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  2. Sarah-Sylvia

    Can Asexuals Kiss?

    Why no cuddling? 😮
  3. Acing It

    Can Asexuals Kiss?

    Don't let yourself be defined by the label 'asexual'. You are you. If you want to kiss you kiss (if you find someone to kiss who is happy with that) and if you don't, you don't. Also, if you kiss your parents, sibilings etc... is it sexual? Fortunately not. Kissing doesn't have to be linked to sex or sexual orientation.
  4. Toads

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for having a talking sock
  5. eliaxxas


    Thank you
  6. Naomi2002

    Demi or Gray or ?!

    Thanks for the starting point. To answer that... I really wouldn't mind at all. I feel a relationship would be a lot less stressful without that pressure. e.g. [sexual] people seem to want to engage in it far too early on for my comfort (regardless of my a/sexuality) and I wouldn't be "dumped by date 3 or have to deal with it" before I feel comfortable with it (which could be a looong time by that kind of measure!). And I've not missed what I have experienced in the dim distant past... after the latest 2 of my 5 decades being entirely alone now. I guess I'm trying to work out if I'm (a) missing out on something that I might discover was enjoyable if it was in the context of a safe mutually loving relationship; (b) avoiding [sexual] relationships because I don't know any better than I've experienced ["haven't met the right man"] (nor have I met a fellow asexual ...to my knowledge) Ultimately, feeling that I know a bit better where I'm "at" I hope will help me work out how to go about bringing my alone-ness to an end (tired!). I know I would like an exclusive companion with whom to share affection, love, plans, life etc. the way my [all sexual] friends have done for the last couple of decades and more. Apologies for all the brackets!
  7. Let it Snao

    Can Asexuals Kiss?

    No, asexual people's lips are like magnets that only repel other lips. It's physics. (kidding, of course; kissing isn't inherently sexual if there's no desire for it to lead that way)
  8. RandomPotato02

    How not to answer a newbie

    Eating too much cake and reading too many books about dragons. When can I be sure that I'm 100% ace?
  9. oldgeeza

    Things from childhood

    Music most definitely, I am quite boring really, but music from the past, in fact, most of the gigs I go to are bands from my youth, the Stranglers, Selecter, Beat, Specials, From the Jam, etc, I also love the Carpenters, Neil Diamond, the Beatles, Rolling Stones etc
  10. Hey there! You specified cis folks in your title, which I am (more or less) but feel free to ignore this if it isn't useful. I have Asperger's, which is unfortunately in the eyes of many a "male-coded" disorder (though this may be in part because women go underdiagnosed.) It can cause me to seem distant or aloof when I don't mean to be, or to miss subtle social or emotional cues that people expect me to address. I've done my best to adapt and correct for these things, but because women are implicitly expected to be warm and empathetic, I had trouble fitting in from the start. This may have contributed to the fact that from middle school onwards, all of my closest friends have been guys. I never deliberately sought out male friends, but it always just seemed to turn out that way. I desperately wanted to fit in more with the other girls around me, but I struggled to become close with them, as they didn't seem to seek out my company as much, or go out of their way to invite me into their circles. Sometimes it felt like they radiated something indescribable that I didn't have. It made me wonder if I was a "traitor" somehow, or doing gender "wrong." I felt like a fraud. Ultimately, what helped me was realizing that my discomfort with myself was brought on by external pressures. If I were stranded on an island by myself, I don't think I would feel compelled to change anything about my body or my presentation. I wouldn't feel abnormal or "wrong" if I was a sample size of one. My discomfort comes from comparing myself to others and to societal ideals, as well as the way other people view me and treat me based on my superficial presentation, rather than an innate sense of being. Slowly discovering that led me to accept that I'm cisgender, and not feeling like I fit into "the mold" didn't negate that. I want a world that's fully accepting of trans and nonbinary people, and at the same time, I also want the "woman" umbrella to be as inclusive and encompassing as possible. I don't want folks like me to feel left out just because they're not "womanly" enough or close enough to some ideal, which I never felt like I was. To that end, I've started to embrace being a strange and unorthodox woman. It's an ongoing process, but I'm definitely more comfortable with myself now than I was in my teens.
  11. oldgeeza

    Can Asexuals Kiss?

