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World Pride Parade - Planning

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I’m helping with organising of the WP 2017 in Madrid. Here you have Information and plans for the parade and some tips:


WHEN: Saturday 1st July 2017 17:30h.
We will meet at 16:00 at the “Atocha Station Tropical Garden”(*) and get to the parade together for convenience. You can join us at the march later if you prefer.
WHERE: Madrid city Centre, From Atocha to Colón via Paseo del Prado & Plaza Cibeles

Google Map marked with parade and tropical garden:


Atocha Station Tropical Garden:

It’s inside the stations and covered (to not wait under the sun) and close by the march. We will meet between a large “the body shop” shop (https://goo.gl/maps/1AF1et6kBVQ2) and a pond with turtles. It’s an easy place to see and find even if you’ve never been there…


Important safety tips:

Prepare for strong sun and heat (before and during the march). Bring:




Transpirable comfortable footwear is your best bet.

Optional: Sunglasses.

Optional: Umbrella/parasol or long pants/skirt and sleeves of a thin transpirable fabric (like linen or thin cotton).

Optional: Food (chocolate and the likes will melt). Expect to be in the march well past “standard EU dinner time”. Buy in advance and/or before you get too close to the Parade area (not many options there and it will be crowded).


-There are plenty of small supermarkets, convenience stores, take away... in the city centre and in in the area of “Paseo de las Delicias” street. But not where the Parade itself is. Planning ahead for food and drinks would be better than last minute.


-Subway access closest to the parade might be closed (it's a common security mesure during big events).

We have created a Telegram group to use. Feel free to join and use it. :)
IF there was any issue or news needing to be shared at any point this is one way we would warn you about it.

Telegram is a free app to install on smartphones, tablets and computers.
You do not need to share your phone number to join groups or talk to anyone.
To join, follow this address once you have telegram installed:


Other possibly useful info:


-“Museo del Jamón” -Ham museum- (http://museodeljamon.es/en/) are popular places where

to get a sandwich on the go. Do not expect vegetarian and vegan options.

-”Faborit” (http://www.faborit.com) has juices and salads.


-Keep in mind that so many people together might bring pickpockets, keep an eye on your belongings.


- If you have data on your cellphone, it’s always a good option to ask google maps how to go somewhere (as long as you know the name). Or ask where you are if lost.


- Since 15th June ‘17 for EU members traveling within EU, roaming should be at no extra cost. This includes UK (you are not out yet). Check with your provider if unsure! Details: http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/telecoms-internet/mobile-roaming-costs/index_en.htm


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Thanks so much for collecting all that info, Alex!!


I hope to see many of you at the march. :)

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Many thanks for this information :cake::cake:

See everyone there 

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Great place to meet before the parade, somewhere I'd like to explore anyway.Thanks!

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