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If you are enjoying AVEN, come check out some of the other communities discussing asexuality and related interests.

The links below are to communities not officially affiliated with AVEN. AVEN and its ownership do not take any responsibility for the content hosted on these sites.

If you are interested in having your site added to the list here, please check >>this thread<< for more information.


  1. Asexual Awareness Week   (122005 visits to this link)

    AAW is an international campaign that promotes information and education about asexual, aromantic, demisexual, and grey-asexual experiences and the creation of materials that are accessible to asexual-spectrum people and allies in every country.

  2. Asexuality Archive   (103402 visits to this link)

    A collection of all things Ace. The intention is to provide information that is approachable and informative, whether or not you’re asexual

  3. Asexuality on Livejournal   (99541 visits to this link)

    A sex-positive community for asexual people to discuss living without sexuality, and their allies

  4. Demi Grace   (105180 visits to this link)

    A forum home for demisexuals, grey-asexuals, and allies

  5. Demisexuality Resource Center   (76193 visits to this link)

    Resources for demisexuals, partners, and allies

  6. Freedom Requires Wings   (96598 visits to this link)

    FRW is a LGBTQ opinion collaborative blog with a large group of asexual writers

  7. The Asexual Story Project   (79084 visits to this link)

    A space where anyone who is asexual or somewhere one the ace spectrum can share their personal stories about being asexual, coming out, relationships and any other experiences. Submit your own!

  8. Trans Yada   (99961 visits to this link)

    A forum for gender beyond the binary

  9. Aces&Aros   (61336 visits to this link)

    Aces and Aros are a resource to find local groups and communities. 

  10. AUREA   (61261 visits to this link)

    AUREA (Aromantic-Spectrum Union For Recognition, Education and Advocacy) are a resource and org for Aromanticism 

  11. Arocalypse   (62124 visits to this link)

    Arocalypse is a forum for Aromanticism 

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