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  2. bookwormprincesskat

    I should have known I was asexual when....

    I do have siblings luckily. I enjoyed homeschool for the most part. But being so isolated I did miss out on a lot of the time when you learn how to develop friendships and whatnot. I’m playing a lot of catch-up in a way. I’m pretty good with people for the most part especially one on one but not great with larger crowds. 18-21 was really really rough. But I’m here so that’s a positive.
  3. Thank you for the advice about what I need to and don’t need to comment on. I’ll bare it in mind. But as per ryn2’s recent reply, my skepticism isn’t so ludicrous after all because it would depend on someone’s life circumstances as to whether they turned down the money. That’s they point I was making.
  4. Yui-Drakon

    Five Letters

    Eight Dragons Emigrated Yesterday Happily. C C A C C
  5. Anthracite_Impreza

    A name for only liking nonbinary/agender people?

    I genuinely thought that was how it was pronounced (and I'm still gonna say it that way anyway)!
  6. Thank you!! Yes the former is ridiculous. Yet the latter IS DEPENDANT on an individuals life circumstances so when I have my doubts that the money would be turned down every time it is a perfectly reasonable doubt.
  7. You don't need to comment on it at all, and thanks for the insinuation I only want to hear from people who agree with me. You're talking to ace and trans people here, so clearly you have no idea how important not having sex, or presenting a certain way is, if you think money will make us change our minds.
  8. Life Of Tass

    A name for only liking nonbinary/agender people?

    For some reason I absolutely adore (no pun intended) that pronounciation!
  9. just a heads up: This post is going to discuss sexual content! Hi! Within the past few days, while doing reading to understand what my ace best friend experiences, I realized....a lot of commentary here lines up with what I've experienced! Now, I'm not entirely sure if I'm aspec or not, but things have started making more sense once I at least considered the possibility. For most of my life I've always found both men and women attractive and have desired chaste intimacy (ie; hugging, cuddling, kissing etc.). But whenever I think about actually engaging in sex, it always seemed too intimidating-- I just figured it was because I was a virgin. Within the last year or so I've attempted to hook up with several people of various gender identities who I thought were attractive and had an emotional bond to but it was just...boring! I felt embarrassed that I couldn't enjoy myself even when I have quite a high libido and masturbate often enough. Before having sex, I always thought it was going to be the best thing in the world because of how romanticized it is in media. After having sex, I felt like something was wrong and I just needed to figure out how my body words (even though I know exactly how it works and can masturbate just fine). In the past 2 months I've begun talking to a person across the country. I think they are attractive, I desire that same chaste intimacy, and I realized I really like them! Sometimes we'll sext (text based- no pictures) and I realized I really like that, too! I have a strong desire to pleasure them, and enjoy the concept, but when I get off, it isn't to a fantasy of being sexually intimate with them... I enjoy the idea of them being near, but not directly involved. I read that asexuals can read and enjoy erotic literature, too, so I guess I'm wondering how this kind of modern romantic encounter plays into sexuality? If I want to be intimate with someone because I care about them and pleasing them is sexually pleasing to me, does that qualify as sexual attraction? Or could it be a desire created from an emotional bond I've established with someone. Something about the ace spectrum feels right, but I can't find quite the right vocabulary or label for it and, unfortunately, there's a voice in my head that's wondering if I just haven't found the right person yet so I'm hesitant to fully embrace asexuality. Any commentary y'all have on this is greatly appreciated!
  10. Yui-Drakon

    A Sentence Forming Game

    Your One Uncle Never Goes.
  11. Anthracite_Impreza

    A name for only liking nonbinary/agender people?

    Clearly I've been spending too much time with my French car, because I've always pronounced it new-trwah xD
  12. Would it be ok to voice my opinion if my opinion mirrored yours?
  13. You don’t think someone who is ace would take $1M in exchange for never having sex again? Or you don’t think someone would turn down the money if it was offered in exchange for permanently giving up something really important to them? The former seems like a no-brainer. The latter would likely depend on the individual, their life situation, and what they were being asked to give up.
  14. NoraGrace

    Hello everybody!

    Thanks for the cake😁! To answer you question, I mainly like to draw people and animals. Right now I’m drawing mostly with colored pencils but I also paint occasionally.
  15. Life Of Tass

    A name for only liking nonbinary/agender people?

    I've heard cetero-romantic/sexual somewhere. New-troy-s-romantic. Hope I helped!
  16. Happyuku

    Sup everyone!!!

    Hi everyone! Ahhh, I can believe I finally signed up. My name is Kenz and I'm 19. I'm aroace and I first visited this site back in 2016 to get a basic understanding of Asexuality and have ghosted on and off since to get random info. So I figured I might as well join the community that lead me to longer feel broken and maybe help others in the same way! I when I reach middle school my mom started to prod to find who my crush was, so I made one up. I am a very bad liar and she apparently though I was embarrassed, So she told me "it's nothing to be embarrassed about, I fact if you weren't having those feelings I'd would be worried". So that kick started the broken feeling as I tried and tried to force myself to have a crush through middle school, it never worked. (duh) I First heard about asexuality when I was 14 on pinterest on a funny post about a bunch of different sexualities and I saw description of the asexual one and thought "Huh, that kinda sounds like me, may be I should look into that" then forgot about it for two years😂. 2 years later I remembered about asexual and actually did some digging and found the definition here! I cried some and did some self searching and started to identify as aromantic asexual. I no longer feel broken and have identified as aroace for the past three years.
  17. Because there's simply no need to voice your opinion on these matters. I said I wanted £1M to not have sex, you said I would have sex every week for £1M. @ElasticPlanet said they would not go without presenting as enby for £1M, you said that was doubtful. It's unnecessary. You're essentially saying we don't know our own feelings and feel the need to tell us that. Why? What are you gaining from being dismissive?
  18. firewallflower

