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My Asexuality Article on Huffington Post

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A few weeks ago, I'm sure some of you saw the Equinox video that completely erased the Asexual orientation from their viral LGBTQIA+ video. Right out the gate, they begin with "A" is for Ally. 


I'm an Asexual Panromantic. My heart sank. I'm so tired of us being erased. For years, I remember thinking something was "wrong" with me because I had no idea Asexuality existed. My doctors didn't know about Asexuality either. They gave me hormones, therapy, and unnecessary medicine to "fix me." It's critical that people be aware of this orientation. Finding AVEN changed my life.


In response, I wrote an article about this very topic. Over 20,000 people read and shared it across several LGBTQIA+ groups. I submitted it to Buzzfeed, UpWorthy, and Huffington Post. I wanted to combat Equinox's erasure with awareness.


Good news! Buzzfeed and Huffington Post picked up on the story! And Huffington Post is featuring my article on the front page of their Queer Voices section today!




I'm still hurt that Equinox left us out. But I'm happy I could do something to make a difference. It would mean a lot if you'd go show your support in the comments of the article -- not for me, but for Huffington Post, for going out of their way to help provide awareness for us! 


Cross-Posted in another section, too. I'm new to the Forums here and wasn't sure exactly where it should go. :) Admins, please feel free to delete or move as necessary.


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Fantastic! Well done, I hope this gets the attention it deserves.

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Very nice, thank you!

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