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  2. ryn2

    anyone past 50 on here?

    That’s cool, @faraday☘! I hope you enjoy getting to know one another.
  3. TheAP

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Blue 1
  4. nineGardens

    Questions and Curiosities

    Welcoem to Aven RavenOak. Normally with new arrivals we'll be providing reassurance and advice (which is totally legit), but by the sound of it you have this pretty damn sorted. Congratulations! A somewhat more critical tradition is the providment of cake: The thread title says Questions and Curiousities... but I don't think I noticed any questions? If there are some, feel free to ask. There's a really good bunch of people around here, with various wisdom, and confusion, and sometimes both at the same time. Also- writing is fun! I think there are a couple other writers around here somewhere? ... I should probably look into that or try to start a writing circle or something.
  5. faraday☘

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Yes, my mom had a baby and put him up for adoption 5 years before I was born. Different dad though. My family never spoke of it and I had no clue. Having a child out of wedlock was shameful back then, so I guess they thought it best to keep it a secret. Most of my immediate family passed away. Discovering a brother is much less stressful than discovering you have a kid!! LOL. We plan on meeting soon. Anyway, enjoying my time in California so far!!
  6. darkpoetess

    If you could reproduce asexually...

    I've encountered a number of people in the ace community who say they would have their reproductive organs removed if it were possible. Since I don't feel that way about myself I don't really know the cause other than what I've observed which is they want no association with sex to a point of not even having the organs. I don't believe that's an indicator of being transgender but rather being asexual physically. They want their bodies to match their orientation.
  7. QuirkyGeek

    Teen Corner

    I don't really like small talk. When people ask how I'm doing and things like that, I have an automatic set of responses to help me get through it, although that being said I do like to genuinely hear about how people are doing. Mostly I like to tell and hear stories about things that have happened or discuss silly and serious topics rather than talk about things like "How is school?" I never really know how to have actual conversations about stuff and it usually leads to the other person asking all the questions and feeling uncomfortable with the conversation. I have not taken AP psychology since it was not available at my school but I was able to take a couple of introductory high school courses if you have any questions about that. I also know some people who have taken over AP courses and might be able to piece some things together. Psychology is really cool and I wish you luck with your studies!
  8. Fuck... I think you just gave a now life revelation and I honestly don't know if I should be excited or terrified....
  9. Aris


    Welcome to Aven Tali if you're open to languages, maybe you could check out the alt languages forum. I look forward to seeing you around here, any questions just ask. You're welcome to PM me
  10. Nima

    Finish the sentence of the person before you!

    Younger On the weekends, I feel like ...
  11. silkpaint

    Prayer of the day

    Hi everyone,😊 I read some verses of the Holy Quran today, including this one « And among His signs is that He created for you wives amongst yourselves that you may dwell in tranquillity with them ; and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts).Surely in this are signs for people who reflect. » Qu'ran 30:21 So, I have prayed in my dua (« invocation » a prayer of supplication) for all the asexuals who are looking for their asexual soul mate, I prayed that God makes this easy on them and may He reunite them. Amin ! I know that Jews have a common practice to read the psalms, for example, for the healing of a dear one, some of them even read what is called Tikkun Haklali « general remedy ». I also know that Buddhists meditate for example to increase compassion and peace for humanity. Anyway, prayers are also simply the words, lyrics, wishes of the hearts.❤️ I just want to share all this good vibes with you because reading the Aven forum makes me feel happy. Did you pray today, if so , what was it about ?🤲
  12. Ytterbium

    A Sentence Forming Game

    Sing and nourish dragons simultaneously.
  13. Stupsi


    Welcome Tali! Glad you are here, so have some cake! 🍰🍰🍰 I love learning languages, too. Which ones do you speak?
  14. Crazycrazycultist

    Favorite obscure Animal?

    They look like little pinecones crossed with armadillos and they're so adorable!
  15. QuirkyGeek

    Quickly, Before They See!

    30 Green and Purple Dragon
  16. questioning_trans_man

    High Libido as an Asexual? Discuss.

    A good point, thank you! I don't really understand somebody being romantically attracted to cars, but each to their own
  17. LittleTaliMagpie


    Hi all, I'm Tali (or Magpie, either's fine) 👋 I learned of this site recently and wanted to check it out so here I am! I've identified as ace for a few years now and am excited to talk openly about it here 😊 I like learning languages and aspire to be a translator, I also enjoy painting my nails and gaming casually. I adore cats and currently have one (had two but the other passed away recently). I hope we all get along 💖
  18. Dreamfield

    My Dream Relationship is Falling Apart

    I was in a similar situation. It ended up very badly, but it doesn't have to in your case. At first, she felt aversion towards sex, which seemed too good to be true. It was. Because the aversion she had was some sort of socially conditioned shame. That shame started to disappear, ironically, due to my efforts to boost her self-esteem. As her shame disappeared, her craving for sex started to appear. I am not sex-averse/sex-repulsed (at least I think I am not, I have never had it), so we tried to have sex. We tried many times, but I have never managed to penetrate, despite our mutual best intentions. She claimed that she will stay with me, despite of her unsatisfied need. Despite her claim, after 7.5 years of our relationship, she cheated on me. She probably waited for an opportunity to "jump to a safe ground". She didn't immediately decide to leave me for that other guy. I was willing to forgive her for cheating, but despite that, after one month of deliberating, she decided to enter a new relationship with that guy (and immediately had sex with him). I would have done some some things differently if I could go back in time for at least 2-3 years: I would urge her to not only look at this forum (she saw them), but also to actively participate in them and ask for an advice without holding back while describing the issue. I would suggest that we go to couples counseling, because some other things in our relationship also didn't work well, so this would be to fix as many quickly fixable things as possible. I would go to see an andrologist. Andrology is the male reproductive system counterpart to gynecology, with a significant overlap with urology, but not quite the same. I might have some sensory problems (and you said that you do have them) because of which I don't get an erection with a "standard mechanical stimulation". I have only recently learned that a healthy person with healthy male parts should automatically get an erection when stimulated, even without any sexual arousal (which explained to the oblivious me how can one be able to have sex despite being asexual), so there could be a medical part of the issue and a medical solution. And finally, talk, talk and talk. In order to maintain the quality of a relationship, there should be a lot of maximally open communication between partners about feelings and other issues. Good luck, I hope you manage to save your relationship!
  19. All I can think of now is a pic of a skeptical child that is commonly used in memes LOL
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