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  2. Bi is attraction towards your own gender and just any other gender. 💗 💜 💙 If you look at the bi flag it's pink, purple and blue. Pink stands for your own gender and blue for any other. And for the purple I'm not really sure. And pan is attraction to all genders. (I'm sorry I dont know the meaning of the colours of the pan flag)
  3. Valeria-I521

    Romantic orientation

    So ... I have a question, well, some time ago I said it was aromatic because I was not totally sure of my romantic orientation, what happens is that now I do not know if I'm homoromantic or biromantic, because I like girls. I'm in love with one of the girls at my school, I really love her * - *. It was a very difficult process for me to accept that I like the same sex as me, but I have the doubt of being biromantic because I think I fell in love with a boy like almost five years ago, but I'm not sure about that because what I really wanted in that was that he was my best friend, and likewise I only find men aesthetically attractive, and I lost more interest in them after recognizing that I liked women and accepted myself. , Could anyone help me please?
  4. nerdperson777

    a gender positive thread

    Well, my work has one for a different reason. The company does weight loss so a patient suggested a clothing swap for them to get rid of their bigger clothes that they don't fit in anymore. It ended up as a way to donate their clothes instead because literally no one showed up to the actual event. We ended up posting a picture online of us employees wearing some of these clothes to get people to come. I wondered if it could be seen as offensive because most of us aren't that big and we were wearing clothes that were much bigger than us at times. I ended up in some women's orange blazer with huge shoulder pads so my co-workers thought I was upping my shoulders. They thought this was kind of funny and I found it ironic that I was wearing something that I've normally felt dysphoric in, had I not transitioned.
  5. i.r3beka


    @nerdperson777 Wtf. That’s messed up. My niece and I used to play video games {I personally didn’t like the label gamer, but there you have it}, and I’ve known lots of girls who do, so they aren’t rare in my experience. That’s just...wtf. I’d tell your friend to be careful, he could be talking to literally anyone. Not everyone is honest with their age, gender, etc online. Stuff like this is why I always preferred solo games or party games. Either play by myself offline with my character vs. whatever enemies were in the game, stuff like TRAOD, TRL, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, or play with my cousins and nieces IRL. Stuff like ffx3, fusion frenzy, JSRF, Halo, Black Ops, etc. I feel old. Old and sad 😓 they don’t make games like they used to.
  6. Enigma Child


    Thank you!
  7. NoraGrace


    Hi, I’m demiromantic as well! To greet you , here is a dragon cake!
  8. nerdperson777

    Trans Musings & Rantings

    Well, she knows I've not had (penetrative) sex, because a penis would've done the bleeding first. I never stuck anything up there before. She used some clear thing, probably with a clamp so she could reach inside me and pull a sample. My medication is stable now so I shouldn't but I did end up having them the past 2 months. Those were quite dysphoric. But I shouldn't have anymore, yet I still did, out of a different reason than the usual. My roommate went with another friend to the pool downstairs earlier to cool off and I didn't join them because my swimsuit as at home. Also, I'm still wearing a pad today so that irony came up.
  9. daveb

    2020 U.S. Presidential Race

    That would be an excellent ticket
  10. nerdperson777

    Trans Moments?

    The cis decided that I was a dinosaur for being non-binary so...I didn't make the rules.
  11. Shay21

    Unusual Situation with Friend/Crush

    @Moonman I have told her that, actually. I feel like she has trust issues stemming from something that happened in her past, because she rarely if ever opens up to anyone. I just try to be there for her and to not make it seem like I'm pressuring her to say anything she doesn't feel like opening up about. @NewAce7 It's kind of hard to explain. But for me personally, having a crush on someone gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I enjoy interacting and being around the person. They overall just make me happy and I always look forward to talking to them or hanging out with them. I'm sorry if that wasn't the best explanation. xD
  12. Mysticus Insanus

