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      • kelico
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    2. 7136
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    • Just Somebody

      Just Somebody

      Aww,  my heart !
      D'Awwwww. .. shit,  shit! Noooooooo. ..
      · 0 replies
    • Just Somebody

      Just Somebody

      "...let's not put a label on it, let's keep it fun...
      ...let's not put a label on it so we can run free..."
                                                             -Tove Lo , Cool Girl 
      "... no, I don't have a type, I live life not picking  a type..."
                                                             -Tove Lo,  disco tits 
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    • MaybeIBelongSomewhere


      No more double secret life... sort of: 
      Me: Bro I’m poly pan ace & into bdsm
      Bro: *looks hella confused* Ash what language are you speaking?
      Me: *gets nervous/stumbles over many words* *gives up & shows him AVEN & Instagram account*
      Bro: I respect and love you not matter what. Just maybe don’t tell mom and dad. 
      Lmao I have the best big brothers in the world. I’m happy I told him. His opinion is the only opinion I care about in my family. 
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    • MaybeIBelongSomewhere


      Haven’t talked to my dad in a year or so. I think he may come back into my life. I hope it goes well. 
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    • The Dryad

      The Dryad

      First they came for the writers,
      But I didn't speak up,  because I was not a writer 
      Then they came for the students,
      But I didn't speak up, because I was not a student.
      Then they came for the musicians, 
      But I couldn't speak up, because I was not a musician.
      And then, they came for the Greens, the Muslims, the Trade Unions, the Christians and the Jews, the travellers, the homosexuals, the journalists, the artists, the tagers, the doctors, the philosophers, the economists, the anarchists and the politicians, the nerds, the Europeans, the Americans, the Communists, the Hackers, the illegals, the homeless.
      But I didn't speak up, because I wasn't any of them.
      And then, they came for me.
      And there was no one left to speak up for me.
      **(A rendition of Martin Niemöller's 'First They Came...' poem, by an unknown artist, in a European free speech campaign)
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