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      New Moderators needed: Nominations   04/27/17

      Join the team! We need two new Moderators. See:   http://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/159067-new-moderator-needed-for-welcome-lounge-and-tea-and-sympathy-nominations/ http://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/159068-new-moderator-member-needed-for-just-for-fun-and-the-alternate-language-forum-nominations/  
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      Hello AVENites! The newest edition of AVENues is now ready! Our theme this time was "ace connections".  May/June
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. . .but there are sounds

Who Mods What

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For more information, please refer to What a mod actually does


  • The Grey Area, Sex and Related Discussions/The Sex Talk: Puck
  • Intersectionality Forum: TheAP
  • Romantic and Aromantic Orientations: NerotheReaper
  • Gender DiscussionRandomchaos



For more detailed information, check Mod and Admin roles





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