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  2. Yeah, I'd hate to see @Toothlesss and @ChillaKilla go to. I'm with Daveb here. Being a mod is hard work. Just gotta take everything in stride when they miss stuff.
  3. Tough one. I went with History, cause I am a Classics major and love reading about history of ancient Greece and Rome, but I REALLY like reading it from the perspective of fiction: I.e. myths and other stories. So, almost picked english. Also picked 7, cause school is rough, guys.
  4. AVEN #1 fan

    I saw this somewhere and it's somewhat based on a real conversation


    Person A: hello sir/ma'am,  have a nice day!

    Person B: you are misgendering me! I'm not a boy/girl

    Perrson A: oh so sorry, you were dressed like a man/woman, I couldn't recognize you, it's not my fault, what's your gender and preferred pronouns?

    Person B: im "pancakegender" and my pronouns are  "bun/buns/bunself" , please respect them

    Person A: you must be kidding me! I'm not gonna call you that, that's nonsensical





    Person B *on Tumblr* : I feel depressed, anxious and suicidal bc nobody respect my pronouns/gender and misgender me!  I hate my life! Why everybody hates me?! So many transphobic cissexist scums out there policing my identity! I'm so gender non-conforming and special, how know nobody know I'm Trans! I need a safe space ! I'm so oppressed, look at me, I need your pity and help!




  5. Pizza should only been eaten as CHEESE PIZZA. PURITY Jk, I respect all food toppings for other people. Personally, I'm a fan of just the cheese pizza though.
  6. APRIL!!! I've almost finished the series, binged it over the past couple months.
  7. Rock, but mainly classic rock, oldies, stuff like that. My fave music.
  8. Like gift, because that's the way I first read it and I cannot be convinced otherwise, lol
  9. You can always just come into our own little island here if you like. I mean, it's not Berk, but here be dragons. Of course, if a break helps, we will understand and hope for your return.
  10. I think I missed it. I did like the thing I saw showing Macron beating Trump at Trump's own handshake power play game the orange bully likes to do.
  11. Yeah, my parents were married but my dad was basically a relative who lived with us. Now my mom's dead after doing all that work and he's reaping the benefits of having offspring I guess, whatever those benefits are. All raised for him and everything. And yeah, not to mention that society lets fathers get away with "phoning it in" a lot more than mothers are... Motherhood vs fatherhood is basically the difference between working a full time job or a part time job that both get paid the same salary. Of course the person working part time hours is going to think it's a sweeter deal. (And then you still have some men complaining about how hard it is because oh my god their families want so much from them...)
  12. I wasn't really thinking permanent- just more like getting off here and staying off for a while. I do the same on other sites too.
  13. I don't see a lot of that because I pick and choose which threads I go into (or it goes right past me). I do see a bit of stuff in a few threads, but try to stay out of the "discussion" if it gets too out of hand (some people aren't going to change being the wankers they are and it's not worth it, in my opinion, to go round and round with them on; it just gets to be annoying and not at all productive). I would hate to see @ChillaKilla or @Toothlesss go. I think the mods do their best to be balanced and even-handed. I am sure it is a very thankless task, and probably frustrating at times. There was the recent update to how they would handle some issues relevant to the topic at hand here. Hopefully that can help. In a forum as big as AVEN there are always going to be a few bad apples and some people who don't understand or whatever. Of course, each person has to take care of their self and do what is needed for their safety, sanity and well-being. But I refuse to let the b@st#rds grind me down.
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  15. Pffft. Well, I still would not wish to contribute to such an ocean. Great Rates At Violet's Itsy Trade Yards ((I kinda just went with my brain's flow here, sorry if it doesn't make much sense))
  16. Daredevil
  17. There's already a ton of hate in my heart. Any hate for you would be but a drop in the ocean. Someday Inventions'll Negate Gravity.
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  19. I feel so talked to o_o
  20. Every face that I see is all wrapped up in frowns And unfortunately, it kind of gets me down. Laugh, (Laugh, by the Monkees) ((Not the best answer I grant you, but I tried)) Do you like to sing in the shower?
  21. King of the Forest

    The 2014, French, live action version of Beauty and The Beast is waaaay better than the 2017 Disney version.. its on netflix! go check it out!

    1. AVEN #1 fan

      AVEN #1 fan


  22. Bonus points for you! Catwoman (one of my favs!)
  23. I've had a similar experience. In fact, I don't think I know of a single family in which the man does part of the work. This is why, as katydidd said, I'd prefer to be a father, but never a mother. Married women with children always seem too tired and overwhelmed. I wouldn't be able to do everything they do (raising kids, doing household chores, working and trying to earn some money, giving attention to their partners, taking care of pets). It's too much! If I wanted to start a family, I'd make sure that I have the time, energy and money to do all of that without the help of a partner.
  24. Beast Boy!
  25. You're so amazing for being a moderator of three different things.
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