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AVEN Digest - 19th June 2017

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AVEN Digest - 19th June 2017


Site News:


Please see the recent announcement about 'annoying things ___ say' type threads.


The site's Terms of Service have been amended after an update to policy regarding account deletion requests from members.


World Watch:


Aces Wild is a comic series about asexuality.


A recent article on asexual erasure has also been picked up by Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post.


The Asexual Agenda looks at problems faced by asexual Muslims.


The Eukaryote Writes Blog ponders how many asexuals there are.


Asexuality is discussed on Everyday Feminism, and is mentioned in another article on the site.


Glamour's Everything You Need to Know About Sex article includes asexuality.


Asexuality has an entry on The Trevor Project's website.


A trailer for a new asexuality documentary has come to light.


Netdoctor talks about asexuality.




Canadian meetups - Toronto Pride (23rd-25th June); Calgary (25th June)


UK meetups - Nottingham (24th June); Brighton, London (25th June)


US meetups - Grand Rapids, Michigan (23rd June); Houston, Texas (22nd June); Madison, Wisconsin (24th June)


The full schedule for 2017 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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