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  2. #AsexualProblems

    Telling people that being asexual means not really liking sex (or lack of having sexual attraction) and then getting the virgin jokes.
  3. Trans Moments?

    Maybe this is a trans problem, talking to clueless cis people. There's this girl in my martial arts class who spends class time basically goofing off. She should at least know of the existence of trans people because there's a trans boy there that's her friend and then our coach is a trans woman. I thought I could tell her this joke that happened this morning. The coach closet is on the carpet we practice on. Today was part of a testing week. The whole floor was used for testing and the closet can block part of the floor. So the morning coach asks, "who's in the closet?" Probably no one heard me smirk about the closet. Coach says upon leaving the floor, "sorry, I'm already out of the closet." So that clueless girl didn't get it. sigh
  4. THIS THIS THIS THIS! Since WHEN did experiencing negative stuff turn into a massive validation competition because 'lel, you don't experience X and Y so you don't count because Z'? It doesn't matter what sexuality you are. Homophobia and discrimination are both bad things, but just because SOME aces don't experience the typical discrimination doesn't mean they are not valid. People need to stop with that sort of shit and realize this isn't a validation competition on who experiences the most stuff to be counted. At the same time, this is Tumblr. Tumblr is known to have loads of white knights and trolls and smartasses who think they know everything about sexuality and whatnot. I'm sure that most of the LGBT+ community is accepting and nice, and I don't think Tumblr is what the LGBT+ community represents as a whole. Tumblr is the finest can of salt you can buy on the internet. And no, I don't have internalized homophobia if I'm sorta not straight myself. What does being ace have to do to with hating lesbians? What? Someone get a scientist! I'm confused.
  5. It's certainly worth discussion and maybe a trial session .
  6. Steak (Degrees of Doneness)

    I voted medium-rare because that's what I most often cook/order but it depends on the cut. Lean steaks I like rare, while anything with marbling should be closer to medium-rare so the fat has a chance to melt some. A steak that accomplishes that while still being mostly red inside is perfection. And I think most steak-lovers will agree, "well done and with ketchup" is a tragedy.
  7. I've been I strong sub and masochist for a long time I get a little shy with my current partner about it, because I always wonder if it's too close to sex for him. However, this is my own fault, because my anxiety makes me overthink everything. He was a very good Dom when we were sexually active, I should communicate to him that I'm still interested without sex.
  8. Where does your username come from?

    Something I read in a fanfiction.
  9. What PC Games do you play?

    Guild Wars 2 here.
  10. Steak (Degrees of Doneness)

    Medium rare. I wouldn't mind giving beef sashimi a try though. Speaking of sashimi, when it comes to fish I actually prefer sashimi over cooked fish.
  11. Until I see something on this site saying that Jughead is confirmed asexual on the show, I'm not going to watch it. I was never into the Archie comics and the only reason I would start watching it is if they do make him ace. It doesn't hold that much appeal to me as a tv show on it's own.
  12. Aromanticism article

    Actually I think it's a nice idea to copy-paste the content here, even if it's not perfectly formatted (i work with this stuff, still don't mind). Some sites like to track visitors or hide the content if they're using adblock, for instance. Or it may go down unexpectedly, who knows. Keeping a link to the source is a good thing to do regardless. @chandrakirti thanks for sharing!
  13. Honestly, I've never asked, and I will tomorrow! I would assume so (but I should ask anyway) Thanks!
  14. #AsexualProblems

    This reminds me of "Netflix and chill." Why can't it just mean what it says and not get turned into an innuendo? I may as well stop talking to people because who knows if what I'm saying is actually a code phrase for sex.
  15. Trans Musings & Rantings

    That is totally me. My parents laid the path out for me. All I had to do was follow it, but I couldn't. In college, I just about failed every engineering course I took. For 3 years I said, no I have to be an engineer, I have to be an engineer, I have to be an engineer. I already planned everything out. I couldn't continue on if I didn't pass the classes (also most of those annoying lower division courses had to be taken in order because of prerequisites). It wasn't happening, no matter how much I butt heads with it. I had to give up that dream that I would have a master's degree by 23 and be a successful high paying engineer. Instead, I barely graduated with a math degree (which would be a disappointment with the standards I grew up with), and am working part time at low pay. I broke under the pressure. I couldn't handle my fake life anymore. I wasn't meant to be a perfect straight A student. And not cis or straight either. But in relation to gender, my mom told me not to trust guys because she basically said they were predators. I guess that would've been use to me if I was cis straight and looking to guys for anything. But I wonder if that made me prefer girls more. So yeah, breaking point, don't try to fit yourself in a mold that you don't belong.
  16. Steak (Degrees of Doneness)

    I eat medium well steak. Sensitive tummy and the texture of uncooked meat is weird. Never cooked one myself.
  17. Naralia

    I hate feeling so lonely. 

