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  2. YourCaptaiin

    When Should You Say?

    I suppose I'm what you'd call "sex-averse", and I'm of the mind that you should put it on your profile (although I personally wouldn't use any sort of dating site / app) or otherwise make it clear upfront. It's just good to ensure that you have the same expectations and intentions as the person you're entering into a relationship with, otherwise things can go south very quickly.
  3. Life Of Tass

    Asexual Rings

    Me! Mine is a dark gray actually, because I'm graysexual and I wear it all the time, my right hand feels bare without it! But yeah, I'd recognise an ace ring.
  4. Bio 7

    Asexual Rings

    I do, it feels strange to go out not wearing it. Also there is a long thread about this here: And here:
  5. CustardCream

    I finally joined!

    Hello and welcome! 🍰🍰🍰
  6. blunose2772

    Interview the person below you

    1. I LOVE me some Bacon 2. Nope. seen to many failed marriages in my own family 3. Corona Extra with a wedge of lime 1. American football or football (known as soccer in the US) 2. favorite board game? 3. animated movie or live action movie?
  7. What on earth. 😂
  8. AshTheBandito

    Asexual Rings

    How many of you recognize/wear an asexual ring?
  9. There are people who develop emotional closeness after sex with sex as a prerequisite (I'm sure there's a label for that somewhere) but I'm sure that this Is more representative of the allo experience. The difference between that and demisexuality is: 1) Frequency - we don't form the bond readily, most demis will only have developed sexual attraction to one or two people ever 2) Length of time taken for the bond to develop. Seems to be about 6-12 months for demis, which is why dating is difficult as most allos will only wait a few weeks max 3) Until that happens we are functionally ace.
  10. Life Of Tass

    Is there a word for this?

    @Star Lion Is it really that harmful that a word describing attraction to people like me, Anthra, Codi and OP exists? Does it affect your everyday life? Okay, suppose that us nonbinary people didn't exist for a second. The term "pansexual" would still be around, because there's a slight difference between "pansexual" and "bisexual". Bisexual is when a person is attracted to both AMAB and AFAB people. Pansexual is when a person is attracted to people regardless of their AGAB, so it doesn't matter to them if their SO is AMAB, AFAB or intersex. But we do exist, and subsequently terms to describe attraction to us also exist. Also, not all of us are androgynous, in presentation or in behaviour. By the way, I looked it up. 1% of people might sound like a miniscule percentage at first, but when you're talking about 1% of people, you're actually talking about like 77,145,769 people.
  11. Sally

    Poke feature

    Clarity is in the eye of the beholder -- or not, in this case
  12. Sex can mean different things at different times, which means I can have casual sex and that fact says nothing whatsoever about how I feel about sex with my partner. And, sex doesn't cause emotional closeness... emotional closeness makes sex better. You're confusing temporal proximity with cause and effect. Take sexuals at their word when they say sex is an expression of emotion.
  13. CBC

    Poke feature

    I have nothing to contribute other than I laughed at this an almost unreasonable amount.
  14. Jon A.

    Poke feature

    I take it that person's socks were eventually washed. Oh snap, I didn't notice that this topic had a second page when I posted. I hope my response didn't run afoul of @Skycaptain's request.
  15. Is that something like Locutus of Borg?
  16. Today
  17. Lol I don't care if I get a warning for this. Fuck. This. Shit. That's an insane statement. I know you clarified later on, but still.
  18. ukrguy

    How do you, your relatives and friends sneeze like?

    Thank you all for your messages! They make fun, especially about hurricane-type sneezes haha
  19. I don't know if this is any help, but oncd an asexual youtuber (unfortunately can't remember their name) said something along the lines "I'm still fascinated by romance and sexuality, like it's that all unknown world to me". I think asexual people can fantasize about romance and sex just the same way people fantasize about anything. The main point is, would you want to have anything to do with it irl. And if you wouldn't, you'd still count as aromantic asexual no matter what you were fascinated and curious about in your head.
  20. Thank you for the reply. There was quite a few things that made me to relate, and also quite many that made me thinking I guess "platonic partership" is the term I've been looking for. I'm looking for a serious relationship without romance or sex. Well, I'm currently calling myself nb, as I'm experiencing things about my body and presentation (always have) which might qualify as gender gysphoria. I don't have a diagnosis, though, and I've always thought I'd never even see a doctor, since I feel like my issues aren't so intense that I'd need medical transitioning. Anyhow, I've recently indeed been wondering if my sexuality is affected by this. Especially I've been thinking about my sensuality, for I feel like "non-functional touching" (thank you for the term, describes exactly my experiences!) is always just irritating or awkward and I get nothing from just being touched without a reason. I really am not a touch-feely person, and if I ever experience sensual attraction, it would be demisensual in nature. Anyhow, I'm asexual, so even if these things were affected by my gender (and the possible gender dysphoria), I don't feel like it was a huge loss, like some allosexual trans person probably would. I lack desire for something you'd mostly need in sexual situations and relationships. Well, I'm a Finn so I didn't grow up at very tactile environment to begin with anyhow, I feel like I'm less tactile than the vast majority of people here. I don't really enjoy receiving or giving non-functional touch even by demisensual way, but when I know the person well, I enjoy giving and receiving functional types of touching. Well, I've been calling myself panromantic asexual, even if I've always felt I don't quite get what "romantic" actually means. I'm not sure if I've ever felt what people would call romantic attraction, and often I get impression that people can't tell if I'm attracted to them because of my attraction is somehow more casual and less obsessive than romantic or sexual attraction seems to be. Yet, I do experience intense attraction toward specific people, just different sort. It's hard to explain. For example, there have been cases someone was clearly crushing me, but they gave up because of they felt like I wasn't interested at all, even if I was, but not just the same (romantic?) way they did. I've experienced this type of attraction towards masculine-leaning or androgynous AFAB people and androgynous, feminine-leaning and masculine-leaning AMAB people. Gender doesn't really matter for me, the most important thing is "platonic chemistry".
  21. Acing It

    Is it cruel to cut someone off completely?

    Lucky you for your friends on facebook not expecting you to do certain things. My feeling was that I wasn't able to make facebook what I make of it. In my example it created expectations of what I was supposed to put on there and how much I needed to share, which in my case was often too little for my friend's liking. But yes, if you can make of it what you like I can see far more of a point to it than instagram.
  22. ferris


    identity is so confusing, i wish i could tell my past self that it's okay not to know what you are xx

  23. ferris

    Teen Corner

    hey, this is highkey off topic but does anyone want to be internet friends? kinda want to talk to some new people
  24. shyramary

    Had the sex talk with my grey-ace boyfriend, I'm terrified

    telling him "I probably will be okay with it one day" , it the basis for his consideration of waiting for you to get comfortable. if you told him you could never have sex with him he more than likely would ended your relationship. based on my history it is only a matter of time before he says now or good bye. you should be prepared for that occasion mentally. I have never met a guy yet that could handle no sex for over two months with me and we were not exclusive to each other
  25. It's a sad state of affairs when people feel that the word "man" implies "aggressively hypermasculine idiot", because we're not and nobody should feel that it does. Yes, some men do fall into those kinds of stereotypes, but - at least, in my experience - most don't. Just as most women aren't emotionally unstable weaklings. How about, instead of identifying as a 3rd gender so as to escape the incorrect assumptions that other people hoist on men, we show them why they're wrong?
  26. AspieAlly613

    Guess who comes next...

  27. AspieAlly613

    How not to answer a newbie

    When you're demi, you only like to have sex at night, not during the day. Why do you like cake here so much?
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