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  4. Battle of the Zodiacs

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  9. Ace Tintin.

    I actually think the language used was "Probably asexual"
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  13. Quickly, Before They See!

  14. Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

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  15. Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

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  16. Quickly, Before They See!

  17. Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

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  18. Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

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  19. Coming Out Pro Tip!!

    This is amazing, and I'm actually kind of tempted to carry around a screw now! And if you don't have any Lays with you, you could reply, "Mm, I prefer Doritos."
  20. Need Advice

    Tell them if you feel safe doing it, and if you're worried about them telling others, tell them not to.
  21. notfeelingit98

    I visited my country's version of this forum again... Let's just say it's very empty and sad and there are still many people who love to bring others down.

    I hate it there.

    I wish I didn't.

    1. sg06


      Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. Have you tried the main, English forum? There are people from all over the world who participate on it, too. I'd hope it'd be a better experience for you.

  22. Ace Tintin.

    What even led him to believe that Tintin was asexual?? The article doesn't mention it at all. I mean, I'm fine with that as a headcanon, but...
  23. I have started coming out to some people in the past few weeks, and it's been going really well. That's probably at least partly because my college is very LGBT+ friendly and works hard to educate students and their parents on different identities, and I've only come out to my parents and a few classmates so far. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned to my roommate that I was really happy a book I was reading acknowledged that gay and straight aren't the only sexualities. She agreed with me, and I mentioned that I'm biromantic asexual. She said something along the lines of "Cool, I know several ace people on campus" and the conversation moved on. She's also been really supportive of me joining our school's ace/aro student org, and she was supportive and excited for me when I told her I decided to come out to my parents. I sent my parents a coming-out email on Monday, and we FaceTimed on Wednesday (we wanted to talk sooner, but school, work, and time zones made scheduling complicated). They were both supportive. (Side note: I was having issues with my email account earlier, and I sent my coming-out email right after texting my dad for help getting it working again. Between the timing and the fact that I titled the email "I love you," my dad assumed it was just a test email, and it took him a while to actually read it. Oops.) This morning, I ate breakfast with a guy I had a class with last year. We were catching up, and he asked if I was in any orgs. I debated whether I really wanted to bring up asexuality, but he himself is LGBT, so I decided to go for it. I said I was ace and in the ace/aro org, and the conversation moved on.
  24. So....About the "Hair down there"

    I used to get really long pubic hair so I would clip it, because it would get stuck in pads and stuff. Which is really painful. I thought about shaving it at one point but then I looked it up and figured out its vital to a healthy bacterial balance so i never messed with it. Now after spending almost a year fixing my poor underarms bacterial balance I will never shave down there.
  25. Ace Tintin.

    To say that Tintin is a woman is already an exaggeration, now that he is asexual I do not know. I'm very fond of Tintin, I grew up watching the series, and then reading some of his books. But I do not think we have enough evidence to tell whether he is asexual or not.
  26. How do you feel after masturbating?

    I feel relieved and comfortable like after eating chocolate cake of relaxing in a warm bath and then I usually get tired.
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