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Aces at Korea Queer Culture Festival: Booth & Marching !!

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무:대ACEtage, an aces & allies group working for asexual visibility in Republic of Korea,

participates in Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF) on July 15th, 2017 @Seoul Plaza.


- We sell some ace products at the 27th booth. They include bottles, memo pads & badges.

In addition, there will be a book named 반투명인간(Half-Invisible People) with various ace stories(written in Korean).

We're planning other programs including surveys and door-prize events! 


- We march in pride parade at 4pm with an asexual pride flag.

All the aces and allies, just come and join us!

(As far as I know, this is the first time that an ace pride flag appears at the pride parade in S. Korea.)


Feel free to give any question to me, either on this thread or through personal message :D

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