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Omnes et Nihil

Zine callout-- stuff you feel silenced about in asexual/ace spaces

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Omnes et Nihil

f-ACE-ing silence—The Zine (this zine *will* work out-- there are already a few contributors!)

I’m a queer asexual non-binary freak of the white person variety, and enough of a hard-hitting feminist to get regularly called a bitch. I wanted to do a zine about when queerplatonic relationships end or go horribly wrong. I figured I couldn’t be the only dealing with that experience—maybe I was wrong. It turns out that people didn’t have a lot to say about zucchini violence… nobody submitted anything, and a couple people got annoyed that the callout for the zine was taking up space.

So… a new zine idea:

Asexuality-related stuff there isn’t really room to talk about in asexual/ace communities.

People on the asexual spectrum have been working hard to get non-asexual folks to recognise that we exist. And sometimes they do. But that means there’s a dominant narrative… we’re just like idealised “normal/healthy” people, but without the sexual attraction part.

People have been talking a lot lately about how and why that discourse is a problem. But that hasn’t done much to stop our ace communities from silencing people: we’re still not supposed to talk about how our asexuality is mixed up with the other parts of our experiences and identities that don’t fit the “normal/healthy” ideal.

What asexuality-related thing do you feel silenced about in asexual/ace communities?
And what do you have to say about it?

Zine to be printed in black and white, on regular letter-sized (8.5”x11”) paper. Other than that, anything goes—and contributions can be anonymous if that’s what you prefer.

Please e-mail submissions and questions/comments to: rotten.zucchinis@gmail.com
Deadline: May 15, 2014

Please feel free to re-post or pass along this call for submissions.

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Omnes et Nihil

I have a few submissions, but I need a couple more to make it a zine.

So, the deadline is extended to the end of May-- but if you need more time, please just let me know.

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