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  2. Trump and Putin as the world's most powerful leaders. Well, then... **Jumps off the bridge** My ghost is now weeping.
  3. Oh, yeah, being an Asgardian sounds more fun than being a robot, for sure.
  4. Jade Cross

    I went to one of these family restaurants. I had a good meal but could not leave feeling good because of what I heard inside. The waiter who was attending was near his lunch hour and he asked a coworker if he could heat up his lunch, a lunch he brought from his home. WTF! Its a restaurant and the management cant even give their employee one single meal!? These people order whole plates to be thrown away and they cant spare a single dish for their employee who dont even earn minimum wage?

  5. Right? There seems to be basically no difference between a QPR and an asexual romantic relationship. It seems sexuals aren't the only people who have a hard time separating romance and sexuality.
  6. If you love your breasts, try 2 sizes smaller double sports bra, or compression shirts or clothing layering.
  7. Because it's annoying to the thousands of members who aren't part of the roving band of, like, 3-5 people who spam every thread with inside jokes and grating banter. I mean seriously, is there a reason those members can't just sit in chat and spam chat with their mind-numbingly redundant "jokes"?
  8. So essentially a sexless relationship.
  9. What comedian would you say is similar to you in sense of humor?
  10. What comedian would you say is similar to you in sense of humor?
  11. Since I'm just recently coming to terms with being asexual I'm in no hurry to reveal it to the world, but I'm curious: how long after discovering yourself did you wait to tell friends and family?
  12. Let's file this in "things Skullery finds amusing"... As a sexual, I can't help but fall for you asexuals! I truly do not understand how people can't manage to hook up on AVEN (yes, I know many do), because lord knows even as a mismatched orientation member I've met people who I absolutely would date. It's truly one of the more confusing aspects of asexual dating to me.
  13. It did seem a lot more pointedly religious than is normal.
  14. 1/10 because I haven't seen you before
  15. Last question I swear There is a lot of people saying the threads that go "Annoying things______people say" are bad. What are your views?
  16. W was a better Darth Vader analogue, since he was a figurehead controlled by someone much more evil. Unfortunately he didn't redeem himself by throwing Dick Cheney down a pit.
  17. How do you know if you are sex-positive, if you haven't slept with anyone? =/
  18. Just arrived home. Inauguration came on when I switched tv on; turned channel over cos can't cope with the praying and bible reading and speeches about God giving them their country etc when they have chosen Trump. Actually very upsetting to watch.
  19. 13
  20. To heck with the Establishment Clause. All the religious talk in the ceremony is a promotion of religion by the government. Which is illegal.
  21. "I just think romantic relationships are a waste of time." This opinion brought to you by random dragons.
  22. Back in 2000, a friend's wife introduced me to a co-worker her's. I was 38 and Suzanne was 24. Our interests were similar and we had a lot of fun. After about a year and a half (with very sporadic physical contact) things came to a head (not in a truly negative way). She was not a virgin, but by her own words inexperienced. Then there was me the virgin. Suzanne was asking me if "we'd" be able to take our friendship/relationship to the next level. I told her unfortunately that I couldn't. At the time I told her I just couldn't get "close to her". With that she said she would have to move on. I couldn't fault her for that. That was the last time we saw each other or communicated. The rest of that evening wasn't that bad, considering what had just happened. The next day at work (a factory) was horrible. I worked alone in my workshop and have minimal contact with other workers other than at breaks and lunch. I was on the verge of tears most of the day.
  23. AsexualMemeTrash

    Just watched the inauguration. 

    WWIII has begun.

  24. Hmm, this should be one! Unfortunately many sex positive people don't realise that if they want to fight for people to have as much sex as they want, they should also fight for people to have as little sex as they want too.
  25. Spectacles
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