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  2. grazingsheep

    I want a super ultra best friend

    @Cryowolf even tho I dress like an idiot and look as ace as you could imagine, guys still hit on me? which is odd and i hate it. It makes me distrust male friends, which sucks because I'd love to have male freinds :/ I once had a male friend who like... jokingly????? proposed doing it????? and ... I dont know. I have being seen in any sexual way :/ man this allo world pisses me off. this yes. I like doing crazy things and some not so super legal things. I want someone who would do that with me, and be down and excited to. I want someone i can lean on and watch TV but not sleep in the same bed with or whatever. I've thought about ace meet ups but being ace isnt really something I want to bond with someone about :/ I once went to a meet up for introverts and it suuuucked. @Temeraire Thats really cool! that sounds like something I would like. I'm really weary when it comes to intimacy, so anything romantic makes me feel icky (I feel like a 5 year old typing that). It's so odd to have this feeling that there isnt really a word for that I can't even fully describe my self
  3. Ringmaster04

    Have you ever watched porn?

    Trying to watch different types of porn really helped me solidify my orientation. I noticed pretty quickly that as soon as the main event started, I'd be ready to turn it off regardless of the genders of the participants. I didn't mind early scenes with guys, didn't care either way in early scenes with girls. Actually, if you experience aesthetic and/or sensual attraction, you can learn quite a bit about yourself through it. But I don't watch any more, unless it's a guys night (all straight) and they get drunk and throw it on, doesn't really bother me.
  4. InDefenseOfPOMO

    What does it mean to be a racist?

    No. I said that I completely disagree with that idea. Yet, I hear statements saying that people are "racists" like it is an intrinsic part of their personality and character. It makes it sound like only a wholesale transformation/conversion will rid them of their racism. I think that whatever role the psyche of individuals plays in racism is miniscule. Racism is overwhelmingly a cultural phenomenon, in my estimation. It is like language. A language does not die if it loses users. As long as a language is preserved in cultural artifacts such as books and film anybody can use it. Similarly, race is a cultural construct and racism is the application of that cultural construct. Only cultural change will reduce racism.
  5. Because people are egocentric and often unable to see experiences outside what they can relate to with their own experiences.
  6. Road

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for starting with the edges first.
  7. sithgirlix

    Master Trump Thread

    @InDefenseOfPOMO I think you and I disagree on quite key features to your comment, so I'm not going to continue on that tangent and rabbit hole debating the fabric of space time and the nature of history.
  8. The cake is not a lie

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for losing an edge piece.
  9. Ringmaster04

    Asexual Men Musings

    I honestly could not stop laughing at that scene. It was awful, unrealistic, gratuitous, and completely out of nowhere in the context of the rest of movie. I found the nude scene to be a big deal just because male nudity is virtually nonexistent in mainstream films. I wasn't a fan (I prefer the pants stay on), but I read about the scene afterward and why the actor and director felt it was so important - it shows the maximum vulnerability of the character - and I at least appreciate the scene a bit more...while still lmao.
  10. bluedragonwings

    For 30-somethings and those around that age

    I am definitely getting sore and my flexibility is getting worse. But the mental pain from long term exposure to humans is probably biggest sign of my age.
  11. Livyia

    Touchy-feely Aces

    YEEESSSSSSS this is me. When it comes to friends and even close acquaintances, I hug hello and am pretty physically affectionate. It's funny because other women catch attitude with me like I'm trying to take their men or something and I'm just like...um I hugged you too? I almost wonder if the fact that I'm asexual makes me more uninhibited when it comes to nonsexual touching - like I have no idea why someone would have a problem with a person hugging their significant other hello if that person is a friend of theirs because I have never seen touch as a sexual thing.
  12. @Anthracite_Impreza i forgot to mention you but i like the whole love and non love for your Cars which for me is the same way i use my dog as a reason. i love my dog and i give him kisses all the time same i hugs and cuddles but i dont romantically love my dog nor do i want to have sex with it. its the same way as i love ramen noodles. that sweet aroma and the delicious textures oh man! ill even kiss the bowl and hug it if im feeling particular happy to enjoy a meal but again i dont want sex with ramen noodles although im not sure how that would work nor do i romantically love ramen i just really enjoy the flavor and want to eat more much to my fat butts sorrows so i like that you include your cars into the mix. also and this may be bit sad or depressing but i grew up in a messed up family home so i suffered a lot of truama at the hands of my parents where physical touch to many would be comfortable but to me it was.... oh damn im about to get punched or slapped so i was very uncomfortable with touch even to this day. but for me the kind of friendship i want would require me to get passed my fears. now it doesnt mean i want you or any person who is touch repulsed to just face there fears or sickness but its just that for me im making myself uncomfortable just so i can the desire closeness i want with my friends because like i said i have at least one that wants to be close but because of my fears its interfering with my ability to allow that so im doing it not only for her but also for me as well so thats why im telling myself i want to hold hands or cuddle cause its empowering me to be ok with touch and not think of it as my friend wanting to hurt me like my parents did. so thats just for me
  13. In my experience, some people actually have this odd subconscious tick where they think you have to be attracted to something, so when you say you aren't, they assume you are but to something you're not willing to admit. Most of the time, instead of telling people I'm 'asexual' or 'not interested' or whatever, I have a script I follow. People ask about a boyfriend/husband, I say 'no, I'm not into men'. So they look a little surprised and say 'oh, girlfriend then...?' and I smile and shake my head. 'Not into women either'. And they they usually go to animals or children, which I also deny, and then they ask 'well then what' and I get to say "nothing, nadda zip. I've never wanted sex or been attracted to anyone or anything. In layman's terms, I dun got no libido." And this seems to get the point across. But people DO often ask about that third, taboo possibility. So its possible that when you say 'none', some people are hearing 'something I don't want you to know about' instead.
  14. Road

    corrupt the wish above.

