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  2. Some sexuals only like certain acts. I dislike oral, anal, PiV for example. So most "sex" is off the table. But, lots of sexual acts are very enjoyable. There are also people who only enjoy sex acts under the right conditions - fetishes for example - so would get turned on and everything but if it doesnt happen right then it becomes a turn off to advance. And it has to be done the way you like it regardless. Sex can be boring, awful or even painful for lots of people if it is bad sex.
  3. AvatarRand


    It's 1:27am. Why am I still up? I gotta be in the office by 10am. 

  4. I'm in a relationship and we share the bed, but we do have separate bedrooms. My room has the bed, but the rest of the room is my space, and his room is his own space. If we want to spend time together, we go to the living room. At night, we sleep in the same queen sized bed, where he decides to sleep in the middle, and I question all of my life choices. I'm only kind of kidding about the last part.
  5. c0rter

    My s/o is allosexual

    The thing about relationships is, you have to be honest. Even if you're afraid of how they'll react, you have to tell them the truth. If you're unhappy, then you're s/o will be unhappy, and the relationship will fall apart. If you tell the truth and they make a big deal out of it, if they call you names like prude, then I'm sorry, but the relationship probably isn't meant to last anyway. They should accept your feelings and adjust their behavior, just as if they had a problem with you, you would accept how they feel and adjust. Work together, get the conversation started, and see where it goes. Best of luck!
  6. Snao Cone

    For 30-somethings and those around that age

    I didn't get carded on Friday, perhaps because I was already drunk. 😛
  7. Snao Cone

    What's the problem with me?

    It's normal to be aroused by sexual content. I find it interesting when done well, because it can be part of a thrilling story or rich character development or aesthetically pleasing. Bodies sometimes react to things differently than minds. Ask yourself this: if you had the opportunity to be in an intimate setting with a crush, would you feel drawn to sexual intimacy with them? For some people it takes being put into the situation to have that answer. If you're unsure, don't worry! It's okay to be questioning, and it's okay to change how you identify when presented with new evidence. It's not a sign of a problem to be unsure. Just give yourself some breathing room and a healthy attitude to possibly being wrong.
  8. Serran

    My s/o is allosexual

    You have to be able to state boundaries. If you cant then it isnt a good relationship to begin with. Do they know you are ace ?
  9. c0rter

    I'm New So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Hello everyone! My life has been super hectic and transformative lately, but hey isn't that what life is all about? Alright, so, background information: My name is Carter, I'm 22, I'm a woman, and I'm asexual. Weird, that was a lot easier to write than I thought it would be. Anyway! Sidetracked! I grew up knowing I was different. I was never really attracted to anyone. I started to date my boyfriend in high school, and at the time, he was actually she. He's trans, but didn't come out as trans until about our senior year. So anyway. Basically the whole school knew when we started dating, and we were like The Lesbian Couple™ of school. I was labeled a lesbian. And I thought it didn't seem quite right. I mean, clearly I'm into girls, because I was dating one. But I also felt like, I'm not just a lesbian. I felt equally "attracted" to boys. One day, I worked up all of my courage, and I told my boyfriend that I thought I was bi. He was fine with it, and he agreed, but it still didn't feel right. So I did some more digging, more research. I found out about pansexuality, and I was like yes! That's it! But, alas, I was wrong. So wrong. I mistook my lack of attraction to anyone, as being attracted to everyone. At this point, I knew about asexuality, but I never thought it applied to me. I just thought, well I don't like sex, but I'm attracted to people, but I don't like to look at people when I watch porn, but I do like porn, but I don't like being touched, but I like to imagine being touched. And I just had a back and forth constantly. Very recently, I started thinking about my sexuality again. My boyfriend and I haven't been having sex, mostly because whenever he tries, I brush him off, and I never initiate. I never tried to dig too deeply into it. But it was bothering me. Something just felt wrong, and I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I was on Quora and I read some posts about people who were asexual. And it was like a light going on. Duh. It's like so obvious, looking back. I can see all the instances of my past where my asexuality was trying to rise, and I just kept pushing it down. I thought maybe I just wasn't having the right type of sex yet, that maybe we'll experiment and then one day I'll like it. Nope! Sex is gross and I hate being touched and sex scenes make me uncomfortable and tbh, even just watching people kiss makes me feel awkward. So. I'm asexual! My journey isn't over, but I want a community, I want to be with people who relate. You will definitely see more from me!
  10. okir fokir

    Combine your username with the username above you

    Lonely fokir
  11. Just Somebody

    Asexual Identities This will keep you updated.
  12. okir fokir

    If your life was like a movie. Which genre would it be?

