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TMI I never talk about this but...

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Sooo I'm  a sex neutral gray asexual and I am a petite woman and when I was growing up and trying to figure out relationships and this whole sex thing, I kept dating guys with huge penises who could last a long time. Usually I hear this is a dream for many woman, but I had vaginismus, so it hurt. And I was never wet enough to have sex because the guys were inexperienced and I'm gray asexual so I wasn't really turned on or feeling desire for it. I was definitely curious and wanting to try it to figure it out and myself, but there was no lust, passion, attraction, or getting carried away going on. Anyhow, any of you other asexual or gray asexuals who have had sex encounter this big penis issue? Do you like big penises or not? How do these big penises men find me?!!! Ha ha.

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