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I Don’t Know If I Classify as Heteromantic or Aromantic...

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So I currently came to terms with my Asexuality, and I’m wanting to come out to my parents, but before hand I want to official classify myself as Heteromantic, Aromantic or anything in between but i am having a hard time finding that answer. 


I know for a fact that my brain is wire to only be interested in guys, but the whole actually being interesting in a guy is tricky. 


Sure, I’ve had a few crushes (maybe 5 through my school career) but none of them really last for that long (longest maybe a month, and some comeback once in a while for like a week or so), and they are very rare, once in a blue moon type of thing. And maybe  3/5 times I do have a feel of wanting to be in a relationship but when that’s feeling comes along I really begin to question whether or not I really want to be in one. I don’t know if I’ll like the whole commitment, and I feel like that would kind of be a burden in a way (or like a “everyone is in a relationship so I must fit in a get a boyfriend” type of thing). But I know I wouldn’t mind the company and mild physical contact (hand holding, slight cuddling) of a relationship but anything more is a little uncomforting. A lot of the time too, I feel like I need to get to know them and become good friends before makin the big move to ‘in a relationship’, and sometimes I just want to be really close friends. 


I guess, what I’m trying to ask is if I would be Heteromantic, Aromantic, Gray-Romantic or even DemiAsexual. If you could help this struggling child that would be fantastic. Thanks for the support and help! 

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I would go with whatever feels most comfortable, and know that you don't have the explain yourself to others. From what it sounds like though, you do seem heteromantic, but with demi- or gray-romantic tendencies.


You can always make a mash up of whatever describes you best (grayheteromantic, for example), or just decide to "fall under the umbrella" so to speak, which is sometimes easier to explain to people who have no clue about asexuality.


Good luck with making your decision!

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