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  2. Zebigbos

    Word association game

    ...Like Roses
  3. SithEmpress

    Master Trump Thread

    Well... yeah, having a competent one who actually does his job, yeah.
  4. gisiebob

    Master Trump Thread

    but having a president right now would be helpful.
  5. Lifesaver

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Not right now
  6. SithEmpress

    Master Trump Thread

    Just a positive take on Trump in the context of the insanity right now: It's not all his fault. "Contrary to the views of many of his critics, Trump cannot be blamed for everything. America's social and ethnic divides and inability to purge racist cops predate his presidency by generations." https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/01/politics/trump-white-house-racial-unrest-leadership/index.html I think it's important to remind ourselves that the President (any president) isn't to blame for everything that the country is going through. He may make things worse or better, but most often he's not the cause or source of the problem.
  7. pickles mcgee

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Pics from the coast: https://photos.app.goo.gl/46QjJAk6Lifd6cvC7 I went to a number of beaches. Several you reached via very pretty walks through the forest from their respective parking lots. Soon after I arrived at the second lighthouse I was reaching up to clamp my hat on my head because it was windy at the headland, when in the nanosecond before my hand made contact the wind snatched it off my head and sent it sailing over the cliffs. I couldn't see where it landed because of the thick foliage, but there was only deep water and waves below, so no way to rescue my beloved hat. I bought that hat in Louisiana in January to replace the one I'd lost in the French Quarter the day before. Four months...that seems to be how long I can hold on to a hat. 🥴
  8. There is no harm in talking to them about you being unsure. If I was in there shoes I would understand.
  9. GiftedWithSingleness

    Afterlife Importance

    What's your point?
  10. ER2742

    corrupt the wish above.

    You now have the ability to shift squares, circles, and triangles around. Oh, you meant change your shape? I'm sorry, you weren't specific. I wish I knew the perfect wish.
  11. GiftedWithSingleness

    The Broken Dictionary Game

    penetrative (adj) pen: the writing utensil trait: quality Highly skilled at calligraphy. "People have become less and less penetrative ever since we stopped teaching cursive." Next word: catastrophe
  12. Mackenzie Holiday

    Coffee and a Lack of Empathy (game)

    Just don't worry about it. After a while, the meat will decompose and you won't need to get it out anymore. The pizza I ordered came with pineapple even though I specifically asked for NO pineapple. I'm not sure how disproportionately I should be reacting to this.
  13. Anommamous


    Do you mean that you still had crushes on them and then stopped, or that you have stopped having crushes entirely? I haven't had a crush on anyone since high school. It seemed kind of pointless after a while, if that makes sense.
  14. Jade Cross

    Afterlife Importance

    This is the key phrase
  15. Today
  16. Luftschlosseule

    Avatar: The Last Airbender fun poll

    Fun thing: There is more than one kind of buddhism, and every region has their own version. I am not into it enough to be able to say which region was adapted for the air nomads, but I am sure that if you were to be knowledgeable on the topic, you'd see pretty clear distinctions on various differences.
  17. GiftedWithSingleness

    Afterlife Importance

    Withholding treatment is not the same thing as actively killing someone. So, while this situation would be tragic, it is not criminal, unless some other aspect of the story changes the moral calculus. Besides, hospitals have limited resources and aren't able to heal everyone they would like to. Just look at what happened when COVID-19 first hit Italy. People kept catching the disease way too quickly for hospitals to keep up with. Tragedies like these are not the fault of hospitals. Murder is the fault of the murderer. That's the difference. Speaking of which, I never said that your beliefs regarding death made murder obligatory (like you seem to want to make me say regarding hospital treatment). Rather, the implication of your beliefs is that murder, when it happens, is a cause for celebration. Just like I can celebrate hospital treatment without mandating it.
  18. Luftschlosseule

    Sesame Street

    I vividly remember Samson and Fine speculating if it was the cucumber who turned the light in the fridge on as they opened it.
  19. GingerRose

    Sesame Street

    Ah I wanted to go to that exhibit but was unable to make it.! Yah I love how it's not Disney. Sesame street was my childhood.
  20. will123

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Actually, the bridge in question was no more than six feet high above a gap in the railbed. It had wooden railing on it, so there wasn't any chance of me going over the side. I guess what surprised me was that even though the area hadn't seen any rain in the last couple of days, the bridge decking was damp. If the pavement on the way to the trailhead had been wet, I likely would've been more carefull crossing the bridge.
  21. Muledeer

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Angry birds!🦅
  22. So I was surfing the LGBTA Wiki and I came across the term cedural attraction (also called dependent or submissive attraction) and I was just hit with "whoa, this is me!" Here's the link: https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/Cedural_Attraction I get strongly attached to older girls/women whom I look up to and who make me feel protected. I've always been confused about this because it seems to be as intense as a crush, if not more, but it's not romantic (I'm aro). It often comes with aesthetic attraction, an intense desire for physical touch and emotional closeness, and other emotions associated with crushes. It's not a crush, though, because the fact that she's older than me and protects me is essential, so the whole "does she feel the same way about me" thing doesn't make any sense. It's way more emotional and intense than just looking up to someone. The sort of relationship I want is something like an older sister, mother, or mentor, someone I can be vulnerable around. I've never heard anyone express these emotions before, though. Does anyone else experience this?
  23. Caliway

    Hi everyone! 👋

    Hi! I have known I was aro ace for a little less than a year now. Sometimes I’m ok with who I am but more often than not I feel ashamed, alone, different and not normal. It feels terrible when everyone around me is interested in sex, romance and dating when I don’t picture myself having a romantic relationship. I have gotten very tired of hiding my sexuality from almost everyone I know, except for one friend. Sometimes I’m not sure why I don’t tell some people that would most likely have a positive reaction, but telling people who you are is terrifying. I was thinking of doing a coming out post on my Instagram for pride month except I don’t feel ready to have the conversation with my parents, and I’m not a very popular person so not a lot of people would see it. My hope would be that I can be open about sexuality, and make aces and aros more visible. I also came on here so I can finally interact with people who are like me and so I have a place where I can be myself.
  24. So, for sure I like girls, both real and fictional. However, I don't have any crushes on guys at the moment (have had a few in the past), but I do like several fictional guys. I don't see myself dating a guy, but I wouldn't reject one completely? Ugh, I'm so confused....please help me out..
  25. Jade Cross

    Afterlife Importance

    You've already answered your own question here so whatever I say will be of little consequence. However I'll raise you an example, which may prove interesting, that will follow the same rules but with the outcome that follows the news of death as it is now in the world; sadness, grief, regret, etc Say you're very sick and your only salvation is immediate, medical surgery. Now the process is available but unfortunately it costs quite the large amount of money that you cannot pay for nor have any type of assistance you can resort to in order to achieve it. In essence you are left with two options: pay or die. Now a hospital and medical personnel are supposed to be agents that study to prolong life, in fact that's kind of a given oath of sorts and when asked, every hospital employee says that they are there to help you; yet here you are, on the verge of losing yours because you simply don't have the monetary resources to cover a life saving operation. If you die because you could not pay the operation, is the hospital shut down?, the doctors/med personnel fined, fired and/or jailed? Are your funeral expenses paid for by the hospital? You can also consider this alternate scenario. Say you are under treatment but are basically severely limited/confined to a hospital bed. You cannot do much of anything, however keeping you alive, with any and all matter of methods is possible, at the expense of pain ever day for as long as you live. You are given the option of assisted suicide. Do you take it?
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