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  2. fuzzipueo

    How do you know your aromantic?

    I just lack any interest in having a romantic relationship with another person - not just because it seems like way too much work (good relationships do take work regardless of the kind), but because I'm just not interested. I'm also pretty oblivious, and, in the past, have missed cues others pick up as a matter of course. This happened when I was 15 or so and guy I was friends with started crushing on me. When I was told by another friend of his of this fact, I didn't believe her and still didn't get it a couple of months later when the guy in question announced he wanted to get married after high school (what 15 year old boy thinks about marriage after high school? Cue obliviousness - I'm aro-ace to the core). Friendship? Let's do this thing. Romance? Only in books, please.
  3. I think its more a case that communication is necessary but not sufficient. Some couples may communicate well but there is still no reasonable compromise. There is also probably an effect that when the gulf is too wide, even communication is difficult. If for one person sex is almost synonymous with love and romance, and for the other is is a disgusting activity, they can't even really communicate. In the end I think many people would be happier if they accepted that these mixed relationships sometimes don't work - no matter how hard both people try.
  4. Gentle Giant

    Master Trump Thread

    @daveb Thanks for answering my question earlier. Getting back to that, wouldn’t it be possible that Trump could lose in the primary to Weld or someone else if they should run? Why do Republicans want to stick with Trump when they could have a much better candidate? Trump has shown himself to be a horrible president. Why stick with him? It really makes no sense. That money Trump wasted on on the 4th of July celebration excess could have been used to make things better for the poor migrant detainees. But no he doesn’t think they should be treated humanely. I read somewhere that donations weren’t being allowed either. Trump should go back to where he came from, or better yet go to prison.
  5. Salmiakki


    There are different versions of Skam? I had no idea, I thought there was just one version, the Norwegian one. You know, the original. I know about the Norwegian one (the real Skam lol), not the others. I have seen a little bit of it in 2017 but it was pretty boring so I stopped watching.
  6. Quasar.w

    German TV covering asexuality

    I have to say their statement was a bit too unclear for me in order to understand what they mean with 'avoiding any kind of intimacy'. I'm sex repulsed and touch averse myself due to trauma but I can differentiate between that and being ace most of the time (I say most because in some situations it's probably both together) and I do like intimacy very much if my head lets me (aka I trust that person a lot) and, in general, don't avoid it all the time. So I'm not sure if they wanted to point to possible trauma/illness/whatever being the cause behind 'avoiding any kind of intimacy' and that a person should seek help with that underlying problem instead of identifying as ace or something else...
  7. uhtred

    Make your own theme park!

    Not to the death, but you could have SCA style sword fights with enough safety equipment that no one got hurt. Chariot races - again with a few mods to avoid hurting people or animals Other things too: have you seen reconstructions of the roman baths? Some were large enough that you could fit a Gothic cathedral in one of the hall. There were gardens, monuments, temples etc. Since its a theme park it would be somewhat sanitized relative to real ancient Rome but could still have a lot of the same atmosphere.
  8. threequarters

    How to come out to your parents 101 needed

    I came out face to face with my mum, but I was so terrified of coming out to my dad. Not because I thought he'd react badly, just because it's such an intimidating thing to do. I'd already decided I was going to come out publicly via a facebook post, so I wrote it beforehand and emailed it to my dad a few days before I posted it, so he could see it first, and told him I'd emailed it to him. Because I find it much easier to get my point across in written words, and then you can get everything across without being interrupted. Good luck!
  9. LilacJay

    Quickly, Before They See!

  10. Temeraire

    I want a super ultra best friend

    I'm not an expert but I'm in a QPR for a few years now I guess. QPR for me personally means that I want to spend my life with my best friend(who is luckily also ace). and I often struggle explaining that she is the most important person to me and it's more important than just friendship. There is like zero romance (because yikes) but we're both hoping of being able to live together again soon and adopting a dog together. Even if I was in a romantic relationship my best friend ranks higher in my priority list. That's what QPR is for me and Idk, I think it's better than a romantic relationship? Because it's more about companionship.
  11. CustardCream

    Quickly, Before They See!

  12. Lady.Saturnina.94

    50 Books In a Year Thread.

    24. Count All Her Bones- April Henry 25. The Tyrant's Daughter- J.C. Carleson 26. The Diamond Age- Neal Stephenson (currently reading)
  13. Strange-quark

    Combine your username with the username above you

  14. Star Lion

    How do you know your aromantic?

    I don’t fall in love or experience romantic infatuation, so that’s how I know I’m aromantic. The closest thing that comes to it is a squish where I can be pretty emotionally obsessed with the person. I realize the difference between that and romantic atrraction is that I have no desire to experience those feelings in a partnership with the person nor do I have the slightest problem with calling it platonic. Describing my experiences with squishes might sound like a crush but do I ever want or desire to date this person? Not at all. I want us to continue our friendship and for you to finally be the best friend I’ve been waiting for that I can go have fun with whenever I’m bored (which is most of the time), call when I need to vent, and have laughs with because we know each other so well. You’re not my soulmate, you’re a potential BFF and could be like a brother to me if you were to actually put effort into a friendship between us
  15. TheAP

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

  16. TheAP

    Guess who comes next...

    No. firewallflower?
  17. Strange-quark

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Green 1
  18. TheAP

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum. Gravy?
  19. TheAP

    Guess the word!

  20. Yeast

    The eeriness of theme parks

    The last theme park I visited was Epcot center in 2012. There were little representations of places from all over the world. Germany. England. Morocco. Japan. What caught my attention was the majority of the crowd had dispersed to little America. OK. Some mom, dad, kids and car has traveled thousands of miles to visit a recreation of the world they already knew? They should have just stayed home but I suppose that would have been bad for the economy. The other thing I remember was the Disney Dump. A mountain of decomposing garbage just outside the park. Their version of Fresh Kills perhaps. It stank even worse than Epcot. A friend and her family hosted me at the Key West condos at 700 a night. Security cameras everywhere. Micky is watching you! Even in the rooms, maybe. Don't have sex in Disneyland. Authentic Caribbean maids kept things spotless. They folded hand towels up to resemble cute stuffed bunnies. Child bait. Their parents were doubtlessly billed once they got back home.
  21. firewallflower

    Guess the word!

    Let's do another 8-letter.
  22. Masati Vornar

    Word association game

  23. Today
  24. Cgirl294

    My boyfriend might want to leave me

    I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time. I know it doesn't help much, but have a virtual hug (or slice of cake if you'd prefer) from me.🤗
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