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Change in Meetup Mart forum

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A while ago members brought up some interesting points and concerns about Meetup Mart forum; here are some discussions:

After discussion, the Admod Team has decided to enable only registered (and validated) members to view details of the posted threads. Guests and validating members are still able to view threads' titles to check out if there are meetups happening in their area, but they will need to register and validate their account if they want to find out more.

We are implementing this as we hope that it will make meetups safer for everyone. We do not want to discourage non-members from coming along but felt this was the best compromise toward security related concerns; rather than making the forum completely members only and thus not allowing guests to see the threads and forums at all.

You do not need to post if you register. Becoming a member will merely allow you to see details of the meetups and you are under no obligation to post.

We hope this improves meetups and hope they continue to be as well attended. Feel free to comment and discuss in this thread in Meetup Mart.

Thank you for your time and attention,

ithaca, Admin

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