    One of those boring indie films that’s a depressing slice of life with no real resolution at the end and a couple of moderately funny lines thrown in
  13. LVG

    For 30-somethings and those around that age

    I noticed I haven't gotten carded in a few years. Guess I finally look of age now.
  14. roland.o

    Initiating question

    How about adjusting to the answers? If the answer is frequently No, ask less frequently. If the answer is almost always Yes, don't worry.
  15. LVG

    Asexual Women

    I caught two grown men staring at my 16 year old cousin while on vacation. One guy was so engrossed in his ogling that he let a door shut right in his wife's face. What creep.
  16. chandrakirti

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Wow! 37C at 17.33pm! (that's 98.6F for all you people across the pond) . That's from the local council billboard . I feel like my legs are lead weights with this heat. It's going to be hotter as the week progresses. We're being warned to stay out of it (it'll be my pleasure to do that!)
  17. Snao Cone

    Man Killed By Goose

    A graveyard headstone would be seen by more people, while an urn would mostly be seen by family. Then again, I'm thinking of just getting my body dumped in a lake as fish food (depending on cause of death), so maybe the best choice is to forego burial and just buy plaque space somewhere.
  18. Joe Guzman

    I Want to Get This Off My Chest.

    As another newbie, let me say "welcome to AVEN!" My backstory is very different than yours, but I understand much of what you feel, especially about finding a place to declare yourself openly. Your story is intriguing and it's far from over. Good luck!
  19. It can be impractical for life outside a sexual encounter (like wearing to work in lieu of other undergarments, etc.)... so like anything else it’s a case of “is the cost of this worth what I will get out of it?” That answer is going to differ from person to person. If your partner wanted you to dress in women’s lingerie and that wasn’t one of your kinks, it might not feel all that sexy to you.
  20. Jade Cross

    Investing VS Owning land

    Its evident that just having a job (or 2 or 3 simultaneously) is really not enough to be able to sustain yourself in life nowadays and much less for anything long term. The slightest of medical procedures costs considerable amounts of money, not to mention unforseen expenses and such. Now Im no expert in either field on this so I have to rely on what I find, but for those that have ventured into either (or both) fields, which would be considered the most reliable (withing some fairly regular paraneters mind you)?
  21. c0rter

    What does love mean to you?

    I have been in a relationship for about seven years now, and it's ending. Coming to the end of this relationship has really opened my eyes about love, about desires, and just how people work together when they love each other. In short, my boyfriend taught me more about love than anyone else. Our relationship wasn't meant to last, and I've learned that to love yourself is more important than loving other people, and I've also learned that love isn't simple. Love is so complex, so hard to describe, that even though I already did it, I feel like I still haven't expressed what it really is.
  22. TheAP

    Asexual Identities

    Here's a list of many of the terms:
  23. Athena32

    Teen Corner

    @CatsClubsNCake, I liked your music, and some of the editing was nice. My favorite food is creme brûlée- I'm going to make some later today, so here's hoping it turns out! I second that statement-- Ikea meatballs are amazing.
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  25. QuantumEcho


    you dont realize all the stuff you have till you have to pack it and move out....

    1. Jade Cross

      Jade Cross

      Which is why periodically its good practice to get rid of things that you no longer need


  26. undertheumbrella

    Asexual Identities

    Hello everyone! I want to educate myself on all the asexual identities out there. Does anyone have a good list they can link me to where I can see the asexual umbrella identities and their descriptions?
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