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  2. Gloomy

    The need for a Youth Rights Movement

    Even if the 20 year old was working some crappy customer service job on top of going to school and was either living in a small dorm room with a roommate or was still living with their parents who set all kinds of rules and restrictions for them?
  3. Grimalkin

    Tips for coming out to a prospective partner?

    This is the kind of thing that should probably be discussed on the first date. Since that didn't happen, the second date is the next best time. Trust me on this: Just bite the bullet and lay it all out. Have a clear idea in your head about what kinds of sexual encounters you will or will not be comfortable with in the future so you can give him examples. Be as honest as you can. Because if you withhold anything or sit on anything for too long, you risk alienating him AFTER you've gotten attached. To reiterate: Tell any prospective partner before you get attached. This isn't the kind of bomb you want to drop on them later in the game.
  4. Crazycrazycultist

    #Asexual advantages

    Oh, right.
  5. Laplace

    #Asexual advantages

    In the same vein, no hesitation when being confronted by a suspiciously attractive individual randomly in a dangerous dungeon. Hmmmm, I’m venturing through the twisting caverns beneath a corrupted, monster-infested Yggdrasil and encounter an unarmed, overly friendly, and suggestively dressed woman? ***** you fake as ****! I’m definitely not trusting you! En garde! 😠/🔪
  6. Happyuku

    Hey everyone!!!

    Thank you for the welcome! also that's a fantastic cake. I definitely had the peers sexual comments growing up as well. I haven't come out to her. There was one time her, my grandma, and my aunt were all telling me how I'd meet a nice boy in college and get married, and I said I wasn't planning on getting married and they all freaked out. She REALLY wants me to have kids so that doesn't help. I've also heard her talk ill on asexuals before, (she probably doesn't even know what it means) so I've put it off. The only person I've ever come out to is my sister, who didn't react badly about it but she didn't care enough to remember and now constantly teases me about not having a boyfriend. So I'm still pretty far in the closet.
  7. Mysticus Insanus

    #Asexual advantages

    Nah, not really. It's not hard to just not have sex (for an asexual, I mean... obviously, that's one hell of a lot tougher for sexuals, and being a sex-repulsed sexual would, indeed, suck very much). Any relationship where that would be a problem... is just not a relationship I'd accept being in, lol.
  8. Grimalkin

    Life Hacks

    This one is about bodily functions and is definitely TMI, but it's the only life hack I can fully recommend. When you go to poop, lay a few squares of toilet paper down on the water in the "drop zone." This will prevent splashback. You'll never have to deal with nasty drops of toilet water on your bum again. (Or as Reddit calls it, Poseidon's kiss).
  9. Midland Tyke

    anyone past 50 on here?

    what is it?
  10. Midland Tyke

    Life Hacks

    In the UK it's less of an arrow and more of how the petrol pump is displayed on the dash. Pump handle of the left? Then the filler is on the left. On the right? It's on the right! Whilst talking about cars, keep some of those little bags of silicon that come with electronic devices or shoes in your car. They will absorb moisture and reduce the chance of your car steaming up inside.
  11. I have to assume so, unless we have no one here in those types of jobs. I work for a medium-sized organization in a medium-sized city and hundreds of people there make $250k or more. One of my best friends is an attorney in a smaller NYC firm and all of them (more than 50) make upwards of $500k. They are “woefully underpaid” compared to the bigger firms there. Away from cities it would be a lot rarer.
  12. Mysticus Insanus

    Akoi/lithromantic: is it okay?

    No need to overcome something that isn't causing you distress. You don't need to address and overcome being lith than a gay person needs to address and overcome their homosexuality. People whining about this online (yes, I've seen such posts) says far more about them than it says about you (again, just the same as with gay people). Ignore the whiners, their complaints are no more than white noise you don't need to deign with a second of acknowledgement. They aren't entitled to your consideration of their opinions. If it's people's reactions causing you distress, just boot them out of your life and overcome them.
  13. Jon A.

