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Asexul and Aromantic Activism in Vermont

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Hi there everyone.  My name is Becca and I'm in the process of planning an A-Spec awareness/education/outreach event in the Burlington Vermont area.  I have a couple of people who have volunteered to be panelists at the event but I was hoping to get a couple of more people.  If anyone here lives in Chittenden County and/or can get into Burlington for Pride Week and would like to be a panelist for this event, please let me know.  Also if people have suggestions for what this event should be like and what you think should be a part of if please let me know as well.  You can send me a PM me through the messaging system on this site to talk about the event and I can give you my email as well.


What I have planned for the event so far is that I'm going to show the trailer for the (A)sexual documentary.  I was considering doing a showing but decided that showing the trailer can at least show that this is a documentary that exists so people can decide to watch it on their own if they want.  I'm going to have a panel of speakers to talk about some of their experiences (I'll start making a sheet with some different topics that panelists can hit while they're talking).  And I want to have a Q&A session afterward.


I'm wanting this event to lead to starting an A-Spec support group.  I'm going to have a presence during the Pride Parade where I'll have sign up sheets for anyone who is interested in joining the support group or who just wants to be connected.

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hey just bumping this to hopefully get some responses.  I need to know within the next two weeks if there are people in the area who are interested in doing this.  in order to be put on the event list for pride week I need to set a date and time before the first of August.  We only have me and two other people who are interested in speaking at this event.  I'd like at least 2 more people to be panelists.


I want to educate the community at large (both lgbtqa+ and non lgbtqa+ people) and I want to reach out to people who identify as A-Spec.

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