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  2. Not sure about everybody here but me personally? I think a lot of it has to do with my Autism and how I have been brought up by my mother. I have a very layback nature when it comes to discussions and only really get flustered if there are true facts thrown into the equation and people are denying them. (Ya know, like that alcohol is classified as a drug as a quick example).
  3. Haematite

    How can i make him understand ?

    `i tried to explain to my fiance that I was attracted to him aesthetically and romantically but not sexually. It didn't go down well! But now that I finally know who I am, I feel soooo happy! Its remarkable what a weight it has taken off my shoulders! And its so great to find this community only last week ...
  4. Ian Somerhalder :3 Daniel Radcliffe Chris Hemsworth Ryan Reynolds And several youtubers, but I'm not sure if they count as celebrities. xD
  5. Jusey1

    Homeless issue

    I wouldn't say awful. It's just hard to have true caring feelings for complete strangers, especially since some of them can be terrible human beings themselves to some degree.
  6. Jusey1

    Area 51

    Pretty much every community and their mothers is making fun of this, and all I gotta say is... Let it happen. Natural selection needs to happen someday, if you ask me, and this would be a good chance for some true classic natural selection happening (even if it is cruel to say).
  7. Jusey1

    What does it mean to be a racist?

    Racism is very clear and easy to define. It's the belief that you better than someone else because of their race being different from your own, and it can happen with any two different races, including the different varieties of the European Races.
  8. Nowhere Girl

    Is this asexuality or something else?

    Asexuality is a spectrum because no two people who could be described as "asexual" feel the same (and in general, no two people feel the same). It's not just whether 5 second of sexual attraction still qualify as "asexual" etc. - it's also about the great variance in attitudes towards sex. As @Anthracite_Impreza pointed out, some asexuals are more sex-indifferent, some more sex-averse... I see no reason not to treat it as a spectrum, apart from some people's aversion to he word "spectrum". (Just to make it clear, I believe that being "0,01% sexual" can still count as "pretty much asexual".) More seriously, for me sex aversion is a kind of spectrum too. Really, when will people realise that labels are only labels and that it's next to impossible for two people who describe themselves as "sex-averse" to experience what they call "aversion" in the same way? Sex aversion can be differentiated along different axes: Whether it's generalised (known as "sex-repulsed") or limited to the possibility of personally having sex ("sex-averse"). (I still use the phrase "spectrum of sex aversion", not "spectrum of sex repulsion", because if we define sex repulsion as generalised and sex aversion as non-generalised - every sex-repulsed person is sex-averse, but not every sex-averse person is sex-repulsed: sex aversion : sex repulsion = rectangle : square.) What kind of negative feelings is predominant: disgust, anxiety, discomfort etc. For example, for me sex seems much more frightening than disgusting. People may also have different reactions to different kinds of sexual content, stimuli, situations... For example, I've read someone mention that they feel most repulsed by sounds of people having sex. Which aspects of sex are disgusting, frightening, off-putting, distressing etc. to a particular person - for example nudity, loss of control, body fluids, inequality, risk of STDs and/or pregnancy, just a nagging feeling that "this is not for me"...
  9. Marcin

    Help with Gender Identity

    I don't really get binary genders, these feel stupid and useless, and often toxic due to gender roles or stereotypes, so I just slap agender label on myself to tell people to keep their binary gendered nonsense away from me. Hopefully it will scare away girly girls and manly men, I don't like tribalism that those genders encourage. Sadly, in real life, there is no 'keep me out your binary gender mess' option available that is practical, so like you, I just go by my assigned one whenever I'm being forced to pick one.
  10. OptimisticPessimist

    I’m not sure if this counts as asexual.

    Welcome If you’ve never experienced sexual attraction that’s Asexual. There’s different types of attractions-
  11. Jusey1

    Greed is good?

    It's funny. Men are greedy for power which leads to war. Women are greedy for beauty which leads to chopping down the rainforest, and everybody is greedy for money which causes a crap ton of problems on it's own. Greed has been and has always been humankind's worst enemy and it will be our downfall in the end.
  12. Firefly8

    a-spec flag concept

    Oh! I misunderstood. Yeah, I've always thought there should be a green stripe in the ace flag to represent the (a)romantic orientations. It's different for us with the split attraction that other orientations may not think about. The flag could use more color anyway.
  13. I like the sound of having a squish! That would suit me just fine at the moment
  14. Aaah, that's cool. Living in the UK, I've never spoken to anyone before who has ever heard of Belleville. I feel very fond of it ...
  15. I think it's possible but it's more of a "gut feeling" type of thing which you usually shouldn't ignore but still be cautious with. I had this kind of gut feeling when I first started talking with my current boyfriend like almost two years ago and while we didn't start dating right away... I didn't give up on him because of having that feeling and we now been enjoying 7+ months of a happy relationship that seems will keep going strong.
  16. @daveb It is in Scotland...😝 Mon Dieu! Us Scots put a twang here & a lilt there...🤣
  17. As the title said, I’m not sure if this counts as asexual. I identify as a lesbian, but I don’t really want fingers or anything else.. down there. Kissing is fine to me, and touching the chest is also fine with me. Those two things don’t bother me, but stomach or lower just makes me feel kinda weird. I think that I’m an asexual lesbian, because I’ve never experienced attraction to men, but does this count as asexual? Please let me know, because I’m confused. Thank you. 😊 (if this doesn’t make sense I’m very sorry, I’ll try to explain further if you ask.)
  18. Lichley