    2020 U.S. Presidential Race

    Buttigieg is pretty damn fine. I'd prefer him as VP to Kamala Harris instead of as pres, but he'd be a solid choice as pres, himself, too.
  13. daveb

    Master Trump Thread

    I agree That works, too
  14. nerdperson777


    So I said my game account was stolen but I got it back last night. Whoever had the account was messaging one friend who wasn't buying the scam. I wrote back to him that I got the account back. After proving that I was who I was, we talked for several hours. His dad owned a gaming community that I was part of many years ago. Today I would've recognized someone like him right away as a creepy pervert. His attention to all the women who joined ultimately led to the downfall of the group. I even told this guy "I was too dense for his love of boobs." I learned that his dad urged him to talk to girl gamers his same age, which would've been 11-12 at the time. Apparently I was the only one within a few years of him. He said back then he had a crush on me for the wrong reason so he didn't do anything about it. For one thing, that's a creepy thing for his dad to tell him to do. Another thing, are girl gamers really that rare and desirable? I don't get it. That's the second person to ever have a crush on me online because I was seen as a girl. After that chat, he wanted to chat up some of the old community members and I mentioned a group. The owner of this group came out to me as a trans girl and then I'm kind of masculine. We have yet to tell him this so no idea how that'll turn out.
  15. sunflxwer

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    a gaggle of attacking geese are bts
  16. Mysticus Insanus

    2020 U.S. Presidential Race

    If I were American... ...whoever the Democrat nominee turns out to be, unless by some catastrophic misjudgement of the DNC the nominee ended up being Tulsi Gabbard. No clue what I'd do in that (thankfully unlikely) scenario. But even Gabbard would definitely not make me consider voting for Trump or any other Republican - not even for a nanosecond.
  17. sunflxwer

    Quickly, Before They See!

  18. Road

    What video games are you playing?

    Monster Hunter World
  19. thylacine

    Job Hunting as a Grown Up

    Yup... My life has like done a 360. I started out as an administrative assistant, and like 15 years ago got laid off, went to paralegal school because I thought it would make me lay off proof - yeah, right, and this is the 2nd time I've been laid off as a paralegal... so I took this administrative assistant job that came up (a temp job, I hope it becomes permanent, though, for the benefits and stuff). So I'm back doing the same stuff I started out with, but I needed the job.
  20. SmallBean

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Zoot suits are BTS
  21. Enigma Child


    So recently my therapist taught me a new word that I hadn't really heard before. "Demisexual." Not saying that I was one, necessarily, but trying to help me see I'm not such a freak of nature as I tend to think I am. I did some digging and found this site pretty quickly and figured out that while I may not be quite demisexual, I am demiromantic. I don't fall in love with people I don't already know fairly well, with one exception, and I think that person had great emotional meaning to me even though I didn't know him well. Two things I like are dragons and reading books.
  22. Gloomy

    The need for a Youth Rights Movement

    I think even my 50 year old self would pick 26 at the very youngest. My mental health was pretty bad until I was around 25. Even if my reasons for wanting to be younger were to be fit and/or attractive again, I’m actually more fit and attractive now than I was at 20 believe it or not. Not to mention I wasn’t even legally allowed to unwind with a beer....
  23. Kerami

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    me, an asexual: *talking with friends about who we ship with who* me: I am the master of disguise
  24. KuraTheChibiCrystalKitty

    What video games are you playing?

    Pokemon Ranger 2.
  25. That is a HUGE problem. Its why I wish we could completely legalize and regulate prostitution in a way that eliminates the pimps and other middlemen, and ensures safety for the workers. I agree that prostitution as its done now can be awful. I just think it could be done in a way that was positive for all involved.
  26. KuraTheChibiCrystalKitty

    What is your Favorite Manga?

    Claymore [I have all 27 volumes], most anything by Clamp [especially Tsubasa], the Persona 3 and 4 mangas, and a bunch of others.
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