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  2. The thing is that there could be an attraction during the sexual activity. The drive doesn't necessarily have to be there. While being open to sex isn't meaning much, if there is some potential attraction before or during sex, that's what I call being allosexual. All this mean is non-libidoist sexual would require the other to initiate.
  3. Urishir

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for not knowing about life Lee "Life" Seung Hyun is a Zerg player from South Korea who formerly played for Afreeca Freecs and KT Rolster. He is permanently banned from all KeSPA events due to his involvement in the 2015 Match-Fixing Scandal. Hes still considered one of the best players ever...
  4. Out of the saddle

    Hello Again

    Oh jeez... Wow I just discovered this about myself really recently. That was way more answer than I was ready for. This is really difficult to talk about. Thanks for the response. I'm 46 but not sure who I am at all...
  5. Rhaenys

    What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Believed?

    That Shah Rukh Khan sang all his songs by himself.
  6. Rhaenys

    KPOP fans?

    I'm a very proud NCTzen, EXO-L and BLINK. I also like Red Velvet, Itzy and I'm warming up to TWICE. I wouldn't call myself a CLC stan but i cheer them on cause they're underrated af.
  7. Rhaenys

    Who is your favourite Marvel character?

    Dark Phoenix Storm X-23
  8. Rhaenys

    Game of Thrones! [spoilers, probably]

    1.) Daenerys Targaryen. Started off a weak girl then rose to be a Queen. I loved that character development and how she seizes power despite everything that happened to her. I also love that she is flawed, makes rash and bad decisions without thinking of the aftermath because I think it makes her somewhat realistic because nobody in general is perfect or 100% good. I see myself in her somewhat as the weak, controlled girl who is trying to figure out who she is. 2.) I read and own all of the books. I have the World of Ice and Fire book and I am waiting till I can get Fire and Blood. I read the books first then watched the show back in 2013. I prefer the show because it is simple. The books are plot and character heavy to a point I do not understand how people remember all of the details. One of the book characters though that I love and wished was on the show was Princess Arianne of Dorne. 3.) I don't know. Hold on let me do a quiz. I got House Tully but I honestly think I'd fit in more with House Martell cause I have the Salty Dornish look. They're one of the more liberal houses and I have a strong personality that isn't in line with traditional feminine roles. 4.) I want Dany to be Queen but there is so much signs and hints that suggest they're going to turn her into a bad person and kill her off but oh well that is how that show works. I think it will be Jon honestly (Show Jon annoys me I don't get the appeal behind Kit Harrington especially with female fans.)
  9. I see.I feel much better to know it.Thank you!
  10. Philip027

    If I have no libido, can I really know I’m asexual?

    How could it not? Genuinely curious here. I'm still really not getting how you can view someone in a sexual light and yet still claim you have no sexual drive. Being open to sex isn't really indicative of anything, other than not being sex repulsed. Asexuals can be open to sex.
  11. Today
  12. Gloomy

    2020 U.S. Presidential Race

    I must say, I like Adam Kokesh’s style too.
  13. firewallflower

    Quickly, Before They See!

  14. Liking someone sexually doesn't mean there's a libido. It just mean you'd be open to the action provided that person is wanting the action as well.
  15. Ace Christian

    Friend not getting it whatsoever

    My church definitely encourages people to wait, so during those messages and the following small groups I've been extremely lost. I was confused about what people even saw in all that stuff because I thought everyone thought like me deep down. It only really hit me that people actually desire that kind of stuff a few months ago. In totally unrelated news, I've been anonymously emailing a professor of mine about me being trans. I really want to let him know who I am, but I'm really scared to do it even though I know he's 100% accepting of me, so I'm currently trying to work that out.
  16. The Incarnation Of Boredom

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for being confused about life. (Same?)
  17. kumiko_itoe

    Hello Again

    LOL! There is something called busy with work and family. Besides, I am openly ace and am not bothered with how others perceive me. So whether they understand me or not isn't important when it comes to achieving my goals and the results I am after at work. Also, sexuals make only 99% and not 99.9%. So there are roughly about 77million Asexuals in the world (though this is only those who are willing to be known. There are many many others who are but so afraid of being ostracized that they pretend to be sexuals). I am close to several asexuals in real life who aren't on AVEN.
  18. Pandalin


    Hello! Welcome! 🍰
  19. CajunAce

    True or False

    True! Pho, ramen, udon, angel hair.... give me the noods!! The person below has traveled to a different country
  20. Out of the saddle

    Hello Again

    I'm surprised you were away. Where else can you find a group of sexless people? Lol. It's not like 99.9 % of the world is gonna understand where you're coming from.
  21. Kisa the Kit Kat

    2020 U.S. Presidential Race

    I'm probably voting for Bill Weld in the primary (I'm a registered Independent and Texas lets you pick anyway). After that I have no idea where I stand.
  22. I'm not taking any drugs for any sexual so either they have to take libido killing drugs or gtfo. Anyway there is so much more layers to sex than just a libido. Having a libido doesn't mean the act will be satisfying to the sexual. Even sexual x sexual relationships can have problems with how "good" and "satisfied" they feel. Plus a major part of the relationship is dependent on drugs, that is sure perfectly stable glue to a relationship!
  23. CajunAce

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Foxes are bts and adorable 😍
  24. Pandalin

    Hello frens

    Hi and welcome! 🍰🍰🍰
  25. Pandalin

    Hi, I guess

    Hi and welcome! 🍰🍰🍰 I am also super introverted and don’t do social media, so joining this forum was nerve wracking for me too. Luckily, this is a friendly community 😀
  26. I'm more interested in having donuts again
  27. Yes, I've had that experience multiple times actually...once with a friend who after high school got into hard drugs and eventually wound up asking all of her friends including me for money constantly...a painful break but one that had to happen, and I felt more relief than sadness when it ended. Also, two short lived relationships come to mind where the pressure to have sex, appear sexually interested and the works left me with crippling anxiety where I'm usually a very calm person. I felt nothing but relief ending those two, no regrets.
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