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      AVENues Holiday Special Edition is now live   08/17/17

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      Ace Community Census   11/06/17

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  2. Choose an outfit for the person above

  3. How would you react to being asked out

    The only time I have ever been asked out was by my friend of eight years, she didn’t get the whole asexual thing unfortunately and was under the impression she could ‘fix’ me.... she asked me out and I just replied with “what? Why?”
  4. Asexual Women

    I'm so back and forth on this. On the one hand, my tendency is to treat people as adults and as long as I talk openly and honestly about the risks and benefits of what I'm offering and the reasons why I'm asking the questions I am, then trust that they are going to make the right decisions for themselves. On the other hand, after just 3 months in emerg I've seen tons of situations where, for instance, someone swears up and down that they've never had sex and ends up having an STI or being pregnant. And then it's like oh well just that one time. I hate that it creates this culture where health care providers simply assume not being sexually active doesn't exist (which to be fair it is rare.)
  5. True or False

    No, that's nonsense. 4 is definitely red. False. TPBM is scared of snakes.
  6. I don't know how to deal with my mother anymore.

    In America your mother's behavior would be bordering on child endangerment. She is foolish to bring a strange man into her home with underage girls. Do you have any family or social service department to ask for help to feel safe?
  7. The issue is that you specifically stated that a female's breasts are part of the reproductive cycle, lol. Lips, ears, inside the wrists, all erogenous parts of the female body. Men's nipples are very erogenous also. Thank God women keep those covered up. Don't want to be seeing any ovaries while I walk down the street
  8. True or False

    true TPBM uses non-mint flavored toothpaste
  9. Greatful For AVEN

    Oh, okay. Quoiromantic means I can't tell if the attraction I experience is romantic or not.
  10. Yum or Yuck!

    looks good cheesy Spätzle? (type of egg noodle with cheese)
  11. True or False

    False. TPBM associates numbers with colours.
  12. Do you feel you can say what you think?

    These poll results are interesting. As of right now, there's some interesting conflict. Sometimes I feel the need to restrain myself verbally, but it's normally not because I care about disciplinary action or keep the ToS under my pillow for bedtime prayers, but because I normally know when I'm going to say something that won't accomplish anything except setting people off. A filter is not a bad thing to have, and knowing your audience and adjusting yourself accordingly is not necessarily that stifling. If I were to guess, most AVEN members probably have at least one view that could be expressed in such a way that disciplinary action might happen - it's just that the majority of members understand where their views ought to be expressed as well as where it wouldn't be appropriate. I've never been warned or nudged, and that can mostly be attributed to (lack of modesty incoming) common sense. I agree with the idea that mods should engage with users personally, through PMs, about users' actions before any kind of serious action is taken, but I was under the impression that this happened already most of the time. I also assume mods know when some asshat is reporting anything and everything just to get a result, and will consider those reports less legitimate/trustworthy. Though that's just that: an assumption. Those could be false impressions, of course. I don't know exactly what happens at the Illuminati lizard conventions, but those seem like common sense measures they'd employ.
  13. True or False

    false TPBM is flying somewhere for the holidays
  14. How high can we count...in binary?

    0110 1010 1110
  15. Do you feel you can say what you think?

    I've been around some pretty hairy forums. This place seems relatively tame.
  16. Interview the person below you

    1. my wallet... 2. not really... the thing I do that most resembles exercise is taking long walks.. 3. black jeans and a Hammerfall Tshirt 1. do you wear socks when you're home? 2. salami or ham or vegetarian pizza? 3. favorite veggie?
  17. Word association game

  18. Quickly, Before They See!

  19. Choose an outfit for the person above

  20. Word association game

  21. oooh... Good luck then <shakes hand>..
  22. staring at the computer screen eating a cookie while wrapped in a blanket... What good thing happened today?
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