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  2. Sabee

    Hi, i’m well questioning whether or not I’m asexual

    Gosh Same here, never dated yet i like fairy tale romance but never sexually attracted to anyone
  3. Kimchi Peanut

    Shower vs Bath: AVEN Championship

    I’m seeing a few references to “bathtubs.” I’ve literally never had a shower that wasn’t in a bathtub with the exception of when I’ve stayed in luxury hotels with posh walk-in showers. I’ve never owned a stand alone shower.
  4. Moderne Jazzhanden

    Identifying as female, but not as a woman

    Yes, I agree that they 'exist' - depending on what you mean by exist! For example, does my personality exist? It's not locatable anywhere and maybe only I have my take on it, but there is a sense that there are other people who know the same 'me' they might talk about amongst themselves. In that sense I reify out of my and their consciousnesses. But I don't exist in the sense that this is intangible. In that sense I'm free to (re)construct myself if I - or my sense of self awareness - is in touch, so to speak, with whatever I perceive to be in my subconscious. In that sense I both exist and don't exist. Or to put it another way, the self is a sky-like perception. There is a sense that that blue sky is really up there but this is 'merely' experiential. There is no such existent 'thing' that you can touch in the way I can touch this keyboard I'm using. In that sense one side of the coin is 'I exist'. The other is that I don't. I was talking about that side - or trying to - in the post I made above.
  5. Sir_The_Last

    Why not, America?

    I believe the politics is just a show like a Hollywood movie. Just sit back and watch the stars. *my two cents*
  6. Hello! I'm a 20 year old male, asexual but romantic and in a relationship with a girlfriend. I thought we had talked about my asexuality and that she understood how i feel about my relationship with her, but yesterday she revealed she thought it was only a temporary state of mind and that i would eventually build up sexual attraction towards her... She even proposed for me to follow therapy and already found a therapist that "cures sexual undesire"... besides having conflicted feelings about this incident, it also made me feel more lonely than ever. There's no one i've ever met that i know is asexual. I'm glad i found this community of people with the same sexual orientation, and am looking forward to reading about and sharing experiences and support with all of you.
  7. thylacine

    Can Asexuality be cured?

    Definitely a creep tactic, one among many!
  8. Terrestra

    Discord group

    It says the link is either outdated or I am not allowed to join the Discord server, could you maybe post a new link again? I would really like to join.
  9. ProbablyAsleep

    I Seriously Don't Know Where Else I'm Supposed to Post

    I can't drive yet. And I'm not out to my parents yet, and I don't know how they'll take it. I wanna go this year, but this year, I don't know if I'll have a way to get there.
  10. RoseGoesToYale


    TIL "un aven" means a sinkhole in French. :lol:

    1. argar


      Ave means bird in Spanish. 

  11. Eutierria

    I Seriously Don't Know Where Else I'm Supposed to Post

    I went on my first Pride march last year as an ace. It was the most affirming, memorable, beautiful & one of the happiest moments in my life so far. Yet, I am not completely "out" to everyone. I 100% recommend you attending the next Pride march in your area with other local aces. It's SO lovely sharing that history with others like yourself. Coming out doesn't happen all at once- that is terrifying. It happens bit by bit & over & over again depending on who you choose to disclose to. Not the easiest of journeys but you're in great company.
  12. RoseGoesToYale

    Shower vs Bath: AVEN Championship

  13. Expedition

    After 3 years he wants sex and a child..

    Well yes, both reasonable points. And you have needs too, and they seem to no longer be compatible. I wasn't implying you should change your mind about kids, just that plenty of people do, about all sorts of things, and it's not unreasonable especially about two such important things.
  14. At my college I do a short presentation on asexuality as a favor to the sociology professor for one of her classes, and I was wondering if anyone here would have some additional things they would like to add to what I'm telling the class. This presentation does actually have information that the class will be tested on, and I'm always looking to have accurate information whenever I'm attempting to educate others. If anyone has input that would be great! I am approaching the date for my fourth presentation, here is what I talk about already: ~I briefly define what it means to be asexual and aromantic, as well as giving a description of the gray spectrum for each and making note of demisexual and demiromantic people, as well as statistics for estimates of how many people are asexual/aromantic ~I am sure to make note that action is not equal to attraction, and discuss the difference between sex repulsed, sex indifferent, and sex positive aces, as well as situations in which an asexual person would take part in a sexual relationship ~I then talk about the existence of communities built for asexuals and talk about AVEN (making note that anyone who wants to know more can join and ask questions) ~I include a section of this YouTube video by Echo Gillette as the analogy and animation used is better than anything I can create ~I then talk about Ace symbols including the Ace flag, ace rings, and other things such as dragons, axolotls, cake, and garlic bread. And if I can remember the playing cards as well ~After this short but information heavy presentation I take questions and do my best to answer what is asked. I've known that I'm Ace for going on 6 years so I've had a lot of time to look into this sort of thing and get good at explaining it to others, however anything else that you thing I should add would be appreciated! I'll be doing this presentation at least another four times after this one, though if I can find a way to help inform others I will always do it, so any input it greatly appreciated!
  15. No no this was so helpful thank you! I would never say that i was tied up in one person when it came to sexual things i was more this feels nice but this specific person is not making me want him. Like there was this one guy i was crushing on hard and we were kissing (i do experience sensual attraction for sure) but when he tried to push things further, it turned me off completely and i stopped him! Even with my ex who i loved, i never wanted him. Anytime we had sex it wasn’t because i desired him it was more ‘well he wants to do it, it’s enjoyable and satisfies my libido’. I have officially confirmed my outstanding queries so honestly thank you your explanation was perfect👌🏽💜
  16. New display name

    Why not, America?