    Potentially conflicting definitions of asexuality

    This makes plenty of sense to me, and I actually agree with this definition. Still, though, someone will always find the blurry area.
  19. How is saying I don’t believe everything I am told and that I have my own opinions and skepticisms, acting like I know you or anyone else better than you know yourself. If it’s getting annoying then try not to misinterpret things.
  20. Can you stop acting like you know us better than us please? It's getting annoying.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Anthracite_Impreza

    The need for a Youth Rights Movement

    I'm getting ancient now (25) but for most of my life I have felt pointless. I was ok at school, and got rewarded for that, but all that did was make me associate achievement with reward, and thus non-achievement with neglect. I put so much pressure on myself to be successful I ended up with an eating disorder and became unhealthily thin. After school I felt I had no purpose, fell into a pit of depression and wandered around from job to job, failing at most of them (I was always praised for my attitude, but my abilities are lacking). Only my car got me through those times, I had no other reason to carry on. Nowadays, I have found a job that gives me purpose (working on a heritage railway) and I love it. Sadly I don't get paid for it, and I feel age may have something to do with that. It's voluntary, and volunteer positions tend to attract the young and old, both of which society seems to have decided don't deserve fair pay. I've never had a job that paid enough to tax, and that is a damning indictment of the current system.
  23. I've just come across the term Demisexual as 25 year old heterosexual male and it has blown my mind. It was like reading a book on myself and it has made me understand so much more about why I have felt so different to everyone else. It's reassuring that there are other people out there. I've now come across 'Demiromantic' and I'm having a hard time understanding if this applies to me. The idea of sex without romance is hard for me to understand - it's almost like they are linked and in separable, so I'm wondering if this means I am Demiromatic as well. BUT, I feel what I am active searching out for is romance in a relationship, because romance to me essentially having that emotional bond that is required in order to be become sexually attracted to someone (as a Demisexual). I feel like I am seeking romance in people, more than sex to form a relationship - which sounds like I am a 'romantic' (than demiromantic)? I think the people I liked I have formed more of a romantic connection to first (even if just initially) then developed to the sexual attraction to them very soon after. I don't know if I am requiring the romance aspect of it to be an initial thing I see in them or not, or weather I need to have the emotional bond first. But... I do sometimes (very very very rarely) get a sense for someone personality, or quirk / appearance that I like prior to getting to know them (or not to get to know them most of the time!!), And I'm wondering if that is my romantic attraction to them (defiantly not sexual). Or is it just some sense that I can form an emotional bond with them? Then if I make that bond, then I get a massive romantic and sexual attraction to them almost simultaneously (it hits me hard!). Then again, I have had a situation where I have found a massive romantic and sexual attraction to someone after making the bond, even though I saw nothing in them that was potentially romantic initially (or them even that asteically pleasing initially!). But even in this situation I feel like it was the romantic aspect of it (after bonding) was what lead to my sexual attraction of the person. Can someone help me out here? Gosh it suck to be me, but this has helped me understand so much about myself. It's kind of had an effect on my thinking of perusing relationships, because I've always expected that massive romantic and sexual attraction at once - and that's what I've come to expect when liking someone. But maybe I should now start perusing any glimmers that I might like someone romantically (or glimmers that I can form a bond with them - don't know which it is) because I haven't in the past, Basically because I haven't had that massive attraction to them - but maybe it was just because I didn't have the chance to form the emotional bond? But then again I don't know if I will form that strong bond at all from the potential glimmer or romantic attraction I may see in them. Catch 22!!! I'm starting to think that all any (extremely rare) slight outward (physical, I guess) attractions to someone my all be romantic attractions and nothing else (not sexual of course). Does this mean I am a Romantic Demisexual, (or 'Romantic Demi-hetrosexual' to be more precise)? But I'm still not sure if the is really a romantic attraction to them, as the romance attraction feels a million times bigger once I make the emotional bond. I have always wanted romantic relationship and nothing else in my life, in order to form a sexual relationship (always knew this). I never understood the desire to peruse someone just sexually. I thought I was just picky, This has been enlightening leaning of this word. I will say that do have a sense that with different people I am more inclined to think of them more sexually or more romantically, one way or another, but I need both aspects to become very attracted to them.
  24. catra

    Touchy-feely Aces

    yessssss i love holding hands and hugging and letting people lean on me sooooo much!! sadly, my hands are always clammy from anxiety, so no one ever wants to hold hands with me
  25. James121


    You’ve gone off track and misunderstood.
  26. StarMap

    Demiflux is throwing off my gROOVe

    Sorry, didn't check back on this for so long! Glad you were able to connect. If you ever wanna message me about it you're free to for sure
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