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All the little Lights🎆

Ace webseries

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All the little Lights🎆

Does anyone know other webseries with ace characters?

These are the ones I know: 

High'rd help

The Late Nell Avery

TAJWASH (The Adventures of Jane Watson and Sherlock Holmes)

The Blair Goddess Project

The March Familiy letters

I just realised they are all out of one fandom I found on YouTube...

Tell me if you know other ones!

By the way, they are all on YouTube, if you'd like to watch them.


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I've heard of Aces by Valerie Mikles when it was posted here last year. Aces has 3 episodes so far while her independent short series Aced It has 4. Here's episode 1 of Aces and Aced It to start.

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