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I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major Mod [Mod Intro]

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Once in a lifetime, a great leader enters this world with a confident stride and a cool head. They are wise, understanding, and discerning; a person who improves the lives of every person they lead.


I am not that leader, but I did watch a movie about him. Not by choice; I wanted to watch The Incredibles, but the rest of my family voted otherwise.


Nelson Mandela aside, I am thrilled to have been awarded the chance to moderate The Gray Area, Sex and Related Discussions and The Sex Talk.


I hope I can foster an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable asking questions and holding discussions. Keep in mind ToS and don’t forget to use those fun spoilers if anything is potentially triggering or goes into more detail than all may be comfortable with.


Feel free to drop me a PM if anything comes up. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the forums!



The Gray Area and The Sex Talk Mod

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who needs nelson mandela, you're gonna make an awesome mod



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I got that reference, Mordin!

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