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  2. I have a second email address, so I plan on sending them a message; it is likely they are simply misinformed.
  3. @AceMissBehavingI have worked the doors on some fetish events, I have found that people that attend these events tend to be very trustworthy, I guess in part because it's something they keep apart from their everyday vanilla lifestyles, I've seen politicians, teachers, doctors etc, attending these events, parents of friends, even friends, friends of friends, what goes on at these events remains at these events, the first time I was asked to help out I was quite shocked, but these events happen around 10 times a year and I often help out, I admit, some things "fascinate" me, I do wonder what makes people want to do some of the things they do, but then, we're all individual, life would be boring if we just went about the more mundane things in life without a little bit of adventure in life, I'm not saying I wouldn't try certain things in life, never say never, but some things I've seen are totally beyond me, some are very painful, as a person who doesn't like to be restrained or confined in small spaces, seeing someone tied up or confined in some way literally takes my breath away, if it happened to me, I'd probably pass out or have a heart attack. I see nothing wrong with fetishes though, they're probably quite a healthy way of escapeism from everyday life which can't be all bad. @pma01, I sort of had an experience, not so much of being dominated by a woman, but when I was still at school, there was a girl who would always smack my backside whenever she saw me, more often than not I'd feel the sharp sting of her hand across my backside before I saw her, she always said that she wanted to "punish" me for real, she thought my backside was perfectly formed for spanking, at the time I was 15, she was 17, at the time I never thought anything of it, but, thinking back on it many years later, I wonder what it did for her
  4. I love receiving and giving these. They are the best and I promise I’m not creepy. 😜
  5. OK so Iike other people here I would recommend not to freak out. What may be a problem to most people is not a problem for some people. Like a lot of people feel unhappy about being sexless. Now if you feel genuinely bad from being touch deprived you may wish to relieve it. One friend told me that I am touch averse. This is not entirely true. Touch is only good when meaningful for me. I think I have set strong protection barriers around me. I need to kiss "goodmorning" people on a daily basis at work (local custom). Some days, this is not the best moment of the day and my mental barriers are on then I become touch aware. External physical sensations not coming from anyone are the first step to enjoy touch. I feel better after reconnecting with my body and physical sensations while doing sports like yoga. Then giving touch is the next step. Towards animals it comes naturally. I like to do it with people that I like: hugging, kissing, patting, playing,... You can also physically help strangers by doing some social work. I am not recommending to be creepy, just to invite or accept other human beings in your personal space. Then there is receiving - it is the hardest so I understand the pokes. You can get hugs and massages as well.
  6. œddy

    Aesthetic attraction

    Either gender with a nice smile and a great laugh will do it for me 😋 Can't say I don't appreciate someone who looks after themselves though, stomach muscles are fascinating.
  7. MichaelTannock

    Proving a negative

    Welcome to AVEN! Funnily enough, I realised that I'm Asexual in my early teens. Incidentally, it is a tradition here to welcome new members by offering cake, and here's a Castle Cake, http://cakesdecor.com/cakes/85688-castle-cake
  8. 3Xi3X

    What is a Straight Asexual?

    I was a little thrown off myself. Obvi asexual is asexual. But it would seem that the romantic orientation, (or aesthetic or sensual) has taken an important role for most aces. Hetero = straight. Homo = gay Bi = bi (lol) Pan = pan Aro = aromantic etc. Personally I think asexual is descriptive enough. But I put biromantic even because I was just following along. I’d wager it is important mostly for those who are looking for a possible relationship.
  9. ryn2

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Big storm here too, but in the late afternoon. Usually I can delete the purple patch (@‘d person) by clicking (tapping; I’m on a mobile device) just to the right of it and backspacing a few times. Failing that you could select the rest of the text and copy/paste rather than retyping...
  10. Today
  11. @Star Lion Personally the useful part of therapy is having someone to talk to who listens to what you have to say. So even just a close friend or family member who will hear you out and accept what you’re saying and how you feel and not evaluate for you or tell you that what you’re saying is wrong. Well that’s going to allow you to come to your own conclusions and feel better. 😇
  12. Skycaptain

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Styes are BTS
  13. Skycaptain

    Word association game

  14. Skycaptain

    One random word in Alphabetical order

  15. Skycaptain

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Green 1
  16. As someone who is roughly 70-90% thinking and 10-30% feeling, I would probably do something like this for anything beyond hugging with whoever I happen to be with, however unlikely. Hell, I was that way with my former gf regarding kissing (mostly because that's what I thought I was supposed to do in a relationship). I really overthink stuff to much sometimes...
  17. Skycaptain

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for saying that MichaelanJolly painted the cistern cover and advertising it for £5 million on ebay
  18. Not necessarily. Love can be given. Or earned. Or both. I dont believe in love at first sight, but I have seen many one sided love where someone is willing to do anything for the person they love even when the other person doesn't give a damn.
  19. Slice of Ace

    Slice of Ace YouTube channel discussion

    Yeah, it's hard to maintain an American accent for 10 minutes straight so I kept slipping back into British 😅 I mean, 90% of my channel is rambling 😂
  20. Skycaptain

    Quickly, Before They See!

  21. Skycaptain

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yuck Hummus
  22. NordicNoir

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum! Tomato juice?
  23. Saphoune

    Proving a negative

    Hello and welcome to AVEN! We can share some virtual cake on this forum. 🍰 It is great that you have found here some things to relate. There is no need to rush into coming out but it is always a good idea to learn to know yourself better . Cheers! 😉
  24. Bronztrooper


    I dealt with getting picking on for about 10 years straight through multiple schools and the only time I actually went up to a teacher about it, she'd ask the kid in question if it was true, and then take their side when they (obviously) said it wasn't true. Only served to destroy any faith I might've had about teachers doing anything about bullying. The only thing that stopped it was when I finally stood up for myself (and by that, I mean I finally snapped and beat the hell out of one of the kids that'd been picking on me), which was one of the things all those anti-bullying presentations never touched on. Also, I recently found out that when I was young (2-3 I think) I'd gone to a daycare place for a couple of days, but on the 3rd day I didn't want to go anymore. My dad looked into it and found out that I had been getting beaten up by the bigger kids and the workers there either didn't see what was happening, or didn't care. Honestly, that kind of makes me feel like I was always one of those kids that got picked on and I don't really like that, but I like to think that I'd be better at standing up for myself now. So yeah, I totally agree with you that someone should step in in situations like that. And I also hate getting trolled in online games because it just reminds me of all the bullshit I went through. If I'm friends with the person in question, it's not really annoying, but if I don't know them (which is 99% of the time), then it'll get on my nerves rather quick. There's also the whole thing where I keep getting told (mostly by my dad, but sometimes by other people) that I take what people say too seriously. With people I'm not familiar with, yeah, I tend to take them at their word because I don't know them well enough to judge when they're joking (unless it's plainly obvious). Like, with my dad, I'm able to tell when he's joking nearly all the time (which is about 70-80% of the time) because I know him well enough, but with other people, I have no idea when they are being serious or sarcastic most of the time, so I assume the former. idk what that says about me, though.
  25. For me its the other way round. The more I know about someone I like, the more I am likely to fall in love with them.
  26. Luftschlosseule

    What is afluid? Is it a thing?

    Maybe it's an inside joke with her and some other friends?
  27. Lying is not a good idea. The world is small and it comes back to you like karma. You don't have to give excuses for rejecting somebody. If you were not ace/aro you would still have the right to reject somebody. "I don't date if I don't have feelings. I don't have feelings. I respect you too much to lead you on so I won't date you. Take care of yourself and bye."
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