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AVEN Digest - 17th July 2017

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AVEN Digest - 17th July 2017


Site News:


Voting has begun in the current moderator election.


Please be aware of an update to the site's Terms of Service.


The survey team is looking for volunteers.


Research Requests:


A researcher at Kingston University London would like to interview people who belong to a gender minority and also have a disability.


Participants are required for a study from Valdosta State University aiming to test the validity of the Asexuality Identification Scale.




Panellists are being sought for an awareness event in Vermont.


World Watch:


New psychology magazine The B Quarterly has an article on asexuality.


BuzzFeed has two new articles on asexuality.




Canadian meetup - Toronto (22nd July)


Danish meetup - Copenhagen (23rd July)


German meetup - Berlin Pride (22nd July)


UK meetups - Guildford (22nd July); Livingston (23rd July)


US meetups - Chattanooga, Tennessee (22nd July); Cadillac, Michigan (23rd July)


The full schedule for 2017 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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