    Granted, billions of puppies and kittens suddenly appear and cause humanity to rejoice. Unfortunately, the added weight causes the earth to collapse into a black hole. I wish it wasn't so humid.
  15. Captain Jay

    Captain Jay

    So I went and wrote an angry letter to my coworker at my last job, talking about the many things he did that irritated me to no end.


    I don't want to send it to the company because it doesn't seem like it would be worth it (whether or not I get in trouble), but it feels like a waste to keep it to myself, in part because it's over a thousand words long.


    Now I don't know what to do with it... or myself.

    1. Blit


      Send it to the company! At the very least you may stop it from happening to someone else.

    2. Captain Jay

      Captain Jay

      ...Hmm. Maybe I should post it here first. I might well be able to just have the thread erased if I later decide it's a dumb idea.

  16. Why not ask that duck?
  17. Road

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for not specifying how many pieces are in the banning puzzle.
  18. Road

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Elephants eating Eggos is better than sex
  19. @Star Lion yeah i feel like i get Squishes more then an romantic attraction. the way i feel for someone is hey this person is fun to talk to i smile more then im use to and we just get a long so my next instinct is i want to spend time with them as much as i possibly can because why would i sit in front of my computer all day when i could go and try this new burger place with my friend and that part there the fact i always call them friend and not potential love interest is why i feel i just want a deep connect with them as oppose to romance but because a lot of my other friends who are allo they would tell me or notice hey you sure like spending a lot of time with this person perhaps you like them? its only then does the thought occur to me.... wait do i actually like like this person? and from there everything gets confused cause society brings it up as. if you like spending time with someone a lot it must mean your into them on a romantic way. maybe sex later type thing but i never saw it that way. to me i was just having a good time with this friend and so thats what messes me up a lot is when someone brings up the fact i am spending a lot of time with someone especially if its a women since apparently a man cant have a female friend they simply must be in a relationship which i always thought of it as bull crap. and it would piss me off when someone brings that up. yet two guys can be friends but no one thinks there gay. i dont know i really hate that mentality @fuzzipueo yeah thats another thing i never noticed was if someone was into me. many friends would tell me hey that girl likes you or hey girl that smiled at you she must be into you and im always confused as what? yeah right and then a had at least two girls who where obviously into me and i mean obviously as in to everyone else it was clearly there but me im like hey this person sure likes being around me a lot eh its cool i like talking to this person and listening to her. but later they would finally make there intentions known and they wonder how come i never picked up there cues and i would have to apologize cause oops i didnt know those where cues and even after they confessed i never liked them anymore but i was willing to try cause i dont know i feel bad? or maybe something would switch but that quickly went all bad and i just realized oh i never did see you any other way.... sorry. and it goes double with looks like i can see people being aesthetically pleasing but i wouldn't want to be with them or have sex. it be more along the lines of i want to look like you and also where did you get that killer outfit cause damn i want to wear it! ah when you said that thats how i use to feel about hand holding and cuddling. every time a friend would do that with me i would quickly find out... oh she wants sex as well and sense i already am sex replusied i would not even want to do those things with anyone because of my experiences ive had but at least with one of my allo friends she likes to cuddle and put her head on my shoulders and at first i thought oh great her is another friend that likes me and wants sex.... just when i was beginning to enjoy my time with this person. but when i asked her if she liked me either romantically or sexually she said no i dont see you that way i see you as a close friend that ive never been with anyone else and that the reason she cuddles with me is because she trusts i wont try anything like all the other men would do. so because of that conversation me and her have a tight bond. were still working on all the bits and pieces as i just found out im asexual like 3 months ago and i havent had a time to have a one on one with her but when she'd cuddles with me after that conversation many of my fears would go away because i too know shes not gonna want to have sex later and its honestly such a relief i dont know if she will be down to have a platonic relationship like i would as she still is allo and definitely loves sex but i dont know its something i could ask of her one day. as far as kissing its still very mixed because of just how extremely close it relations to romantic and sexual attraction and it might even be something ill never be comfortable with. but i dont know. theres much i still havent figured out.
  20. Road

    This or That?

    Tigers. Glasses or contacts?
  21. Road

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum! Brownies?
  22. Quacks

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Green 2
  23. Aebt

    What does it mean to be a racist?

    Are you saying you think racists are born racist? Logically no one can be at fault for something they were born with, but if they have some measure of control over it they can be held accountable for their actions. These would vary based off if you think racism is an inborn trait or something that no human is born with but rather learned, either by direct observation, or indirect (from one's parents). Since racism varies wildly across cultures the vast majority of Anthropologists (and I suspect the general public) support the idea that racism is merely a learned behavior, not inborn. Therefore one has control over being racist therefore it would be easy to cease being racist; stop supporting/acting/saying racist remarks.
  24. TheAP

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Green 1
  25. Quacks

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Green 2
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