    After watching the Nevada presidential debate and seeing all the infighting, it struck me that the candidates (apart from Bloomberg and Bernie) each have attributes that another lacks. Biden has federal government experience. He had a backstage pass to the presidency for eight years, and formed relationships with world leaders. He could be the face of the country and protect it from foreign threats, including climate change. Warren and Klobuchar have done exemplary work as senators, and together, could transform education and healthcare. Buttigeg has the character, discipline, foresight, local government experience, and military experience to unify the country and protect it from domestic threats. Not only violent ones, but also things like gerrymandering. That brings some cohesion to this democratic unit. And there we have America's first executive round table. But instead, this country is hellbent on having ONE person embody all of those attributes. Why? Because that's the way we've always done it. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that this "American Experiment" is proving to be a very old wine-skin that's about to burst. How about a new one? What do you think?
  17. Homer

    Shower vs Bath: AVEN Championship

    Elephants aren't suitable for bathtubs.
  18. MakeshiftHeart

    After 3 years he wants sex and a child..

    His exact words were “I have needs” and “you expect me to be unhappy with this void that would never be filled?”
  19. MakeshiftHeart

    After 3 years he wants sex and a child..

    I am 32 almost 33 years old. I have been around kids and I absolutely hate them. I have been called names, and told that “there is something wrong with me” because I hate kids. I have zero patience when it comes to kids so for me to be alone around them I feel would be my breaking point. So I chose years ago to never have any. Even more so, to have kids means to have sex. That one has and always will be an indefinite no.
  20. Hi @Davinaplease publish and share your story. It could make a huge difference to someones life.
  21. Astrobot

    Shower vs Bath: AVEN Championship

    My immediate response would be that I don't mind but then I realised that, even in a bathtub, I always take a shower...
  22. ryn2

    After 3 years he wants sex and a child..

    I have to agree with Philip, though... if you enter into a relationship with major dealbreaker-type commitments and then change your mind, laying down the (opposite) law later on is cowardly. Saying “hey, I’m not as sure about this as I thought I was... can we talk about it more?” is okay. So is saying “it turns out I can’t do this after all.” People do change, and do come to understand themselves better. My issue is with the turning-it-around part.
  23. timewarp

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    I don't.
  24. Veezle

    Official Psychonauts Appreciation Thread

    @Dr. Beat Oh man, I could go on and on about Twinsanity. I don’t know how much you’ve seen of the cut content that’s surfaced through the years, but like 75% (if not more) of what the game would have originally been was scrapped, thanks to being horribly rushed by Universal. It truly is a shame with all the amazing potential and love that was put into it. The development team had so many ideas but only got to to publish one very unfinished game and were shut down. :( Oh and YES the soundtrack. I listen to it all the time and hardly ever get tired of it! I really wish we could have heard much more work from Spiralmouth, they had such brilliant talent. (there is also their one album and the CTTR soundtrack, I recommend listening to them if you haven’t before!) Only thing I’d disagree with about what you said about the visuals looking dated. I still think they look great in their time and even now, with the unique cartoony style they chose and how expressive the characters were (especially Crash and Cortex). Just look at, say, CTTR (which came a year after) and Twinsanity’s models look miles nicer and smoother IMO. As for the story, I’d say it was decent enough especially for a Crash game, but the plotholes are definitely there, especially when you see the missing scrapped material. One for instance how Crash got Mechabandicoot in the Twins battle. Did you know that was originally going to be explained with a level where you’d play as Mecha on auto-pilot under the ocean? (Imagine how cool that would have been!) and lastly yes, I have noticed the similarities with Psychonauts! To think Gone a bit Coco came so close to making it in and we could have led Cortex through a pastel-colored nightmare. Sigh...
  25. ProbablyAsleep

    I Seriously Don't Know Where Else I'm Supposed to Post

    I appreciate your advice. Thank you. But it's like... I think I might want to go to pride events. I don't want questions from my family about why I'd go if I'm straight. Being ace, I'm not straight. And I hate lying to my family. And truthfully, I'm proud to be ace. Part of me wants to be openly ace, but it's just... so difficult.
  26. Expedition

    After 3 years he wants sex and a child..

    I dunno, plenty of people change their minds about kids too. Many, many women especially.
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