    #Asexual advantages

    It's been noted and logged, thanks. For what it's worth I usually drop the "I'll". You beat me to it. Scratch! Lol. I was thinking about planting apple trees, but whatever works. Exactly. I'm sex-repulsed as well so no compromises for me on that. Besides, it seems to me that there are more ace women than men so my chances of finding what I want, although not promising, are more in my favor.
  14. Yesterday
  15. greyisnotacolor

    Asexual spouse and non-asexual me

    Is your wife using the word 'asexual' in the sense that this could be a temporary thing, or is this her orientation? If you are here posting about this in an international forum for asexual people and looking for a solution, to me that shows that you do love her to a degree and want this to work between you, which leads me to two possible paths: 1. Your wife is in fact, NOT asexual and is incorrectly using the word in order to justify trying to explain a mental instability she is going through. 2. Your wife is ACTUALLY an asexual and there is a chance therapy might not help and you'd both be better off doing your research about what asexuality actually is and working together to try to figure out whether this relationship is going to be worth it for the both of you to put your time and effort into making work. If it's #1: it would benefit the two of you to consider couples therapy. Maybe think about some open ended questions you can ask her about how she's feeling and what she's going through so that you can try to understand why she's feeling however it is she's feeling. Post-Partum Depression was my first indicator that there is a good chance that she's going through some really tough mental walls on her own, and she's having a hard time asking for help. If that's the case, the last thing you want to do is show her that she doesn't matter enough to you by making it about YOU. If she's responsive to your open ended questions and you're learning more about how she's feeling, there is a chance she could open up to you a bit more and see that you genuinely want to know more about what she's going through so that you can help and be the man she knows you can be for her. Now, if it's #2: doing the questions thing will likely help determine if this is what's happened, too. It is possible for people to feel heterosexual and then later on in life decide they feel asexual; it's not something we can control, it is just who we are. If this is the case, then this would be a good time to let her know that you are a sexual man and this is a requirement in your life. If she isn't able to help you find a solution to this by compromise or working together as a team to figure out a solution, then I'm sorry to say this but it could be best for the two of you to find people in your lives who can fulfill those things for either of you. Being in an ace/allo relationship is not easy, and it takes both of you to push the rock up the hill together. If only one person is willing to make the sacrifices, it's likely that unhappiness will eventually follow. TL;DR - COMMUNICATE. Talk it out with her and if you can't do it with one another, find a professional to help guide you through it. If you don't do it for yourselves, do it for your kids.
  16. Kmas


    When your slightly depressed but also have reese's peanut butter chocolate bunny....

  17. 1-2 years! Rare! 3-5 - unusual. Anyone here on Aven earn $250,000 per year?
  18. I can’t speak for outside the US but the average is a little misleading here... in big cities, especially, there are a good number of jobs - executive-level businessperson, small business owner (in certain fields), medical doctor (in some disciplines), attorney - that pay well enough that a million dollars is roughly 1-2 years’ pay. A level down from that you have people for whom it would be 3-5 years’ pay. That’s offset by the larger number of people working minimum wage jobs in labor-intense fields. Point being, the people for whom it’s just a few years’ savings are not only found in “rarified air” jobs almost no one actually holds.
  19. lowLifeLoner

    #Asexual advantages

    I'm not constantly thinking about how the girl sitting over the room is "hot". Instead I can focus all of my energy on thinking about far more interesting things, like lunch.
  20. James121

    College roommates and sex

    Can’t you agree with them that they will notify you of likely visits so you can leave?
  21. will123

    anyone past 50 on here?

    We have Coronation Cake in Canada.
  22. Just Dani

    a gender positive thread

    That's cool! I've never been to one of those, but I have heard of them! 😃
  23. Midland Tyke

    anyone past 50 on here?

    For those who don't want to waste time, Coronation Chicken was created to celebrate the coronation of the current Queen, back in the early 1950s. Coronation chicken sandwiches and sandwich filling is very commonly available in the UK.
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