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Questioning Sexuality

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I'm a girl and I've only really ever had crushes on guys that I know until the other day when I suddenly felt kind of attracted to this girl I know.  The only thing is I'm wondering if I might be demisexual or bisexual or just maybe reading too much gay fanfiction (I will not be judged for the latter :p) and generally confused.  I guess I've always found gender preference baffling because if you love a person what does their gender matter?  


And ive never had a crush on someone that I didn't know very well - hence the thoughts of Demi sexuality.  I don't look at a person I find attractive and automatically think 'sex', I like the idea of sex (though I've never had it) but I don't base my crushes on people's appearances alone.  That's a factor in it but I'm mainly drawn towards people who's personalities I like with appearance being a sort of afterthought.  


So so basically I'm just sat here thinking- What the hell is my sexual preference/sexuality?  Help.

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a minor triad

Hello Madz, welcome to AVEN! :cake:


From what I understand, many sexuals do not base their crushes on appearances alone. Physical attraction isn't the only thing they care about. I think personality is important for a lot of people. I suggest that you explore the website and learn more about the different orientations. Perhaps your pansexual or bisexual, and you might even be demisexual, but only you can decide that for yourself. 


I know many sexual people who describe themselves like how you just described yourself, but when it comes down to it, it's up to you to decide. 

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Hello Madz, welcome to the AVEN forums! Have another cake :cake: :-)


Have you read about the different types of attraction? http://wiki.asexuality.org/Attraction

From what you wrote, I'd say you might be bi- (or pan-) romantic and possibly demiromantic. Those might be your sexual orientations as well, or not. Also, there's the term bicurious. As a minor triad suggested, hang around and read a bit. There's plenty of interesting stuff in the wiki, and maybe you also find some stories in the forums to which you relate.


Have a good time!

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