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  2. @Mezzo Forte that kind of reminds me of something I was thinking about yesterday when talking to a friend, about what it means to be a good ally. I know in my head I'm like, "the concept of being an ally is dumb." But it's only dumb to me in the way I normally see it. My friend was saying how she'd definitely step up and say something if she saw anyone getting harassed in a bathroom, cis or trans. And I thought, wow, to know that people like you are out there. I hope there are more. It's easy to feel like we are a burden, we are disgusting, suicide-prone freaks. With all the rhetoric out there. It's hard not to feel isolated and alone. But just knowing one person who would stand up and defend me, it changed my whole perspective. Being an ally isn't about being voiciferous, loud or going to pride marches, or rallies or anything like that. To me, being an ally is just saying, "I've got your back." And in line with trans people helping other trans people, I find myself constantly skirting a line I didn't think I'd have issue with. And that's whether to keep quiet about who/what I am or speak up, even if people can tell. That decision is mine to make, and a very personal one, but I find myself looking for ways I can preserve my history from some people, but share it with the right people who it could help. I try really hard to be that person here. I know I'm kind of a mess in a lot of ways, but that just means I've been there. I may not be able to pull myself out of it yet, but I'm there, and I haven't succumbed to the worst stuff yet. That says something to others who might be struggling. It's just hard when you feel alone I think. That's the biggest thing I think is worth taking away. It's hard being alone.
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  4. Hi, so I am new here and I know that is is going to sound strange, but I am very confused and I would really like some help. I am a girl and I feel like a girl and I like guys. Everyone tells me I am a hippie so I guess that I sort of am, but that isn't the point. I like being a girl and I don't want to be a guy, except sometimes I kind of feel like one and act like one. And well I guess I could say that I feel like a mix of a girl and a guy. I mean like some of the things I do I guess could be considered more typical male things like I will let my leg hair grow out pretty long and then eventually shave it when it starts feeling itchy if I am wearing long pants or something, but people say that that is just because I am a "hippie". Also, I have a younger brother but he is much taller than me so if I like his clothing when he grows out of them I ask for them. And I really enjoy wearing what is considered guy clothing and hanging out with guys, but I also like to wear what is considered girl clothing and dresses and stuff. I care about how I dress sometimes but other times I will just wear whatever I is the cozyest. I am just really confused because I like being a girl but feel like a guy sometimes 2 and sometimes I kind of want to be one but also a girl. I don't really know how I am feeling but if anyone could please help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  5. Geography
  6. They are just in the background playing then I realise I have memorie it.
  7. Granted. You may access and edit your phone's files when it's plugged into your computer (and only when it's plugged in). I wish I could undo every mistake I've made.
  8. I feel great afterwards, like I always did. I love it.
  9. Gotta love that male touch barrier. Glad I have some friends who don't really give a shit about that. I still remember when a Chilean friend gave me a small gift for playing in his recital last November, and I couldn't tell what the appropriate gesture was to say thanks. I started for a hug and thought "oh shit, is that okay?" and then switched to try and give a handshake. He caught what I was doing and said "you were going for a hug, weren't you?" and he then opened his arms up for a hug. He's a married straight dude too.
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  11. Which leaves me wondering....what kind of fantasies do you hold to? I'm sure it's good enough anyway We're all unique.
  12. There's an old saying that women don't want to be loved, they want to be desired. You may be in a "relationship," whatever that is, but she isn't. For her it's over. Welcome to the club.
  13. alpha decay

    so I was just sitting with my parents and suddenly got a chest pain, so big that I couldn't take a breath for a while. I told them about it, and they just said "But I've been dealing with worse pain through my whole life..." and started to argue which one of them is doing worse.

    thanks, parents. I know I can always count on your help </3

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      alpha decay

      yes. I could die in front of them and they wouldn't even notice XD at least it wasn't anything serious. :blush:

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  15. It is
  16. So, I was wondering how it felt for agenders to be their given birth gender. Did you hate it, or just didn't really care? I'd like to understand how you felt being previously perceived as a different gender.
  17. This line just made me smile. Well spoken
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  19. Between 0:26 - 0:39
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  21. I just finished Revival by Stephen King and I really wasn't prepared for the things that happened at the end of the story. The back cover of the book asked if I was ready to face the thing waiting on the other side and now I understand that I really wasn't. Maybe I should read something lighter next!
  22. Sounds like good destinations to me. For a long time I thought Scilly Isles was pronounced "silly" and that tickled me. Then I found out or realized the c should be pronounced (like a k) and the word is related to other place names like Skellig Michael. And thought that was interesting and cool. I read a mystery book some time ago that took place mostly on the Scilly Isles, Unnatural Selection by Aaron Elkins. (his latest book, which I haven't gotten yet takes place on the Channel Islands). I like his mysteries; he sets them in all sorts of different places (not just the UK) and seems to do a fair bit of research to capture the feel of each place. To quote from his website:
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