    1. argar


      Yeah, it tends to hit me seasonally as well.


      I'm glad it is only seasonally though.


    2. Misaki



  18. I am so happy to be ACE!

    Welcome. I agree with you about the relief that comes from the freedom to not have sex. It's a wonderful thing.
  19. I've been looking into the history behind the asexual flag and I've found this post about when the voting went on but here's what I'm curious about: what were the other options? i can kind of find people's suggestions but I want to know what was in the final poll, what the runner ups were. Since the survey is closed I can't find the other options.
  20. I've heard this one before... For those still confused, I believe the argument is that asexuals are not real, and if someone believes themselves to be asexual then they are simply a gay person with so much internalized homophobia that they can't even feel the same-gender attraction that is so obviously what they should be feeling because you can only be straight or gay. And if you're not attracted to the other gender, then you must be attracted to your own. If you're not attracted to the other gender but you're also not attracted to your own, then it's because you're a gay person with internalized homophobia. Not sure where the specificity about lesbians comes in unless that's the assumption that all asexuals (or, you know, people "claiming to be asexual") are also women. There it is. I'm sorry I had to make everyone's day a little bit stupider for having read that.
  21. Today
  22. Like what wolfjackle said. Having a romantic relationship that involves sex is considered the closest human relationship. Not wanting that is weird in a world where it's the most important thing. Personally, I remind myself all the reasons I'm happy I'm ace. It's not a perfect solution, but it helps.
  23. Hello, I guess

    Hello there, and welcome to AVEN! As part of my welcome to you, I'd like to point out some important threads that might be helpful in your first few days here. The Terms of Service is here. We recommend you read it over, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send either myself or any other administrator or moderator (the "admod" team, as we're called) a message. Also, there's a handy forum called Site Info, which has some useful information including a thread outlining who moderates which forum. If you ever need something done in or have questions about a specific forum, please message the mod of that forum. And if you have problems with the site in general, or any single member, please message any admod. The following are also nifty links to take a look at: Welcome Lounge Mini Manual | Welcoming 101 | Quick Guide to the Forums | Asexuality FAQ's Again, welcome to AVEN and I hope your stay is everything you hoped!
  24. Hello, I guess

    Didn't come here first since I asked a question in the questions section earlier but hi. I'm a 26 year old idiot man and I've come here because I've very recently started to question if I am as straight as I thought I was. I hesitate to proclaim myself Asexual because I think I might also be Demisexual or Heteroromantic. I'm just hesitant in general, really. I've always thought pretty differently from other people and, upon reading up on Asexuality, Demisexuality, etc, I felt like I identified pretty strongly with a lot of what is described. I've also had the thought that it would explain a lot about me and my past like I why I've never had a girlfriend and, while I'm not against the idea, I could live without having a romantic relationship. Does that make me Aromantic as well? I don't really like how many questions I've raised within my already chaotic mind but I suppose it's no different than anything else I think about since I question just about everything. I also don't like the thought that these things take time but I'm an impatient moron so that's on me. So I figured I'd come here and see about connecting with a few people that might help me figure some stuff out. But I'm also pretty bad at talking to people in general since I'm a loner by nature and I don't really like people so that is a challenge in and of itself. So I guess all I can say from here is thanks for having me on here. I hope I'm not imposing on someplace I don't belong. Not that you don't seem like a welcoming place and everything I just always feel like I'm imposing on people whenever I'm in their presence. Bit of a self esteem issue but that's another topic and I don't need to waste your time with my whining. All right then. Thanks for reading this excessive wall of text.
  25. Lack of self confidence

    I don't know a lot about breast surgeries or being trans and I'm getting to be rather tired right now, so I can't really offer much sound advice, but I can offer sympathy! I don't even have big boobs and I find them annoying enough, so I can only imagine what having large breasts is like. I'm sorry your surgery didn't go as planned and I hope you get things figured out soon!
  26. I am so happy to be ACE!

    Welcome to AVEN! It's great to have you here!
  27. Steak (Degrees of Doneness)

    I don't cook, but I answered how I prefer a steak to be cooked for me. It sounds like that's what you meant to ask—how one prefers to eat a steak, not how one prefers to cook it—but the way you phrased your question might prevent you from getting the answers you're looking for.
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