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Favourite team sport to watch (on TV or at a venue)

What's you favourite team sport to watch (on TV or at a venue)?   51 members have voted

  1. 1. What's you favourite team sport to watch (on TV or at a venue)?

    • Baseball
    • Football (the US variety)
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • Ice hockey
    • Cricket
    • Rugby
    • Voleyball
    • Handball
    • Field hockey
    • Other (want to share? :) )
    • I don't like watching sports

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31 posts in this topic

Definitely hockey. I used to like football, but it's gotten old, and the games are too long for me. I also get annoyed with the ridiculous rules, like the process of making a catch, that are next to impossible to make sense of. Football is much better on TV than in person, but hockey is probably the only sport I'd rather see in person than on TV. Waiting for the Blackhawks to go back to being awful so I can score cheap tickets like we used to. I don't watch baseball, but I do like going to the occasional Cubs game. Wrigley Field is a beautiful place to watch a game. I get more interested in following the league operations than actually watching games for most sports.

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