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  2. Chamomile_Serenity

    Aromantic or Love Avoidance or Personality type?

    This is beautiful! Otherwise I do believe it would indeed be love avoidance and I most certainly do not want to intentionally do that. Framing it this way actually helped me a lot. Thanks!
  3. MoonDancer

    i need help for comic ideas on binge drinking

    I live near a party college. I refer to downtown as "the splash zone" when the kids are in town. There's vomit all over the place. In the wintertime it freezes in place while running down the piles of snow. I'm so glad I don't work downtown any more. A few years ago a student got really drunk on a night it was -20 F outside, and he froze to death thinking he could walk home.
  4. Chamomile_Serenity

    Aromantic or Love Avoidance or Personality type?

    Thank you for "seeing" me. That's often better than advice in my book 🙂
  5. Chamomile_Serenity

    Aromantic or Love Avoidance or Personality type?

    Then hey there sister!
  6. Chamomile_Serenity

    Aromantic or Love Avoidance or Personality type?

    Yes, I totally get you. Though I wasn't aware of the term asexual it had been hinted at me on several occasions that I fit the bill. When I first came to Aven I just said I was grey-A because I was still questioning and trying to reconcile a whole adult life of living in heteronormativity (even as I felt out of place in it). Denial is addictive when you're trying to be "normal". I see you're in NYC there's a consistent Meetup group and Facebook group for Aces. I met a few of the organizers at the conference and I in all my awkward glory was somehow able to have a not quite as awkward conversation with them (ok I was still somewhat awkward but nobody called me out on it). I'm in both groups. I can DM you the info just let me know.
  7. LonesomeCrow

    How do you feel about being naked?

    If it's just me around it doesn't bother me I guess, though I wouldn't want to be naked in front of other people. This reminds me..I used to sleep in just my underwear (I always feel hot at night). It felt good, I should start doing that again
  8. Gentle Giant

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for all time.
  9. Maybe it’s towel size? I always used old bath sheets, which are about 6’x3’
  10. OptimisticPessimist

    How does one explain this?

    This does make sense. It’s ok to explore, it doesn’t make you any less Asexual. I would explain that your curious and that you have decided to see what it’s all about. This doesn’t mean you aren’t Ace. I’d direct them to some sources to help explain or to AVEN.
  11. skullery

    The Asexual-Sexual Q&A Thread

    @Snao van der Cone... Ceebs and I were just talking about that. That bodies and experiences are not all that different, but we use drastically different language to refer to male and female experiences, as though that's biology based and not... keep people in their place... based.
  12. Twisted Tempest

    Favorite Quotes?

    "Family is not who you are born with. Family is who you would die for."
  13. Veezle

    London is opening a Vagina museum

    I guess that's fair, but do we really need a whole museum dedicated to them, as with one dedicated to penises or any other mundane body part?
  14. TheAP

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Blue 1
  15. KuraTheChibiCrystalKitty

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for dreaming in infinity. Eternity has much better dreams.
  16. I don’t know how to explain this to people and I’m trying my best to. Hopefully you guys could help me out? I identify as a heteromantic asexual. I have always known this all my life, but this past year I started “coming out” to people. Most of my friends don’t understand it, since I recently been exploring what sex means to me. I’m pretty much a late bloomer so I never really had the chance to figure it out at a young age because I grew up in a catholic house hold. Personally, I always thought people had sex so they could procreate. It never occurred to me that people do it for fun. They do it so the good chemicals in their brain get fired and they can feel good about themselves. I still think that is true to this day. I’m trying to get more sexual experience just because I want to learn more about it and I’m curious. I try to tell my friends about this but they get confused. They would tell me how you could do something sexual with someone if you are asexual. I know sexual attraction and sexual behavior are two different things. When I would try to explain that, they would get even more confused. I just dont know how to explain it in a way where they could understand. my question is... how do I explain this in away where allies can understand it? Or does this not make any sense at all?? Idk i hope I’m not the only one who is like this 😅 THANK YOU SO MUCH for your input (if you chose to) and I hope you have a wonderful day 🖤
  17. KuraTheChibiCrystalKitty

    Alphabetical "Better than sex" game

    Barely holding onto your convoluted feelings is better than sex.
  18. Snao van der Cone

    London is opening a Vagina museum

    I think vaginas deserve more attention than they're getting, to be honest, as far as education and research and care.
  19. KuraTheChibiCrystalKitty

    True or False

    True. Though my bed is very comfortable already. The person below me gets crushes/squishes easily.
  20. KuraTheChibiCrystalKitty

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum...ish. Rice dumplings?
  21. Veezle

    London is opening a Vagina museum

    So many things we could do in this world with our time, our resources, our technology..... Sigh.
  22. Today
  23. pickles mcgee

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Thanks, @Semisweet! And, yes, lots of treats, including Marionberry pie. 🥧
  24. Aroace (or, usually, aro ace) means someone who is both aromantic and asexual. Just that. But whether or not one experiences sexual attraction and/or desire has nothing to do with that. It's fully possible to be alloromantic, feel no sexual attraction and not desire sex. Not really. Viagra doesn't increase libido, it only works on a very specific physical part of arousal. Men can, for several reasons (such as simply age), feel aroused, desire sex, but be unable to achieve/sustain an erection. This is the situation in which viagra can be helpful. This is, also, exactly why drugs messing with women's desire, such as infamous filbanserin, cannot be compared to viagra. Viagra is not psychoactive, it only works on a particular physical, or even "mechanical" aspect of arousal. It's not a drug without its risks (it was particularly known for being risky for men with some cardiovascular problems - spoiler below for a little joke which may be annoying because it needs some explanation, it can't be translated 1:1) - compared to that, "female viagra" messes up much more in a woman's thoughtfeeling. A man taking viagra wants to have sex, but can't (at least can't have some forms of sex and it's anyway good to remember that sex doesn't have to be penetrative...). A woman typically doesn't want, she may want to want, but then again: is it her free wish, or rather sociocultural pressure about being expected to enjoy sex and about sexless relationships being pitiful and invalid... Sure, the same objections may be raised with regard to men: does a man truly want sex, or is he just afraid that by no longer having sex he would lose his "masculinity"? But anyway, the female non-equivalent of viagra is a much more serious drug, so pushing women to take it is also a more serious intrusion...
  25. Snao van der Cone

    The Asexual-Sexual Q&A Thread

    Spoilering this since some people are already uncomfortable with junk talk...
  26. SithGirl

    Hobbies are distractions

    Maybe life is meaningless, but hobbies give it meaning so they aren't merely distractions. Humans exist to create more humans and that's it, so why not enjoy life and make something of it? I feel humans are also hardwired to produce things: stories, games, inventions, and anything else to help themselves and others. We're not a sedentary species content with just sitting around fucking and eating. This is also not taking into consideration that hobbies serve to distract us from our boring jobs or lives. We want to be adventerous and everything but can't, so live precariously through others or build things just for fun. We're stuck in a 9-to-5 but going out and fishing every weekend gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  27. SithGirl

    Japan: US partner or vassal?

    You're blowing the bad incidents out of proportion, in my eyes. The Japanese in the region may not like the military personal much, I doubt many people like the young, bored miltary people around their area when they come from a completely different culture and don't feel the need to assimilate. Japanese people would also loudly object to you calling them a vassal under the US.
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