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  2. Sylvastor

    Wasn't online for two days again:


    Hm, I guess I should make sure to check that stack of notifications now… :ph34r:

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    2. Sylvastor


      Yes, but all that clicking to get through that stack will make my wrist hurt. :mellow:

      Just kidding, it's already hurting from drawing, I'm just taking a break. Need to get some pictures done until around the 20th. :lol:

    3. UVB-76


      what will it be? :3 do you need to hurry? :o

      I was wondering where you were :o

    4. Sylvastor


      Yeah, I'm "just in schedule", but it will be pretty tight once again.

      Trying to make a set of pictures to apply for a study (needs to be a minimum of 10 concepts, 1 concept can consist of several images and it must be DIN A3-size, each one needs to have a visual, easy to understand "manual" to explain it – they don't read text <_<). My last try to get into a college or university. If it will fail, I'll stop wasting my time with that.


      Been drawing a lot. :P

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