queer...black ring, flag, everything. 

  6. There is a difference between "banned" and "discouraged"... when thing are made socially unacceptable, they tend to rapidly fall out of fashion (such as public smoking* or littering). I really don't see the harm in "discouraging" waste via law, though. At worst, we end up with slightly soggy straws. * I've been a smoker for non-health reasons
  7. AspieAlly613

    Does anyone else have trouble making new friends?

    BLAAAAAAHHHH!!!! This is why I often find myself needing to say "This is not a sexual or romantic advance." Not sure how much it actually helps, though.
  8. InquisitivePhilosopher

    Slice of Ace YouTube channel discussion

    Oh, yeah! I remember "heterosexual David."
  9. AspieAlly613

    Just checking my understanding

  10. DuranDuranfan

    I hate romance

    I remember for the longest time when I was younger, I was put off by romance and hated anything to do it. Especially Valentines Day! I hated a lot of the people at school because of the bullying, I also had no crushes, again it was from being bullied. None of the guys in school seemed to have nothing in common with me. So I was convinced I’d be alone without someone even for companionship(I’ve never been sexually attracted to anyone at school, and not even after I graduated). Then I met this guy(not my husband) at work in late 2000. We had the same interests in music groups, and he seemed to have a nice personality, so I was majorly attracted to him, esthetically, romantically, and sexually. Especially sexually. I wanted to jump his bone! Before this, the only other sexual attraction I had was to a fictional character(Billy Cranston). Every time we went our separate ways home I was missing him loads. That’s how intense this crush was. But there were things I was blind to. His mom seemed a little too protective of him, he had this weird obsession with celebrities, and he never stayed at job for a long time. Like he couldn’t make up his mind about his career goals. His obsession with celebrities gave me doubts about my own appearance(like I didn’t measure up). They say love is blind, and there is truth to this statement. For a while, we didn’t see each other(he had college, I got busy with work). Then I contacted him on Facebook in 2008. It seemed promising because he said he had been thinking about me too. We messaged back and forth for a while then we set up a date for Valentines Day(of all days) in 2009. Things went great, at least I thought they did. Although I was soooo tempted to sleep with him, I didn’t want to give in to the urge. And I’m glad I didn’t. Afterwards, he ghosted me. I phoned him, texted him, and Facebook messaged him to find out what the hell was up. I mean, I thought we still had a connection. And I thought he was attracted to me too. I remember this one time long before(in 2001), we were at this concert, slow dancing and he was sucking and nibbling on my ear, which he didn’t know at the time is an erogenous zone for me. It drove me wild. This is one reason I thought he was attracted to me. We’ve also kissed and I thought he seemed into it. Anyway, he finally contacts me, says sorry that he didn’t message or text for while, and it turned out he was never really into me. Naturally I was devastated but I said, okay could we still get together occasionally but as friends? I said I’d be cool with that. But, I couldn’t seem to get a straight answer. Then I get a Facebook message, not from him, but from another one of his friends(another girl of all people), saying to leave him alone he’s not interested blah blah blah, when I clearly stated before, to him, that I’m cool with hanging out as friends and wouldn’t put any moves on him beyond that, as much as it hurt. I never replied to this girl. Instead this incident opened my eyes to his true colours, that he was a coward who needed someone else to do the talking for him. I email him, saying we are no longer friends either. I remove him from my Facebook contacts, box up every memento that reminded me of him, and delete his number from my phone. That was in late 2009. And I haven’t talked to him since. When I did that, it was like a weight lifted off me, and I felt at peace. But I was disgusted that I wasted so much energy on him. But, now I’m married. And it’s different because it’s not an infatuation like with that other guy. He has a stable job(the same one he’s been at for 18 years now), and no weird celebrity obsession! Plus I get along with his mom no problem. I guess what I’m saying is, yeah, experiences do cloud your judgement whether for good or bad. And maybe you have to kiss a few frogs before the prince. I sure did!
  11. InDefenseOfPOMO

    Should Disposable Waste be Banned?

    No. People should take personal moral responsibility for their lives for a change. We have been playing this free market vs. government-regulated market game for too long. Nothing really changes. Markets and governments have mostly done nothing but create problems. You won't solve a problem with more of where it came from. It is irresponsible to leave things to "the invisible hand" of the market and the state. "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi
  12. Miss_Bookworm

    Teen Corner

    Since I saw something about Quizlet, it reminded me of all the ones I have that I have literally NO use for anymore😂😂😂😂 If anyone is going into American HIstory 2, French 1 or 2, or Chemistry; I have an assortment of different quizlets to offer😂 Almost all of them are public, so go wild: https://quizlet.com/TaylorDeStefano (pls tell me if the link doesn't work😂)
  13. AceMissBehaving

    Word association game

  14. SA1L0RCL0UT


    The "I've told her...etc" response was for this. I didn't realize anyone else had responded XD
  15. SA1L0RCL0UT


    Lol I will try this next time XD
  16. SA1L0RCL0UT


    No I haven't. I will check it out though :). Criminal Minds helps because I wasn't allowed to be my usual hyperfixated self for 4 years of terrible relationship. It's my latest fixation and being able to indulge in it makes me feel safe.
  17. SA1L0RCL0UT


    I've told her, she just keeps pushing me. I think she got it after I went off the rails a bit at dinner. Thanks though.
  18. will123

    *cracks open closet door* Hello!

    Welcome to AVEN From your username would it be safe to say that you're a Soundgarden fan?
  19. ColeHW


    I wanted to explore on my own but I hardly have any motivation or muscle strength (due to minor atrophy) and poor agility.
  20. Today
  21. Aro ace Christian and I think it can be considered a gift type of thing. I’ve always found it ironic how before I knew what these labels were, I wanted to differ from everyone else and here I am today. My dad also has the nickname “Ace” and many people have called me “Ace jr.” It just really doesn’t feel like a coincidence to me. My asexuality and aromanticism is a blessing to me because I’ve noticed so many situations that would’ve gone south I was gay and I still have relatbility to growing number of out of the closet queer people because of me not be heteronormal. I love the experiences that come with being ace and aro and the understanding/perspective it gives me on the world. I wouldn’t trade it for anything
  22. eorion

    a-spec flag concept

    A-spec as in asexual and aromantic, and the terms under those umbrellas such as demi, greya, ect. Thats a good idea I'll resize to give a better idea of the flag design
  23. DuranDuranfan

    A question about binders

    Good question, I was just thinking of asking it myself since I’ve been pondering wearing a binder too. I’m also quite stacked(DDs), and I also like to wear feminine clothes on occasion so I was hoping that wearing a binder occasionally wouldn’t warp my chest.
  24. Bronztrooper

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    My parents haven't actually been 'together' for almost as long as I remember (they never got married ended uo dating different people, but both stuck around to raise me and my sister), so I never really had to worry about 'walking in on them'. Honestly, for a while I thought it was some weird joke and didn't actually happen, but then I realized that since my parents weren't 'together' like other people's parent were, they obviously wouldn't engage in bedroom antics, which meant I was the exception to that kind of situation. Then again, nothing about how my family is could be considered 'typical', so...
  25. My main experience was changing careers 14 years ago. I started out with temp jobs to show I was looking for a change in life, and ended up finding a call center job that worked around my class schedule. Granted, it was a low paying job without benefits, but I got to where I needed to go. I really don't think that you have to mention future classes that would involve leaving your position. I agree with the person who said that you might mention night classes in passing. Lots of people do those.
  26. Crazycrazycultist

    Favorite extinct animal?

    I love their teeth. Even though they are weird!
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