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Anyone ever been married/divorced?

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8 hours ago, Waikia said:

 What I finally discovered was that I was exchanging my partners' sexual intimacy needs in order to get my own met...unfortunately, my needs for closeness, being together as good friends, etc. wasn't in balance.  Working so hard to communicate my needs and having them given scant attention.  T

I understand that feeling.  It caused a lot of resentment because for most of my marriage I engaged in sex with my husband to satisfy his needs.  Yet, he would never compromise for my lack of desire even in the later years.


We divorced, or actually I divorced him, due to his cheating. Yet now he claims he wants to get back together and will agree to an asexual relationship.


I just do not believe that he will be able to abide by that agreement.


I think if someone is sexual they remain that way.

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I have had several experiences living collectively (not as a commune tho...lol).  It's great to live among like-minded people, sharing our lives, responsibilities, crabbing about that certain one who always leaves dirty dishes, last minute dash to a movie and so forth.  Now, as I age, it isn't as appealing as then.  Appreciate all the comments of not being very social.  Do have some friends that I connect up with periodically, but considering how social I can be not so much these days.  Grateful for this thread.

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