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  2. True! TPBM has recently had a moment of being serious/professional interrupted by an unforeseen and humorous situation.
  3. remember that it is ok to be confused.
  4. FranciumSenpai

    Sometimes I feel like I've drifted, I feel different, I feel gifted

  5. I feel like this is more of a jealousy kind of thing. I remember when one of my friends started talking to some girl I kept worrying about how it made me feel when he would stand me up to go do something with her or talk with her etc etc. I mean, you could be in love with your friend -- a lot of people tend to not realize that they like someone until they see them with someone else -- but it doesn't seem like that is the case. I could be wrong, I'm not an expert here lol
  6. What I heard when I read that was: i just... AAAAAAAAAAAAA
  7. @Gentle Giant, what an amazing person your aunt must be! I'd like to think I'd be so good at 101 (although I do wonder what the world will be like when/if I reach 101!) I think winter's arrived here! It's been very chilly today - we lit the fire early - and we have six mornings of severe frost forecast! I checked the lagging again this afternoon, and tucked a sack around the chickens' water dispenser. It's quite funny watching them trying to drink and wondering how the water became solid, but I don't think it amuses them very much We lost one of our little Sussex bantams a few days ago - she just went downhill quite quickly with no apparent reason, and died. It's left her little sister alone - we only had the two Sussex bantams. However she seems to be OK - fingers crossed! *cats* and I have done lots of garden clearing and planted a variety of winter veg. They're all doing well so far. We're still working on getting our remaining two cats to make friends. Gemma, who's a rescue cat, is still inclined to be suspicious, and growl or lash out, but we've got to the point where they can be in the same room, quite close to each other even, without any actual fisticuffs. Maybe one day she and Tosca will lie down together Have a good week, everyone!
  8. Bill needs a date, desperately. NAARA
  9. Bleh, autospell. My phone doesn't like isis. Banned for not banning anyone in your post
  10. No... And it's isis- that her true name. She wants to rule but at the moment is using Ra as her puppet as she knows his secret name giving her control over him
  11. I don't know...I consider myself heteroflexible, and since the homo attraction (romantic and otherwise) is so rare, I just identify as straight or mostly straight. I've never told anyone I was bi/pan even when I had a girlfriend almost 4 years. But maybe thats just me.
  12. Shall I get Iris to dethrone Ra so that her brother/son Horus can rule then. Horus was easier to please I hear.
  13. Ms Terry's has a fully functional nuclear submarine in miniature
  14. Banned for not mentioning the Egyptian God's - Ra is not best pleased
  15. No blue
  16. It gets really cold in Norway...Oh and then two princesses sing about everything. Beauty and The Beast
  17. This sounds more like platonic love than romantic love. Can you imagine being in a romantic relationship with her? If not, then it can still just as easily be love, only of a different kind. Good luck with all.
  18. Blue one. *We all have you tracked by a special ninja alert device. Do not feel paranoid. *
  19. Today
  20. Demigirl = associates with being female, not necessarily strongly Demiboy = associates with being male, not necessarily strongly Good luck if/when you decide to come out!
  21. @Gentle Giant I had a great aunt who lived alone and independently to the age of 99. In the end a fall and a broken hip stopped her reaching 100. She no longer drove but got the bus into town most days to do a little shopping and meet friends for coffee. I did a lot of planting yesterday @Tystie , and @Skycaptain's thunderstorm reached here too and obligingly watered everything in for me. I am having a slow bank holiday start after a disturbed night. @Muledeer I am sorry Elsa is already aging, but as you say, she is one of a wonderful breed and to enjoy owning a big breed involves accepting they have a shorter span. My dog started to show he was slowing down from about 13. I went through a wobbly stage when he was ill just before turning 15, and again on his birthday even though he was fine again by then, but just have to enjoy his companionship a day at a time now, while he is still happy and playful.
  22. What you're describing seems more related to sex (not intercourse, the biological sum of your parts) than gender. It's possible to be transsexual but maintain your assigned gender at birth- women can have penises, or male/masculine bodies, because gender and sex are two separate things. Also remember that gender isn't binary.
  23. Another thing to consider is that your attitude towards identifying as asexual are justifiably elitist and exclusive in the same way that hurts much of the community for other reasons-- as in by allosexuals, or for the idea that the "true" asexual is aro-ace and/or sex-repulsed, etc. Why not just define asexuality as lack of sexual attraction and/or sexual desire? Personally, it can be invalidating that people's only understanding of an asexual person is that they don't want to have sex. It can serve its purpose, but even asexual people who aren't sex-favorable do not necessarily want this to be others' sole implication of their orientation. I think the common experiences that I first heard coming across this site and discovering my asexuality are very important here: "I knew I was different."/"I thought I was straight because I wasn't gay."/[something about a friend calling somebody "hot" and not completely understanding what that meant.] If we all share these experiences, the aforementioned compromise/definition should suffice.
  24. Tainted is up!
  25. I got rid of crimes No one is dying from crimes, and I have no jails. I also made flogging and death penalty illegal
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