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Updating the wiki (again)

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A continuation of this thread

Since I shuffled into this role, I've had the time to check the wiki again and saw that many pages are very out of date, or are missing information.


So far, I updated most of the mod, admin and PT articles, including these lists: (both only missing the links for some usernames)


And updated the forum section pages to include the current moderators, the changes to some forums since the pages were last updated.


Articles about AVEN's projects may be outdated:


The article for Asexual Perspectives has a section for contributors, but I can't find any information about if this project is currently active or not.


The article for AVENues could use more information.
Along with updating the staff section, this article could benefit from a history section, and I have one drafted:

The first issue of AVENues was launched on September 27, 2006. AVENues was updated monthly until after issue #5, when it changed to a bi-monthly schedule. After issue #19, AVENues went on hiatus until October 2010, when issue #20 was released. AVENues resumed a bi-monthly release until issue #23, released in May 2011, but went on hiatus again, and released only one issue in 2012, and one in 2013. AVENues was never intentionally stopped, but remained inactive until it was revived in January 2016. Since its revival, it updates bi-monthly.


The "Asexual Organizations" category was last updated in 2013. Is there any interest in updating this section with articles for organizations that have emerged since then, and their role in the asexual community?


The "Asexual sites" page should be checked again for sites that are defunct or have fallen inactive, and to add new active sites.


Other things I found: Some blank pages that have a lot of potential:


An orphaned page called "The Definition Debate". Nothing has been written for it, but it could be an ambitious article about the history and current debates over the definition of asexuality.

"Other Identities" is another blank orphaned page.

The WorldPride 2014 page hasn't been updated to be written in the past tense. Aside from updating it to be in the past tense, is there any additional information that should be included? The WorldPride 2012 page is blank, being marked as a work in progress, but was never updated.  Should there still be separate pages for the WorldPride 2012, 2014 and 2017 events, or should they be merged into a single page?


There's no article for the AVEN Survey. Would anyone be interested in drafting these pages? As with the previous thread, this thread will serve as feedback for new pages and updates, to give input and suggestions.


Are there any other changes you'd like to see on pages to the wiki, or any additions?

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