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A Practical Approach to Portraying Sexuality in Video Games

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Author: Christine Pugatschew

Date Published: February 27th, 2017


Speaking purely of conveying sexuality through behavior, it is far easier to show the LGBTQ end of the spectrum, but what about asexuality? Asexuality is defined as a disinterest in, or repulsion of, sex and sexual activity. As it’s becoming more prevalent lately, especially online, I feel it should be addressed.


However, I’m not going to lie, this is a tough one — if the asexual in the game is not the player’s character. The required behavior for an asexual being changes depending on what type of asexual the character is. Their reactions to flirting could range anywhere from disgust, to indifference, to genuinely not recognizing it as flirtation. All reactions which could mean many other things besides asexuality.


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Skyrim has something of a start as your character can choose to completely ignore the marriage side quests.

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