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  2. Same. I still don't understand what 'turned on' means and honestly, I don't exactly want to know. And yeah. Sex in general and desires for it utterly confuse me!
  3. Glyn

    Word association game

    Hammer To...
  4. Hold on - are we talking about the glorious picture of the Super Stunt Pigeon that's my Avatar?
  5. Perspektiv

    What Are Some of your Weirdest Habits?

    -This one is probably due to my slight OCD. Often times when buying items, I often must buy them in pairs. There is literally no reasoning for this one other than it being a weird (and at times costly) quirk. I have managed to gain control of it, but still occasionally see myself doing it. -I can't drink hot drinks unless they are barely lukewarm. I know. It defeats the purpose. -I travel a lot. If learning a new language, I just have to learn the curse words first. I think I weirded a girl out while in Thailand. I got her phone number, then was asking her how to curse in her language after her telling me words like "handsome", "funny" and the like in her language. "Ok. How do you say **** you in your language?" Luckily my humor had me get away with it, but barely. Needless to say, I can cuss like a sailor in about 15 languages. Horrific for breaking the ice, so I didn't think that one through.
  6. MochaBaye

    Hey Friends! Let's Connect.

    Hi @Cryowolf! Nice to ‘meet’ you.
  7. CustardCream

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for being 3.5 hours too slow!
  8. Glyn

    The Banning Game!

    Blowing bubbles? Banned for coming pretty damn close to me making a REALLY disgusting and wrong joke about Michael Jackson!
  9. Piotrek


    I've got a YouTube-related question. Can you help?

    Is YouTube throttling videos? For the last several months, I've had videos on many channels freeze even if I play them in low res. I went to DailyMotion (that's the only other free video- streaming website I know of) to compare and there's no similar effect there, even if I play vids in hi-res.

  10. 3Xi3X

    Fight the avatar above you

    ::Can’t believe he’s dead but knows his talons did damage and dies contentedly::
  11. Perspektiv

    What Are Some of your Weirdest Habits?

    We all have them. Some habits are good, some are bad (this one is subjective within reason). Do you have any childhood habits you were never able to outgrow? What are some of your weirdest habits?
  12. Skycaptain

    Welcome our new Moderator

    Congratulations 🎊 🎊 🎂 🎂
  13. Aldis Friedman

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Apparently, my sexual classmates were fine with it, being the ones who initiated the conversation (!)
  14. daveb

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Looks like today is supposed to be our one and only day in July that tops 90F. So I'm not complaining. I prefer to use cash for most day to day purchases, especially for smaller amounts. I feel like I am more aware of my spending that way. And when I travel to other countries I like seeing the local currency and having some coins to take home afterwards. Also, with cash I don't have to worry about entering all transactions and balancing accounts. I do use a credit card for some things (usually required at hotels), such as larger purchases and online purchases.
  15. daveb

    Welcome our new Moderator

  16. UnderworldFan1988


    Honestly can't believe it still, why in the world you say goodbye to me knowing it would kill my emotions? Two people in one day? What the hell am i supposed to do now???????

    1. 3Xi3X


      Doesn’t sound good. How can I help?

  17. Just Dani

    Welcome our new Moderator

    Congrats, @Una Salus Victus!
  18. ryn2

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Cool! I didn’t realize, when you’ve talked about her before, that she didn’t live nearby.
  19. I'mTheDecoy

    How to explain asexuality to an allosexual

    Sometimes you can go round and round in circles on this one. I agree with above that using their own sexuality as an analogy often helps for people who don't understand / or refuse to accept at all. But I have a friend who is gay, but not that into sex, and he keeps saying that he must be asexual too. But as soon as we start discussing it, right away he's like no of course I feel sexual attraction, so I'm like so not asexual then, yet next time the topic comes up he's back to saying he must be one too. While my heterosexual QPR can't grasp the concept that some asexuals still have sex. In fact, I just wrote a blog post about it this afternoon specially to try to help explain it to them. I'm gonna share it here (and sorry if you think I didn't do a very good job of explaining) https://imthedecoy.blogspot.com/2019/07/ace-101.html
  20. ryn2

    anyone past 50 on here?

    The general trend here (where I live; can’t speak for the US as a whole) is towards chip readers (the insert sort) and away from swipe. Chips are harder to duplicate. Vendors who accept credit cards must transition. That’s separate from RFID “tap,” though, which is a proximity reader. The card and the reader must be very close together. People who skim via RFID also have to be very close, so it’s more like the old-school pickpockets’ “bump” technique (“oh, I’m sorry!”). My employer accepts payment via credit card and switching all of our many doctor’s offices, etc., to chip from swipe is an expensive endeavor.
  21. Perspektiv

    Should Disposable Waste be Banned?

    How would you explain some municipalities around the world that have been able to achieve a waste free or virtually waste free existence? Isn't that like saying that the only way to eliminate fossil fuel related damage to our atmosphere, is to eliminate car companies from existence? Ignoring the fact that they choose to continue using a highly polluting product for the most part? Knowing how highly profitable fuel is? Being aware that electric vehicle technology is quite old but didn't take flight until there were incentives put in place to do so. There were ecological pressures forcing us to do so. Shouldn't these same pressures apply to the garbage we create? These are choices. Shouldn't the ban eliminate those choices? Legislative measures ensuring some become law? Instead of riding the planet of humans, should there be an attempt to force them to change their ways?
  22. Blit

    Welcome our new Moderator

    Congrats Una!
  23. 1. When people think I have to be with someone to be happy in life 2. Donald Trump 3. Extremely hot weather 4. Christians who think they're above everyone else Keep it going people!
  24. Mz Terry

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for blowing bubbles.
  25. Nowhere Girl

    Am I Asexual? Please Help

    @Aebt - A few examples of studies which indicate a higher number: How many asexuals are there? Apart from that, I'm beginning to notice a consistent pattern of a higher percentage of asexuals in studies done on a younger sample, particularly just on students. Of course, such a sample is less random and results should be extrapolated with caution, but particularly the fact that these are results from younger samples seems significant for me - these are people more likely to have heard of asexuality. I don't think that "such a large number remained ignored/invisible for so long". In fact, there have always been people who just didn't like sex. They didn't consider themselves asexual because they didn't have a language for it. Now people do, asexuality is becoming more visible and that might account for the higher number of asexuals in studies on younger people.
  26. will123

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    I think all offspring whether they are asexual or sexual feel the same about the subject.
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