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  2. I think this definition describes me very much, thanks.
  3. That's up to you to decide. You could try googling the term and finding other cupiosexuals to talk about it with them, or reading about how they experience their sexuality in other threads. I can't tell you what you are. I can only give you definitions and talk about my own experiences, but my experiences aren't useful in this case, so definitions it is, and the definition of cupiosexual is someone who desires partnered sex, but doesn't experience sexual attraction.
  4. Online test on policy https://yourvotematters.eu/en/quiz/start
  5. With the European elections upcoming, it is important to note that the votes are not only for national party but also European parties. In Ireland we have 4 meps for the European people party, 4 for the united left, then one each for liberals, ecr and socialists. In the UK if they are voting, lib dems are part of liberals, greens, SNP and plaid are all in green free alliance, ukip are part of the marine le pen and Italy's northern league end, ex-ukip is part of alternative fur Deutschland, 5 star movements Efd, Tories & uup are part of eurosceptic Ecr and labour are Pes. The 2 Tory defectors who joined change UK are now in the biggest group, the centre right. The DUP have are not aligned to any group and sink fein's mep for northern Ireland is in united left group So what are your voting intentions come 4 weeks time. My no. 1 preference is for the green party. With stv system, we have preferences so tough choice on my number 2 between fine Gael/EPP candidate or our labour/pes candidate. I'm not convinced yet by the liberal credentials of the fianna fail candidates and will need to research them before going to the polls as while 1 fianna fail candidate was elected for Alde last time, he switched to ecr so there is a strong eurosceptic/conservative faction to the party.
  6. nolanv

    overcoming childhood homophobia

    I was also raised this way. And to make matters worse, when I was a young boy, I was sexually assaulted and molested a couple times by an older boy. This really fueled my homophobia but I'm starting to move past that now. A rapist can be any orientation.
  7. Firefly8


    @Intybus No worries. You'll get more results that way than you would here anyway. 🙂🍰
  8. Firefly8

    What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Believed?

    - That there was a god, tooth fairy, santa claus, and easter bunny - That teachers should want to teach us without getting paid for it, just out of the love for us like parents do. - That pee in the pool would turn the water purple - That most adults were smart and moral
  9. Intybus

    Are We LGBT?

    Ok, so I'm on here bc i saw an instagram post about how the LGBT+ community doesn't want to accept us bc we don't suffer as much as they do in society (the example being how lesbians, gays, transgenders and such are kicked from their homes and even physically abused, which is somewhat a valid point). Then i also saw aces who were writing about how they don't think it's necessary for us to be in the community anyway, which is the part that confused me bc i thought we were fighting for the A to stand for ace and not ally so now i just really want to know if we are or aren't LGBT+
  10. Intybus


    @Firefly8 sorry, didn't know. I don't go on here much...
  11. So I'm Cupiosexual then? Thanks for your answers btw.
  12. People coined the term 'cupiosexual' for this. Some consider that to be a subset of asexual, others don't. Personally, I consider it to be a subset of sexual, but that's just my opinion.
  13. Firefly8

    Weird Stuff From Childhood

    Those plush cats or dogs that had babies in their bellies. It's kinda creepy that little kids were ripping open their stuffed animal's abdomen to get the babies. How cute?
  14. GeekyGamerZack

    Homoromantic guys chat

    @chairdesklamp Welcome! 😊 I mainly stick to this thread and a few others, so I don't have much of an excuse for not welcoming you beforehand. The important thing is you're here now, so I'm able to say "Hi!" 🙂 I know the feeling, believe me. What makes it worse is that I'm also ridiculously tall, which makes something as simple as finding a pair of size 15 shoes an absolute chore, limiting my options to a select few. My most recent search gave me a total of 1 options from which to choose. 😝 I can get away with t-shirt and shorts for most of the year. In mid-late autumn to early-mid spring, I often layer with a zippered hoodie, and on colder days inbetween I upgrade to long trousers and jacket. Dark colours and blue look better on me and create the illusion of slimming me down. Honestly, I'm comfortable with my body, though I'm working to trim my belly for real. I've cut down on what I used to eat, and now I can't eat anywhere near as much at once. I also favour more nutritious options, and avoid fast food like generic shooter video games. Honestly, my style has hardly changed at all since I was in high school. It's what I feel most comfortable wearing, and receding hairline aside, I've barely aged since then.
  15. Not everyone suffers in mixed relationships. Some of our sexual partners who chose it and knew beforehand are actually quite happy in their relationships. I think the key is they chose and knew up front sex was a no go. But, then, some struggle even knowing. OP: Look up a user called Padante and his posts about mixed marriage. He is one that chose it and knew but still has hard days. One of the sexual partners that can give you insight on the struggles from that viewpoint.
  16. Podsnap

    A Sentence Forming Game

    Sean and Terry unscrewed Ralph's neck after letting it atrophy.
  17. Skycaptain

    Quickly, Before They See!

  18. Firefly8

    What are places you have / would like to travel to?

    I'll travel (almost) anywhere. Traveling gives me life.
  19. Aus19

    Hello! im new

    that great to know i'm not weird!!! o great, i wasn't sure if their was a spectrum or what it was called! I do have one question tho, how do relationships work for asexuals? ive grown up learning about relationships w sex as a main component and idk how they work otherwise. and can an asexual date a sexual or is that reallly hard (it seems like it would b stressful for both) and i cant c a sexual being fine w dating u once they discover ur asex. especially not when ur first dating and yes i got the pun, it's epic!!
  20. Yes, that's pretty much just having a libido. Most just handle it by themselves, but there is a subset of people that want the partnered experience despite never coming across anyone they'd like it with... kinda like how there are self-expressed aromantics that would like to be in a romantic relationship but have never come across anyone that tickled their fancy. Generally speaking, I wouldn't call people who want these things as asexual/aromantic, but I get why people would. It is sort of a gray area
  21. Today
  22. Firefly8


    @Intybus Use the Search feature. There are many other threads about this and it doesn't really go in this thread.
  23. Wanting someone that's sexual to sacrifice a part of themselves to be together with you -- is that love? Compromise sex will never fully fill the gap; it might be worse than celibacy for some. Sexual people often fail to recognize how much they've lost until they are deeply entangled -- and then they are faced with no choices that are not sacrifices. Deception is antithetical to love. Even if you go in openly, you may cause suffering. You will put yourself at risk of suffering too, trying to give something you don't have. If you must do it, you should be very open and aware.
  24. Lucy in the sky

    Lucy in the sky

    GOT s08e02 SPOILER - damn, my ace ass truly did not see that Gendry-Arya scene happening until it was actually happening. I did not register whatever happened before as flirting at all. 😶

  25. iff

    Just saying hello

    Welcome, hope you like the forums Aven tradition is to offer new members cake
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