AVENues March/April 2017!!

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Hello aces!


AVENues March/April 2017 is now ready for your viewing pleasure! This issue is on a/romanticism. We have an article on the history of romance, an article on questioning aromantic or panromantic, and aros singing love songs. As always, we have lots of ace artwork, an asexy puzzle, and an interview on an AVEN member. Enjoy!


AVENues March/April 2017 - A/romanticism

>> High quality

>> Low quality


See our other issues here.


Our staff:

Editor-in-chief: ciri

Layout editor: scarletlatitude

Co-editors: Ashen, Aqua-Ace, Blue Ice-Tea, Snow Cone

Creative team: SkyWorld, kelico




Did you know that World Pride is happening in Madrid in June 2017? To get ready for our Pride special, we want to hear all of your ace connections!


Do you know other asexuals? Do you meet up? What have you learned from meeting with other asexuals? Or if it is too difficult, how could it be easier to meet other aces? If you connect with other asexuals, we want to hear about it!


Send us your thoughts here:


Remember, we are always looking for articles and artwork to add to AVENues!

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Eeeekkk, excuse my brain, I put the wrong month. >.< I fixed it. 

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On 09/01/2017 at 8:41 PM, Gigimuna said:

Hi , 


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Great edition. I particularly enjoyed Blue Iced Tea's piece on 'The History of Romance'. To me this shows that romance is a social construct, whereas (as far as I can tell) sex and love seem more intrinsic to human nature.


I have a question - Blue Iced Tea's article refers to 'Platonic Romance'. Is being open to/having habit of falling in (queer)platonic love a type of romance and romantic orientation? I'm trying to figure this out as I've had an awful and confusing habit of falling in queerplatonic love with people but not being romantic enough (ie. can't initiate cuddling, hand-holding, say I love you) and also being really uncomfortable with physical intimacy and some forms of emotional intimacy. I'm trying to work out if I'm aromantic or whether there's another word that covers someone who falls in queerplatonic love only. I did consider quoiromantic, but I'm now pretty clear of the distinctions between queerplatonic and romantic love, so don't think this fits.

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@Blue Ice-Tea ^^^ 


Remember that we want to hear about all of your ace meetups! If you are going to a meetup, let us know! 

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