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  2. firewallflower

    The Banning Game!

    Banned because #TheDress wasn't white, it was blue and black!
  3. Laplace

    Asexual Men Statistics(for science)

    1. Yeah I’m biologically male. 2. Likely aromantic 3. N/A 4. Virgin; never kissed and haven’t even held hands or hugged someone in a romantic fashion 5. 25 6. No experience at all 7. Nope 8. No 9. If I turn out to be romantic, I don’t really have any hypothetical problem with being in a relationship with a sexual person. Sex isn’t inherently gross to me, though I have no particular interest in it. If things remain fairly vanilla, it wouldn’t be unbearable. I’m just absolutely not up to do really disturbing **** that involves pain, human waste, etc. It’s just that it’s unlikely for any relationship of that sort to develop. Also, please chill with the accusations. Unless the OP has displayed a negative attitude before, I highly doubt they’re attacking trans individuals. I’d hate to see the thread derailed and locked due to a potential misunderstanding. And, it’s a survey; if one feels they are within the subsection of the population being surveyed, they can answer. If not, they don’t have to. Technically, it can just be aimed at people who were born biologically male (and I’m not claiming it is or isn’t) and that’s fine as long as there’s no malicious intent. So please avoid jumping to conclusions that can’t necessarily be drawn in this instance.
  4. Darth Plagueis the Wise

    Having an asexual partner who masturbates

    I’ll try to give an idea, though I myself have never masturbated nor do I plan to ever do so (I don’t have anything against people that do though). Asexual is a lack of sexual attraction, meaning you wouldn’t look at people from your preferred gender and feel like doing stuff with them. I am assuming that there are other factors involved with having a desire for sex and orgasm, I remember reading in my textbook this year that the thought of sex is supposed to trigger for sex hormones to be released into the brain as an example. She doesn’t sound sex repulsed since she does have sex with you occasionally. Perhaps her body still seeks release in that form to an extent, while her mind doesn’t go looking for it.
  5. Being too nice is kind of a curse. Sometimes you just have to be a bit of an asshole with yourself really, and if neccesary, others. If he looks at you, stare blankly at him. If he tries to sit nearby, move to another spot, say hes invading your space, tell him to f off. When he sees a firm rejection, it will at the very least make him think about about approaching you and with luck, he'll back off.
  6. Jade Cross

    Jade Cross

    Tempted to hand in a resume at a pretzel stand at the local mall. Really how much worse can it be?

    1. firewallflower


      Well, there's nothing to lose by giving them your resume, is there? Applying doesn't mean you have to take the job if they do offer it to you.


      I'm really sorry your current position has been so hard on you, though, and I hope things work out for the better soon. :(

  7. It sound like you could be asexual. Many asexual people enjoy kissing and thing like that. Many of them also enjoy having sex. It's just not somethings they crave. The definition of asexual is not experiencing sexual attraction. So you say if you like a person, think their pretty and stuff, but don't want to have sex with them, you are probably asexual.
  8. theatrenerd

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Jelly beans are way better than sex
  9. theatrenerd

    In denial

    I really haven’t gave much thought to it. I probably want to live with my friends for a little bit after I graduate and then go from there
  10. NoraGrace

    But... Am I asexual?

    I'd say you were demisexual, like most of the other people commenting here do. this means that you only feel sexual attraction when a bond has been formed. This would explain why you only want sex with your partner.
  11. Laplace

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    I haven’t had a bloody nose in forever 😅. It’s convenient (walking around with a tissue stuffed up my nose isn’t exactly comfortable) and fitting. I actually watched that video a while ago and it’s probably the most comprehensive video on the subject; I can’t remember if I brought it up on this site once or not 🤔. Yeah the Handmaiden is rather willful and really possessive 😟. Visas is fairly chill in comparison. The most selfish thing she wants is to see you with the Force (cause she’s blind for anyone not familiar with the character) and meditate together IIRC. Besides, Visas’s backstory makes it hard to not talk to her; it’s just sad man ☹️.
  12. hey, dude having this shotgun leveled at my head is all I've ever known too! I don't have faith in regulatory salvation while maintaining the statis quo. there are too many profits that need to be oppressed. too much innovation is required ("the free market creates innovation" is a good joke) and too much apathy to wade through.
  13. OptimisticPessimist

    But... Am I asexual?

    @disGraceful Sounds like you could be Demi or Grey (of course only you can know for sure)
  14. So i recently got the "Vibe" that this guy in a few of my classes likes me (romantically or sexually, I don't know). You know, he stares at me then when I look in his direction he looks away, nervous when he talks to me, always sits next to me when he has the chance. So I recently realized this and I really don't like realizing that someone likes me because it always looks like I reciprocate the feelings for the person, but I don't. I do not like this boy that way. I am very empathetic, so whenever I talk to him, I imagine what he might be feeling, and I suddenly feel that way too. I am suddenly nervous around him too, but not in a romantic way. I am simply feeling what he is feeling. I really hate this about me because it makes this certain person think that I have feelings for them too, when I don't. I feel like I am unintentionally lying to them. Does anyone else feel this way or have any suggestions on how to deal with it? Thanks.
  15. ByeYall!

    But... Am I asexual?

    Try the licking test then you'll know for sure! 😂
  16. CajunAce

    But... Am I asexual?

    yeah, maybe demisexual. But that's still under the umbrella since it's only with one person ever for you. Just be whoever you want to be, even if that's a pug-bee
  17. ok, so i've been wondering if i was asexual for a while now. i just now decided i could probably ask some other people for help. i'll explain myself and you can just take a guess; tell me what you think i am. i'll look into it. maybe i'll get things figured out. - so i like kissing and stuff. i want to kiss someone. i don't know if that means i'm not asexual. - i'm a virgin and i avoid losing my virginity, but i am a little curious about sex and why people like it. - every time someone is a little sexual with me, i'm a little uncomfortable or nervous. - i do like people. but i don't want to have sex with them...? i don't know. - i watch porn, sometimes i don't really like it. well, most of the time. i just don't really think it's uhhh you know something that gets me off i guess. - i also have fetishes. like, whips and stuff.
  18. Glenninindy

    Intuitive repulsion

    Yes, I was in exactly the same situation. Please do not feel bad. Your higher instincts are leading, protecting, and guiding you. I have kept my true self at a distance and, discovered they were attracted to me too, yet, Something about them made me stay away. Two years later I am thanking God for staying away because this person was not the same person everyone thought they were, and hidden negative issues about them were revealed. I also believe that being Asexual makes your intuition more accurate.
  19. NoraGrace

    i hate being ace sometimes

    you're always going to have doubts about all your orientations some point or another. It happens to everyone. Just don't let other people's opinions influence how you feel about yourself. Sexualities, gender identities, and romantic orientations CAN change though. Just be yourself and don't be swayed by what other people feel you should be.
  20. Today
  21. I'm not entirely sure if I'm heteroromantic, but I don't feel any attraction to bare breasts. Honestly when I do see them (as an artist who does figure studies) It's the same as like looking at a hand. I don't really have much of a response, it's just another body part. If anything I'll be more attracted to them while wearing clothes. I find certain styles of clothing pretty attractive, I guess it's more the aesthetic expression/style I'm attracted to.
  22. robnrdbrd

    Anybody else into comic books?

    Velvet ...
  23. disGraceful



  24. Darth Plagueis the Wise

    But... Am I asexual?

    Sounds like you might be demisexual to me.
  25. firewallflower

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

  26. firewallflower

    Quickly, Before They See!

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