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Rules and Procedure for Elections

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Timing of elections

Elections will begin with nominations on Thursdays and will last for one week.

Q&A will follow and run until Sunday. No questions will be allowed after this time in the Q&A thread but may be asked via PM.

Voting will begin on Sunday and last for one week.

Who can Vote

All members with 25 or more posts will be able to see the Mod Elections forum and vote in the election. If you have been a member for a while, but have less than 25 posts, feel free to contact an Admin to ask for access to the Mod Elections forum.

How to Vote

When voting period starts, members can vote for one of the candidates running, or choose a None of these option if they feel that none of the candidates running are the best to represent AVEN at that time. If the None of these option gets the majority vote, as a general rule elections will be restarted after one month. [This can be subject to change and will be considered on a case by case basis].

Nominations: who is eligible

Members can run for an elected position if they have been registered on the site for 6 months or more, and have 100 or more posts on the forums, outside of Just For Fun, AVEN Arcade and Welcome Lounge.

Members may only run if they have no active Warnings and/or are not barred from elections for any other reasons communicated by the Admod Team.

All candidates must submit a bio to the Election Admin (Kelly) before the voting period starts, otherwise they will be disqualified.

Eligibility of Former Team Members

In the event an Administrator, Moderator or Project Team member is found to be irresponsible and is removed from their position, they will be barred from running in any election for 180 days, starting from the day they are removed from their position.

In the event that a Project Team member or a Moderator resigns from their respective position, regardless of their reason for leaving, they cannot run in an election for their respective (individual) teams until their vacated position is filled. In the event that an Administrator resigns from their respective position, regardless of their reason for leaving, they cannot run in a Moderator election until a new Moderator is elected to the vacated position left from the election to replace the outgoing Administrator. A vacated position is defined as an unoccupied AVEN role, created by the resignation of Administrator, Moderator or Project Team Member. Furthermore, the position will not be considered filled if roles are shuffled around before an election.

Nominations: how to run

Members run by putting their name forward in the official nomination thread. If there is more than one moderator position open at the same time, members may only run in one.

All members, including Admods, can encourage others to run by posting in the pinned thread in Site Comments titled "Have you ever considered running for Mod/PT? **The Encouragement Thread". Members encouraged to run wont be considered candidates in the next election, unless they put themselves forward in the official nomination thread (not the encouragement one).

The encouragement thread will be closed during the election period to respect campaigning rules and restrictions. -The thread will be specifically for encouragement, no antagonizing will be allowed.

Campaigning rules and restrictions

The rules are as follows:

No person may campaign in a thread unrelated to the election or in the main chatroom.

Only candidates may campaign for themselves using avatars, signatures, their profiles, and/or their statuses.

Members are not allowed to post baseless and harmful accusations and/or rumours on any candidates in the election thread, in the chatroom, or any other part of the forums. This is covered by our rules against slander/libel and personal attacks in the Terms of Service, which protect all members.

Should a member contravene this rule, their post(s) in that thread will be removed, and Admods will discuss disciplinary action. This includes nudging, warning, temporary chatbans, and/or a temporary removal from the Announcements and/or Mod Elections forum depending on the severity of the infraction. If a member is removed from seeing the Mod Election forum this will also remove their ability to vote for their favored candidate [still in discussion in Admods after discussing in Site].

The aim of these changes is to hold all candidate campaigning to the Q&A threads and to keep the main focus of elections on candidates' bios and responses to questions. We hope that these new rules create a more level playing field by giving members the chance to get to know all candidates through direct forum interaction.

As a reminder to all those involved in the election process (both members and candidates): the Q&A portion of the election is a good way to get to know the candidates. It's important to keep in mind however, that the candidates should answer as many or as few questions as they like. Candidates are not required to answer questions, particularly if any should make them uncomfortable. Please PM an admod if you have any questions or concerns.

Campaign Resource

Some suggestions for the bio requirement have been added as a campaign resource. These guidelines are basic. Candidates are not required to use these suggestions, but might find them useful if they are unsure what to include in the bio or are experiencing writer's block. Candidates may feel free to be creative with the bio and do whatever they feel is best for their campaign.

What you might want to include in a bio:

  • Your motivation for running
  • Why you're interested in this forum/position
  • Specific skills you have for the job
  • Any current or previous experience you have
  • Something about yourself

Average length: 4-6 short paragraphs

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