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Aromanticism is generally hard to grasp for people who don't identify with it. Strong feelings that are NOT romantic in nature (aka queerplatonic) are even more incomprehensible since most alloromantics tend to get baffled when trying to explain this kind of love to them. This is why I thought a few analogical comparisons between the 2 types of love could make things easier to everyone. How I feel vs how alloromantic people (generally) feel when claiming to love someone. Such as:


They see the love/feelings/bond as a spark/flame, I see it as a wall being built in time.   

Their hearts are on fire, my heart is warm. 

They feel excited/euphoric/nervous, I feel comfortable/safe/relaxed. 

Their starting point for a relationship is passion, mine is (best) friendship. 

Their head is underwater, I am afloat. 


Do you think it would help? Feel free to add some more comparisons if any come to your mind!

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