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  2. PaganUnicorn

    Question to romantic asexuals

    Why did the fantasy die? Because you had sex?
  3. Lots of interesting responses I came back to! Thanks everyone for your insight. 😊
  4. MaggieB


    Music in Guardians of the Galaxy is amazing. Movie too. Yeah, Rocket is great! Sometimes I catch myself on behaving like him.
  5. Moonman


    Korg is my favourite character, I never giggled as much during a Marvel film as I did during Thor: Ragnarok.
  6. CaptainMarvel


    Fncking sleepovers man. I love hanging out with my friends but jeezus cripes all we did was talk about crushes and who’s dating who and junk. It was so boring, and I hated being that one person who wasn’t interested in the conversations.
  7. Glenninindy

    Question to romantic asexuals

    There have been 2 extremely rare cases in my entire life, where I fell in love crazy mad, l did anything the person wanted, but, It wore off very quickly, the sex had ended the wonderful fantasy,, and I became sad and mad because my wonderful fantasy died. I would also like to add, that these women were gorgeous, very sexy, and courted me for a long time first. No matter how crazy in love I was, I have never in my life made the first move, or pursued anybody. I would have never done the sex part if they weren't sexy, gorgeous, courted me for a long time,, and kept my fantasy alive.,
  8. IrishArcher

    Guess the word!

  9. Duke Memphis

    Question to romantic asexuals

    No, but I might try to meet her halfway with other stuff, especially as I'm very tactile.
  10. ByeYall!

    Question to romantic asexuals

    I don't think I could but I would be willing to try. It would be more of a chore or a duty rather than a loving act though. I'm not averse or anything so....Who knows really until I'm put in that situation.
  11. Philip027

    The "curse" of being an Ace but not Aro

    I don't really "handle" it in any way other than being perfectly fine with being alone. For me this was never something I treated as an obstacle.
  12. Very much the same here! Didn't think I was aro but in recently rejecting someone's advances, it really sunk in that I haven't been close to anyone in ... more than 10 years?! I'm less and less bothered by the social pressure to do the 'normal' thing. I suppose I'm also open to the perfect platonic relationship should it come along, but given that I'm now 40 and rarely am even on the lookout, it's not something I need to live a full life.
  13. Snao Cone

    Guess the word!

    Kneecaps (0,3,5) Obsidian (0,2,6) Traipsed (0,4,4) Birthday (0,4,4) Asexuals (0,3,5) Practice (1,3,4) Ethylene (1,2,5) External (0,4,4) Dateline (2,2,4) SpacemEn (0,2,6) Nosecone (1,0,7) Ballgame (3,0,5) Mailtime (2,2,4) Calamari (2,2,4) Backward (2,1,5) Aquaduct (1,0,7) Castrate (2,1,5)
  14. robnrdbrd

    How do you, your relatives and friends sneeze like?

    Reminded me of this ...
  15. I think these are important points to emphasize. "That person is damn hot but I won't want to take my clothes off for the first month of dating them" is very different from "I have no desire to have sex with anyone right now, no matter how beautiful they are. The only person I've ever felt that way towards was my previous partner, and I didn't feel that way for a year." I will admit, I find it a little odd that some people with no experience in sexual relationships call themselves demisexual, because there is no evidence they are (yet). I acknowledge that we all have inklings of what we'd feel like in hypothetical situations, so if a functionally asexual person feels that in theory they could want sex with someone once a very close bond has been formed over time, I can see why they'd want to make that clear. But just as how there's a chance some asexual or umbrella identifying people will turn out to be sexual, there is a chance demisexual people who are yet to have that experience could turn out to be flat out ace.
  16. nineGardens

    Question to romantic asexuals

    .... so... just in case, P.U. you do realize this comes across as kind of combative and aggressive when Magie was just asking a question. Are you so sure of your knowledge of human relationships that you can say ALWAYS? Anyway- In answer to OP. I'm not sure I count for this question you are trying to ask, as I probably count as Demisexual more than full Ace... but your profile puts you at Gray Ace, so whatevs, I'll answer, you decide if it counts. Yes. If I actually like someone, I'm happy to have sex with them. They like It, and as far as I'm concerned its like cuddles, but with less clothes (and them being confused and overwhelmed and calling me pretty afterwards, which is nice). I don't mind doing things with someone just because they like it more than me. As long as I am not in a situation that throws up any of my "Woh- do not want" flags, then I'm happy enough. For someone who was sex averse, obviously that ain't gonna hold up, and as PU does point out, depending on the partner they may or may not be happy with me treating Sex vaugely the same way I treat cake (I like baking for/with other people, sure, but its not actually super important)
  17. Laplace

    Dere type

    Dandere, as expected (kuudere is the other that often comes up for me), though I’m much more engaging now that I was in the past. I’m not super talkative at times, and I only get animated when talking with close confidants. That and a lot of my more talkative outward persona is kinda disingenuous. Even when I’m talkative in public, I tend to only talk about superficial stuff and don’t really disclose a lot about myself, even to people I know really well. I’m basically a kuudere that’s transitioned to being a dandere.
  18. AllTimeBubble

    Aladdin (2019)

    I'm seeing it later today 🙌
  19. shyramary

    Had the sex talk with my grey-ace boyfriend, I'm terrified

    It is impossible for you to cause physical damage to yourself or him if you have normal sex. It is quite easy to fake enjoyment for his benefit. If he doesn't enjoy sex with you the relationship will end shortly after. You already committed to sex with him in the future. you need to apologize if you lied to him about having sex in the future so he can decide if he want to continue a sexless relationship. Good Luck with that resolution.
  20. TheAP

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for trying to sharpen thread.
  21. Fioryn


    Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Captain America; Winter Soldier I love all the characters in some way, but my favorite is Rocket. (If you can't tell by my profile pic!)
  22. NoraGrace

    Aladdin (2019)

    I just saw the live action Aladdin yesterday and it exceeded my expectations. Granted, my expectations were pretty low, but I actually really liked it. If you’ve seen it, how did you feel about it?
  23. nineGardens


    Welcome welcome. Have fun, enjoy the sights and cake.
  24. Galactic Turtle


    I've enjoyed the Captain America and Spiderman movies but I typically only re-watch MCU films when they're playing on TV. Personally X-Men has always been my favorite.
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