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  2. @Galactic Turtle ah i never really heard about gender expression before o: i'll probably look more into that! thank you for your help <3 also thank you @sg06 and @AVEN #1 fan for answering my question!~ thanks for your advice even if i answered them a bit late ^^;; i'll look more into the whole gender thing for myself and figure out who i am c: again, thank you all <3
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  4. Hi and Welcome to AVEN!!!! From what you've described, it sounds like you might be somewhere on the ace spectrum. Asexuality is usually defined as someone who doesn't experience sexual attraction or desire. Does that sound like you? Lots of asexuals masturbate, and most of us can recognize when someone is aesthetically attractive, even if we don't feel any sense of attraction based on another's physical characteristics. Asexuals can also get squishes - which are like crushes, only based in romantic attraction, rather than sexual. Only you can decide for certain what you are, but don't worry about being wrong. We don't mind people identifying as ace for a while, even if they later change their minds. I hope that helps.
  5. There's also a brand that makes a slightly sweetened blend of peanut butter and coconut oil that is sooo good on hot toast. I think it's called Earth Balance?
  6. My favorite Queen song is "Who Wants to Live Forever" Artist: Offspring My favorite was "The Kids Aren't Alright"
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  8. RED!!!
  9. I've never thought of using coconut oil on toast before. I'm looking forward to trying it, and fortuitously I've found a recipe providing step by step instructions.
  10. Okay. I set up a super-secret group, which is invisible to anyone who isn't a member, thus ensuring privacy from stalkers friends who silently sneak around your profile tabs, note the places you participate, then "have conversations with you" about them. PM me your facebook email if you'd like to join. It's pretty basic right now, but I'm sure we can fix the place up together.
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  12. The Sims?
  13. Here's how it goes: I will put an artist's name, let's say artist A, and my favorite song of theirs. The person below me will put their favorite song by artist A, then add a new artist, let's say artist B, and their favorite song by that artist. The person below them puts their favorite song by artist B, then adds artist C and their favorite song by artist C. Etc, etc, etc. I'll start! (the ABC is just for clarity, the artists' names don't need to be in alphabetical order) Artist: Queen My favorite song of theirs: "Killer Queen"
  14. Shieldmaiden WinterDragon

    One step closer to achieving what I've been going after for all these years..... I just have to wait for a response now.

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      Good luck! :) 

  15. Who is ace in welcome to nightvale? I listen to that podcast but I haven't heard of anyone being mentioned as ace. Sorry don't really know of any suggestions but I really want to see what others come up with!
  16. I'm looking to find games that allow you to romance all genders and have diversity in sexualities/gender. Anything that's free and accessible on an iPad. If you have any suggestions that'd be great.
  17. Eh, it's kind of complicated. I'm not usually made dysphoric about wearing dresses but wearing them in a social setting as a form of dress code does tend to make me rather uncomfortable. I suspect this is because at events such as weddings and proms all the women have to have dresses on and all the men have to be in suits. In a way, it feels like you "mark" yourself as belonging to one or the other gender based on what you choose to wear. So in those types of situations, if I had a say in the matter, I'd prefer being in a suit. Unfortunately, I do not, as neither one of my parents would ever support my decision to wear a suit and my father would actively try to stop me from doing so by all means necessary. I am currently in the closet to both of my parents and I'd like to remain that way at least for a while longer. All of my friends that I am out to wouldn't try to stop me from wearing a suit but they wouldn't be thrilled about it and they wouldn't support me or help me in any way, most likely.
  18. Overall love, either you should be subtle with it, as Sean Kat suggested, or be plain direct about it. Since you mentioned your sister can hear them as well, both of you should confront your mom and step dad. Tell them that the walls are very thin and that you can hear them and everything they do, and how it makes you feel. She is your mother and she needs to put YOUR needs above hers. There is a time and place for everything, or she could just be more careful with that. I get that everyone has urges and that it's her house and all, but she has CHILDREN, she is a MOTHER and she is suppose to put you first overall. BOTH you and your sister. If you don't feel comfortable about confronting her with your sister, then ask your father to do it. He has a say in it too because after all at the end of the day he is your father and he would want what's best for you and your sister. Plus, he SHOULD have done it by now tbh. No matter what the situation may be between your biological father and mother, he should stand up for you and defend you because you are his daughter and if she has any sense, she will clean up her ways. Your step father honestly has no say, especially when it comes to you and your sister. He isn't your blood father so I would frankly ignore anything he has to say. (Since he might not care.... unless he is actually a very caring person... I say this because the majority of step father stories I hear are not so pretty)
  19. Finals are one of the few things that might fit into the category of "worse than sex" for me Good luck with the paper!
  20. Unnecessary. Readers will decide whether a topic is to be taken seriously or not, regardless of such "tags"
  21. I would rather have sex like 20 times (with no chance of getting prego/diseases) than write this final paper i have due monday...and it only needs to be 7 pages...... im such a sissy baby
  23. It does make sense, and thank you. Since posting this I've learned a lot more about asexuality through AVEN and, for now at least, I do identify as asexual. I'm still learning to reconcile that about myself with what the media shows as the ideal, but I've definitely benefited from how supportive everyone here is. Thank you very much for your reply. And thank you very much to everybody else who replied, as well. You guys are amazing and I very much appreciate your advice and encouragement.
  24. Hey dude, you made of testosterone? Because you're worth a shot
  25. I snorted. Tbh if I ever had the chance to meet you IRL I would jump at the opportunity. 10/10 would get coffee with
  26. I think you just haven't found the right person, or maybe you have your own way of doing things. Not everyone likes to do things, like going out and such, but it doesn't mean that they don't care. However, only you can tell yourself this. I personally think you should just take time to yourself to discover this, because overall it isn't fair to you or the other person. A relationship is meant to be a two way street, not one way. (did I just make sense there?) lol Anyways, as for me, I rather be single, the two times I have been in a relationship, I found it to be not only exhausting, but a waste of time. I like being alone, I breathe so much better that way, plus, they wanted things that I could never give them, and it wasn't fair to them, and it also wouldn't have been fair to me to force myself to give them what they wanted JUST to make them happy. I liked them, but that was about it. I would talk about the older man I was in love with years back, but since that never happened, I tend to leave that out of the picture. LOL. (I was a minor at the time so it says a lot)
  27. I kept hitting the "like" button, but hitting it more times doesn't change it to a "love the ever loving shit out of this" button. Hey, Chilla, you seem pretty cool...wanna meet up for iced cream and pop? We can discuss the finer points of...uh...Mongolian politics? Damn, sorry, I'm terrible at being creepy or flirty. Hahahaha
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