    I personally love all aspects of intimacy, kissing, cuddling (I am a complete and utter cuddle slut), holding hands, but sexual intercourse is out of the question for me, we all have our different feelings towards different aspects of intimacy
  12. Edels

    How not to answer a newbie

    Have you ever heard of the famous saying "My way or the highway"? Well, it's either them accepting your way, or them being pushed out of your car going full speed. Honestly I think they wouldn't spend much time hesitating. What is the cause of asexuality ?
  13. RustyDrake

    Hi, can I make some friends? :)

    Welcome H. Have some 🍰. I'm relatively new here myself but it is a very friendly community and I'm sure you will fit right in and meet new people in no time 🙂. We use the forums for discussions on all kinds of stuff. There is a general chatroom where you can speak to people online. You can also private message a person or start a group chat on the chatroom with just a few people if you like. You can find the chatroom icon on the bottom right of the site. That's where it is for me at least. Good luck in discovering your asexuality.
  14. Grey-Ace Ventura

    Things from childhood

    ME TOOOOOOOOO THIS WAS MY CHILDHOOD Aside from music, pretty much every hobby I shared with my brother still has meaning because he was a huge part of my childhood. So I still like things like building stuff and video games like Call of Duty, Star Wars, Super Mario Brothers, and Sonic.
  15. TrustTheCloak

    Word association game

  16. Although I've never had many relationships, most of my partners have been slightly older than me, as I'm quite short, a few have been taller than me too, although I don't really put myself out there for relationships, I don't worry about age or height, it's the person that really attracts me. One of my best friends is the same age as me, his girlfriend is 22 years older than he is, they've been together for over 30 years, not interested in thing the knot, they've got a lot in common and they're happy together, I think that's what counts in any relationship
  17. oldgeeza

    Strong Aesthetic Attraction

    I too find that I experienced strong aesthetic attraction, some of my closest friends are women and they are beautiful, absolute stunners, I noticed that they have beautiful eyes, smiles, I don't experience attraction so much to womens figures, I'm not a breast, butt or leg type, it's mainly a cheerful smile and eyes that I tend to find attractive in a woman, an added bonus is a beautiful personality to match the looks
  18. CBC

    Things from childhood

    Musically I do for sure. A lot of my favourite stuff is what I grew up with.
  19. Epic Tetus

    Interfere in "Nature"

    I don't know what interfering in nature is, but I have watched some anime about this particular question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7K4bFPm5_k
  20. NerdyHuman


    In the past three days I've eaten 3 bagels and 20 pizza rolls. I've also slept a total of about 3 hours, but guess what my purple hair turned out SO GOOD and that trumps all

    1. AceMissBehaving


      There is nothing dying your hair can’t fix!

  21. ER2742

    Demi or Gray or ?!

    If somebody told you that you could never engage in sexual activity (whatever your boundaries are for considering an activity to be sexual) with any other person ever again, how would you respond? You'd still be allowed any non-sexual relationships you want, you'd still be allowed fantasies, and whatever you might do or not do on your own without other people would still be allowed. That question is probably a good starting point, and then further introspection or self-evaluation can proceed from there.
  22. Jade Cross

    Things from childhood

    I still pretty much like the same things now as I did in my childhood.
  23. Pau28


    Yeah that’s what I did thanks! And I also didn’t out myself which is a good point :]
  24. Georgi


    Yes, I understand. I am not out to many people too, and I am afraid of outing myself when bringing up asexuality when it could benefit to the conversation. The best you could do is just maybe telling her that you have discovered this sexuality (or more sexualities) that you find really interesting and could start describing them to her and see if she were to react to any piece of information, but without talking about from experience. More like something interested you have discovered and wanted to share with her.
  25. DetectiveDayo

    How not to answer a newbie

    There is a certain gene that requires asexual people to eat more cake. In the beginning of time this was just for survival purposes, to maintain their asexuality and therefore remove a sensitive weak spot lots of humans suffer from. As time passed, however, it has become a part of them so much that they dedicated a whole part of their satanic relegion to it. What should I do if people don't accept me being asexual?
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  27. Edels

    Worse than sex game

    i'm pretty sure fascism is wts
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