    Welcome! Want some cake?
  19. Lichley

    Proving a negative

    Welcome! Well we have come a long way in representation in the media, this article in particular you might find interesting https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/3/26/16291562/asexuality-tv-history-bojack-shadowhunters-game-of-thrones <<<<
  20. InDefenseOfPOMO

    Greed is good?

    There is nothing wrong with personal pursuits, even if that means starting and expanding a business. But those personal pursuits are almost impossible if there is no stable, functioning society within which to pursue them. If everybody is taking and nobody is giving, society cannot survive, let alone function. Greed is, basically, take, take, take. No matter how "ethically" it is done, take, take, take can never be good.
  21. Jusey1

    Does Random Capitalization bother you at all?

    I do it sometime myself but it generally depends on the word or what I am saying. Unless I am actually writing something in real life (which is rare). I always capitalize my Bs and Ds. I do not know why.
  22. Jusey1

    Gaming: inverted controls (read first comment first)

    The only inverted controls scheme I have ever done is "Lefty Mode" for Rock Band/Guitar Hero type games since how I play the guitar for those games... If that counts.
  23. Its all "business" is how you feel. You can't control how others feel. I remember reading about this person who ended up in jail for sometime due to non violent crime and after getting out he was unemployable for a long time. And when he finally found a job, he felt like his boss was everything. Without that job he couldnt imagine having the life that he had. Are you going to call this "business" relationship unhealthy just because of his feelings? You cant call a relationship unhealthy just because a person feels a certain way *internally* and when in no way affects anything in your life. If they ask/expect *you* to change due to their internal feelings, then thats a whole another story
  24. Personally I think the main thing is to keep communicating. If you sit back and wait for them to make the next move it might appear to them that you don't want to talk to them. I'm not good at guessing how people feel. If they tell me it's fine I will take that at face value (unless it's really obvious they are being sarcastic or holding back). I do understand about feeling bad about something, though. But if you keep pressing that the person might start to feel annoyed. Apologize and deal with it and move on. If they say it's okay then it may very well be okay.
  25. Kelly


    I recently attended an Apollo 11 anniversary dinner party. I did not know anyone at my table, but when we started talking shop, I learned that the woman sitting next to me is Colonel Nancy Currie-Gregg, a veteran shuttle astronaut of four space flights, including the original International Space Station build and a mission to service the Hubble telescope. Yes, she really is that short. Too short to ride a Soyuz to visit the Space Station she helped build. Wow. We had some mighty interesting discussions. For one of her missions, her team worked with John Glenn for a month. Glenn was still petitioning to go back to orbit, and he was finally allowed, at age 77. He would fly one mission, and her team would fly a few weeks after they got back. There were seven crew members in that flight--five experienced shuttle astronauts, Glenn, and the first Spanish astronaut (Pedro Duque). The five called the two John and Juan, and pranked them. When the seven reached the top of the elevator to the shuttle, a SWAT team stopped them and said, "Boarding passes, please." The experience astronauts dutifully pulled out shiny green boarding passes and handed them to the Swat team. Glenn was confused. He (and “Juan”) searched everything that they carried, and opened each zipper, looking for their pass. “I don't recall getting a pass,” said Glenn. “You can't board without one,” said a SWAT member. He actually fell for it. Shortly after that mission, Colonel Currie-Gregg's team launched. Her team had one rookie astronaut, so they played the same prank. But this rookie was a Colonel in the Marine Corps. He did not take this sh*t lightly. He picked up the guard and tossed him aside, and entered the shuttle. Prank backfired. But, she did end up playing quite a doozy on everyone later on her next flight.
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  27. daveb

    Flags and Vexillology

    At least Mexico has the big eagle emblem thing in the middle so it's easy to spot the difference. Italy and Ireland can be more problematic, especially for people who have some red-green color blindness. Or Ireland and Côte d’Ivoire, were the colors are reversed. Or Indonesia and Monaco where about the only difference is the proportions of the flags; not easy to spot! Or Luxembourg and the Netherlands, practically identical and close to each other geographically. (I admit I had to look some of that up)
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