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Article - "Is Asexuality More Common Than You Think?"

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Everyday Feminism


18 February 2017



It might be hard for you to imagine not being interested in sex – but for asexual people, that’s simply part of their sexual orientation.


So how do we define asexuality, how common is it, and what does science say about it? Find out in this DNews video.


Because the more we can learn about the diverse range of sexualities, the more we can help build a world that supports all of us for who we are.


The video they link to is this one:



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It is clear in the video and article that they were addressing allosexuals when they would address the camera directly and exclaim how they know how perplexing it is to imagine that people cannot have lives without sex.  I found that humorous.


More onto the intellectual rather than funny aspect, I believe "common" is a bit of a misnomer because the existence of something in nature does not indicate a higher percentage in humans, but rather that it can occur without the intervention of social constructs.  It would be interesting to see if they could determine the reasons as to why the sheep did not have any interest in sex, as that could potentially be used as a supporting column for raising awareness on how asexuality is not a mental disorder or made up.  I could not find anything on if they measured sex hormones or just saw how many sheep performed intercourse and how many didn't. 

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