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  2. anyone past 50 on here?

  3. How do I tell someone I'm only asexual, not aro/ace?

    -rubs eyes- 13 year olds talking about sexual fantasies. Anyway. The thing about teens, in other words your peers, is they are prone to make a fuss over little things. I can hear it already, people saying things like "just make up your mind!" Or whatever. Look. My best suggestion there is to just be yourself. Sometimes our interests can fluctuate and change. You don't have to figure it out now, or a year from now, or 5 years from now. Stay true to yourself, because you may change over time, but others can't decide that for you. Meaning, others can't rudely tell you to do something. The important part in a relationship then is communication. But. My suggestion is to talk it out in a small group or one on one. Making public posts opens up a lot of avenues of bad, depending on the audience. If your public space is small group enough (I.e. Tumblr group) then you should be okay. I have faith in you. Stay safe. Sincerely, Someone who teaches math to 13 year olds.
  4. anyone past 50 on here?

    Shades of Jules Verne? The devil you say! Will (no pun intended ) that be your first AVENite meetup? True.
  5. What offends you about the previous post?

    I'm offended that you tried to paint spots on a tiger.
  6. Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    ^When the count is in another team's colour, you have to count down to zero before you can start counting for your team. So after blue 3, you would say blue 2. Blue 3
  7. TransWhatevers of AVEN

    Thanks, @Gentle Giant! I’m not very good at reading aloud. Maybe I should practice pacing myself and trying to speak more slowly.
    • J. Alfred Prufrock
    • RoseGoesToYale

    Trang Viet moved :(

    1. RoseGoesToYale


      It did? I ate there a few times, I thought it was pretty good...

  8. "No strings attached" kissing.

    I have to disagree here...kissing someone's ear is not a "sex act". Yes, the ear is an erogenous zone, and yes, kissing someone's ear is considered a turn on to many people, but it can also just be a sensual thing. I don't see him as a potential rapist and I think it's wrong to even suggest that if he's not one. (Regardless the suggestion to take self defense courses is a good one either way, highly recommend it!) Yes, he might have been trying to turn you on kissing your ear, but unless he was trying to put his hands down your pants I don't think he sounds dangerous. However, his comments about not "closing everything out" makes me think he probably does hold out hope that you'll want to move on to a sexual relationship eventually. It sounds like he doesn't truly understand what asexuality is either, likely he sees it more as abstinence or a temporary thing. Instead of saying "I'm asexual" when he's probably never heard that term before, I would be very clear and tell him you're just not interested in sex in any capacity and you don't see it changing anytime soon, and if he wants a relationship he has to accept a sexless relationship.
  9. This or That?

    This Spicy or sour?
  10. preference/orientation

    I've always seen love as universal. To love is to share intimacy and to share intimacy is to share deep emotion. A sense of closeness that doesn't have to be sexual. I have felt that the only difference between intimate friendship and romantic love is the manner of service, to use your words. In that way though, you can define it however you see fit. But never let yourself believe that you love someone less because you can't touch them. <3
  11. If this is the answer, then what is the question?

    Who broke into the bank, stole 8 bags of money, 10 cases of jewels, 4 bars of gold, 2 paintings, and ate my sandwich? Rembrandt, Vemeer, El Greco, Leonardo, and Vincent Van Gogh walk into a stable and all hell broke loose.
  12. anyone past 50 on here?

    An AVENite from the city I do some cycling in contacted me and we may meet up this summer. No, but it's an interesting thread to discuss pretty much anything other than asexuality
  13. anyone past 50 on here?

    Yeah, it was the 50s anniversary a few days ago too. AND, also, too - we're on page 666!!
  14. Blame the person above...

    Blamed for hiring a goldfish as the vet.
  15. Word association game

  16. VERY SERIOUS Questions

    The short answer is Yes, the long answer is over 1000 letters long and would be too confusing to understand. Why do flies not leave when a door or window is left open for them?
  17. Kink, BDSM, and Cake

    I have kinda wondered if I might like BDSM/bondage as I have fantasized about some related things in the past. The main reasons I'm not sure are because I don't know if I would be willing to be on the receiving end and relinquish that control to someone else and I don't think I'd be suited for the other side. I don't know own if there is counts as a kink but I recently discovered estim.
  18. Word association game

  19. If so, then why? I have conservative views on some topics and liberal views on other topics. It gets so frustrating when I'm expected to be all or nothing for either side.
  20. My comment was a response to someone (about 5 years ago, before this thread got obsessed with death causes) who claimed that a sexual was trapped in a relationship by an asexual who didn't disclose they didn't want sex.
  21. You can only answer with a question

    Is that helpful in finding a Book expert?
  22. What offends you about the previous post?

    I'm offended a typo became a joke and you dyed it orange in spots
  23. Blatant lie or rumour about the person above you game

    TheAP ghostwrote the Hamster Song and the Cheeky Song
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